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    Happy Sunday Funday
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    Happy Weiner Wednesday, and Hump day.
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    Sorry to hear it yet it needed to happen didn't it. Now he knows the scope of your unhappiness and it's up to him if he's going to step up and make some changes. This should be the best part of your lives! Good luck and keep us posted.
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    Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday? Who's having fun?
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    Happy Full Frontal Friday! 😁
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    Not to make light of the subject, but I think most men are not going to complain, if a woman is willing to let him put his cock inside her. From experience, we can happily adjust to any given situating by changing position or angle of the dangle.
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    Wow you lovely ladies are putting them beautiful breasts out there 2day. Thank you both, CrazyCat, and DaviKaliMaa for posting. Lovely view. 👀👍
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    very nice as always CC! Love the bra too
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    Thought I commented earlier Peach. What a way to start the day. Mmmmmm thank you for posting SEXY.
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    Lying on a sheep skin rug in front of the fireplace ,snow falling outside . lights turned down low, smooth jazz playing in the background, with the scent of essential oils in the air. Sipping wine and making love to my wife slow and passionately. 😛🌞🔥🔥😣💥🔥🔥
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    Happy 2 for Tuesday.
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    It was 30 yrs. ago, but remember like it was yesterday. I was married to my first husband, and we were out dancing with another couple. It was late so we decided to crash at their place. I went into the bedroom to change out of my dress. I was halfway out of it when my friends wife walked in. That night was the first time I met her. She walked up to me and started to undress me. Kissing my nipples then my mouth. She moved me to the bed and went down on me. It was soft and sensual. Like nothing I had ever felt before. Then her husband came in the room looking for us. He called to my husband. And the next thing I knew the four of us were in the bed. My male friend started to fuck me as I watched his wife suck my husbands cock. I was moved to my hands and knees so my friend could enter from behind. My husband knelt in front of me so I could have his cock in my mouth. My friends wife was under me licking and sucking my clit. That night were the most intense orgasms I have ever had.
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    So, how often do you think about sex, percentages would be ok. Honestly, when I'm working, since I work at a school, I don't think about it much during the days I'm working. On the weekends, especially when my daughter's with her father, well, it's almost non-stop!! LOL During work days: 10% maybe. Weekends without my daughter at home 90-95% Weekends with my daughter at home 50-60% After work 60%
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    I need intelligence for good casual sex too. I had to turn down this pretty bisexual girl, because she said things that didn't sound right to me.
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    Intelligence is mandatory for me to be attracted enough to have a relationship with you. Just sex? Nah.... I keep their mouths busy so they can't talk.
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    Hello, I am a bisexual woman, and my (straight; male) fiance have recently become good friends with a (possibly bisexual) female, and have been talking about having her become our girlfriend. Our problem is that we cannot determine what she would like to get out of our relationship with her as she is very difficult to read. We don't want to scare her off by being too straight forward in asking, nor do we want her to miss what we are asking by being too subtle. How can we find out what she wants to gain from our relationship? Please help!!
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    Aww...a kinky girl like you, I thought might at least post some shots of you in some sexy black leather. ;-) About your photographer idea, though, I'm sure that's if you were to do a Boudoir photo shoot for your husband, he would love it. I think all guys do
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    I must admit that a mans cock really turns me on. That said I have a cum fetish and love it more than anything, always have even before my husband and I opened up our marriage to others. Tonight we are hosting 2 couples and I really want to live out my fantasy of having every hole filled with cock. We have anal all the time so the thought of 3 cocks cumming in me in all 3 places has met soaking wet right now. Deep down inside my body I quiver at the thought and am always thinking about it. If it don't happen tonight, I am going to suggest to my husband that he bring over his like minded friends to get this done. My other fantasy is to have a group of me just cum on me, I want to be covered in cum.
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    I always like Gadgets replies!
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    Hello Room, 2 for Tuesday here, who's going to join in?,
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    Very nice peach! My favorite Sunday treat!
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    I guess any position that I have his cock in my mouth is good for me, however I do enjoy being on the bottom 69ing and and his face is buried in my pussy and he starts fucking my mouth hard and I have to remind him to slow down.
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    I masterbate all the time, hence the reason I wear my dresses with no undies. Good thing I have leather seats in my SUV, I enjoy when the husband is driving and he fingers me to completion. I lay back in the seat and I suppose others know what we are doing but thats half the fun.
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    Get a bullet -- or any small clit vibrator. TooTimid has them for $10 (silver egg-shaped device that vibrates very quickly, quietly & quite concentrated for one small area (your clit). It's attached by wire to the remote, which will have a few speeds usually). Get comfy where there's no one else around & no chance for interruption. Pick a time that you're most relaxed (early a.m., mid-day, late night.....). Maybe it's best to fantasize all day & do this at night. Rest the bullet (aka egg, clit-vibe....) against your clit & flip on the switch, starting with low. Slide a finger or dildo or vibe inside your pussy if you'd like. Some women love the sensation of both at once, some only want the clit vibe alone. Whatever you prefer. It's your body. Explore it! It's possible you won't orgasm the first time, but not likely. Once you do, it'll be the best physical feeling a woman's body can feel. Now, repeat as often as you'd like. If you find yourself loving the bullet, feel free to incorporate it into your love-life -- while you're having sex or before or after or the entire time. You deserve an orgasm during sex too. We all know the guy will have his, so it's only fair, right? :-) Ladies, am I right? Any corrections? During this masturbation session, snap & send me a pic. LOL
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    Let's see them Moon Monday pics people.
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    Can't be late, looks like perfect timing if you ask me. No complaint here!
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    I usually don't talk to other men but, "tell the damn story"
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    Dang we missed you!!! Happy your back Luv .. Very Happy!!
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    Whatcha think? I hope they are ok! Please don't crush me by saying they're awful.
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    Hoping to see some of the lovely ladies post here 2day. 🙄
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    Well Scubia in my world the men need to try and keep up. 😹
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    Thats what I have noticed with sex. It can be amazing with one person you're really connected with, but blah with someone who you're not too into. Maybe some people can easily have great sex with someone they don't like. That's not me, I guess.
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    OMG is anyone else at work and dripping wet? I am loving reading these feeds and chating but I seriously am not used to this single no sex life. God I just want someone to bend me over this desk
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    Don't want to leave you standing alone out there Peach. Hmmm I will take the number 2 spot. I think 6 will post a nice moon today....
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    Crazy cat that is a great photo! I need to learn how to do that. Will you tell me your secret?
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    Did you know that coconut oil can make an amazing lubricant?
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    I just bought the mini whopper. I used it solo once and achieved the big anal O. I use a special toy cleaning solution I bought from our local romance store but soap and warm water should clean it without damaging. Enjoy
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    Absolutely! We usually use the toys together before I write the reviews.
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    Lol where does the line form?
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    Whoa !!!!!!!!!!! That's some kinda moon. Like the pie in the middle ! !!! Big Rack and TTPW you ladies are putting a whole new meaning to a full moon ! Makes yah wanna take a trip to the moon and never leave the ground !
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    If it's moon Monday..... Where the moon? Well, here's one.... O.O blushing.... Ready? Pssssssst hey! LOOK!
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    Just a normal healthy person. When you are alone there is no other option. I am ready to masterbate now, just thinking about it. Anyone elses?