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  2. sex swings

    That sounds like a fun time and that will be on my to do list.
  3. Omg......

    Yeah what happened?My guess it was too amazingly scrumptious and they lived happily ever after.
  4. Anal play

    Oh, I forgot to say what I was going to. When my girlfriend wants something in her ass, I just choose one of the smaller silos/vibes that I keep in the "goodie bag". I also keep a washcloth or handtowel nearby for the used toys. We've never tried butt plugs, but one nice thing about dildos is that they can pumped in & out. Either manually or the end can stick out so it gets pushed deeper in with each thrust of mine (while I'm in her pussy). To mix it up sometimes, we have a double headed vibe that fucks both holes at once. I use that when I want to stroke my cock (like near her near her face, cuz she loves to watch that).
  5. Anal play

    Inflammable? Do they even make flammable ones? That could be dangerous. Lol. J.k.
  6. Lesbian sex

    I love the fantasy. If I were a lesbian, or at least female (LOL), of volunteer.
  7. Hi guys, I'm new!

  8. Yesterday
  9. Sexy Lingerie

    Just perused what I wrote (above) on Friday morning & holy crap did I go on & on & just write too much! No wonder no one's commented on it. The length probably scares them off! Lol
  10. Hi guys, I'm new!

    Hello and welcome to the forums!
  11. Two For Tuesday

    Im late but im going to copy Cat lol but add a y.. Yummy
  12. Two For Tuesday

    Ditto... Nice!!!
  13. doing hubbys ass

    love playing with toys... can take a pretty big dildo
  14. doing hubbys ass

    Its fun for both...
  15. doing hubbys ass

    hoping my wife will do this to me soon... we have the strapon just waiting
  16. Cloning Audrey Hollander

  17. How Often Do You Really Think About Sex?

    Non Stop!!
  18. What disappoints the most in sexual encounter?

    I honestly don't think I have ever experienced that in my life -- my partner wanting sex & I wouldn't. Actually, I sometimes wish that would be the case with her. She should know what it feels like to get rejected, sexually. Even if I only turned her down once for every twenty times I wanted it but didn't get it, that'd be enough. Well, maybe that'd be too much rejection for her. If 20:1, that'd be about daily. LOL Realistically, if she DID want sex and I hypothetically did NOT, I still wouldn't say "no". I'd still do it for her. That's just how I am. Maybe too giving? Can you say "sucker"?
  19. Hi guys, I'm new!

    I just joined about 10 days ago. Tell us a little about yourself.....
  20. How Often Do You Really Think About Sex?

    OMG -- if my S.O. thought about sex as much as I did, if we weren't in the bedroom, we'd be on the couch or I'd have her bent over the kitchen or dining room table, or we'd do it in the shower or..... We would just never leave the house!
  21. When Do You Want It?

    I love sex any time of the day, any day of the week. It doesn't matter how tired I am, maybe sore, maybe sleepy -- makes no difference. I love pleasuring my lady! If I had to choose, however, I'd say late at night & with just some dim lighting. I love massaging her first -- erotic either from the beginning or work up to erotic. I typically incorporate at least a couple of toys & I need to know where those are -- so that's why I need some light. But it's so much more romantic & relaxing in the dark with just candles or whatever light giving off just enough brightness to see.
  22. Lesbian sex

    So, I'm straight and never really had sexual encounter with a woman. Yes, I did some crazy shit with my BFF when both were drunk, but never fully experienced being fucked by a girl. So lately I been catching myself to dream and think more and more about being seduced, molested or even raped (if you pleased ) by a lesbian. I don't really have a lot of lesbian friends that I can say "hey do you want to play with my pussy?" And I'm shy when it comes to meeting new people or putting myself out there, so how can turn this fantasy into reality? Don't take me wrong, I do love dicks and I don't won't to give them up, BUT I do want to get fucked by a girl ... badly , at least once in a while. That's my fantasy. I guess for now I just stick to watching some lesbian porn as I play with my wet pussy.
  23. Hi guys, I'm new!

    Hi, how long are you'very been using this forum?
  24. Hey guys, any recommendations or suggestions on a expandable or inflammable butt plugs? I don't want to start with the beginner plugs, so I'm looking for something that is more on an advanced end. Thanks
  25. Hi guys, I'm new!

  26. Hi guys, I'm new!

    Looking forward to have some fun!
  27. Spanking

    giver, receiver,witness for me please. And I need a moderate amount of pain to make it exciting. I will be tied and gagged. The safe work is a tennis ball held in one hand. I drop the ball I have had enough and expect her to give me one more hard one. To hurt not to harm is a good moto.
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