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    Ok I will help peach.
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    It was 30 yrs. ago, but remember like it was yesterday. I was married to my first husband, and we were out dancing with another couple. It was late so we decided to crash at their place. I went into the bedroom to change out of my dress. I was halfway out of it when my friends wife walked in. That night was the first time I met her. She walked up to me and started to undress me. Kissing my nipples then my mouth. She moved me to the bed and went down on me. It was soft and sensual. Like nothing I had ever felt before. Then her husband came in the room looking for us. He called to my husband. And the next thing I knew the four of us were in the bed. My male friend started to fuck me as I watched his wife suck my husbands cock. I was moved to my hands and knees so my friend could enter from behind. My husband knelt in front of me so I could have his cock in my mouth. My friends wife was under me licking and sucking my clit. That night was the most intense orgasms I have ever had.
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    I truly enjoy performing oral on a woman. To me, that is one way I can truly show how much I care. There is nothing finer that a womans spread legs, offering up a delectable main course. I love to feel her hips grinding up to meet each tongue sttoke. And if we're 69ing, her on top, even better. I nudge her knees to the left and right, and feel that lovely mound of flesh smotheing my face. Feels like heaven. Thank you ladies.
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    Nice crazy cat. This is a moon pie!
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    Well happy Tits for Tat Thursday everybody! IMG_1953.AAE
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    Don't want to leave you standing alone out there Peach. Hmmm I will take the number 2 spot. I think 6 will post a nice moon today....
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    Lets see some of those pretty booties, don't be shy!
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    Well guess what day it is Big Rack? TUESDAY!!!!!! lol Time to wake up and play
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    Moving forward is the most important part of a new life after the end of a relationship. You will learn what is best for you. You will become more confident each day. You will trust your feelings more and more. The dating scene is crazy. I am cautious out there. I can only imagine how more crazy it is being a woman in the dating world at times. But, learning you and what you like/dislike, learning your passions, discovering your talents and skills is an amazing thing. If you have been devoid of sexual expression for some time, this new found freedom can be both exilerating as well as sometimes confusing. Trust your body and your feelings. Most of all give yourself love.
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    Happy Tit for Tat Thursday!!!
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    My feeling on porn is that if you're getting all the sex you want from him is it really a problem? If your not then yes you have a right to a discussion about needs not being met etc. We do porn night every so often just to spice things up and taking turns planning a scenario for the other is a good way to keep things interesting and fun.
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    I know the days before online shopping was scary for women with ample endowment. There was next to nothing sexy in the local stores. And when you did find something it was outrageously priced. And for us men the choice in undies was just as bad, the tights white or the basic cotton boxer. How boring that was. But as a woman it was worse. There were places that had sexy items but if you were D or larger, forget about it most of the time. I am glad we all have more options and the ability to express ourselves in sexy ways.
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    I think it's no different than preferences with breasts, or balls, or saggy or dangle....or other "parts". Some like big ones, and other like small ones! Some like 'em long and saggy, and some do not. And, you have to play with what each other has got!! Also, it's got to be a rush, and equally a rush, if your bride reaches down and spreads her lips open, and says "eat me!".....big ones, or small ones....
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    I started having sex again recently and now randomly during the day I think of him and instantly get a shiver over my body and moan softly to myself. All I think of him is kissing my neck, kissing me, kissing my breasts, breathing into my ear and when I'm holding onto him as were having sex. He looks so deeply into my eyes as I'm moaning and once he said out loud, "Omg you look so beautiful!" In the end I just end up kissing him harder and start dirty talking out loud. One thing I realize is that he's not much of a dirty talker, he only does it ever once in awhile. I'm starting to love how sensual he is and when he does dirty talk me, it instantly arouses me. It comes when I'm least expecting it. We communicate very well with each other and were both very playful. He's even bit me on my neck once and he's never ever done this before and I loved it. After he did it he looked at me thinking it hurt me and I told him, "Wow I loved that you did that." All he did was smile but he didn't do it again though. Think he's teasing me and exploring my entire body by the things he does and seeing my reaction to things. I must say this and I'll be honest, he beats every guy I've ever been with in bed. My boyfriend now is so funny, loving and loves to joke around. He makes me laugh a lot, but once we get to the bedroom he's an entirely different person. It's as if he will do anything to make me happy. I even remember saying to him, When I make love you, I can tell that it's real. I actually feel love. and he responded, Yeah cause I actually care. What kind of guys have you been dating anyways? And sadly all the guys I dated in my past didn't put their all into me. I'm so happy I found him.
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    The more that is there to play with, the better!
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    Hello! I wanted to take a moment to talk about protecting yourself and your identity online. In particular, when you decide to post images on the TooTimid forums (or any where else on the Internet for that matter). If you decide to share pictures (and I hope you do ) you should protect yourself by stripping out any metadata within those images that might help someone identify you and/or where you live. Hidden inside every picture you take with your phone or your digital camera is something called EXIF data. EXIF is a data standard that can be found within just about any media file (Images, Videos, Audio) that you can think of. The EXIF data inside of a MP3 file contains things like the name of the song, the artist, the year it was released, etc. Likewise, the EXIF data inside an image contains information about the image itself, the camera that created the image, the settings used, and the GPS coordinates of where the image was taken. That last bit is what worries me and should worry you too! Thankfully, there's a way to strip all of this information out of your images before you post them. Windows 1. Right-click on the image you want to upload and choose Properties. 2. Click on the Details tab. 3. Click on Remove Properties and Personal Information. 4. Click Remove The Following Properties from This File. 5. Click the Select All button. 6. Click on OK. Apple OS X 1. Double-click on the image you want to upload. 2. Click on Tools and then choose Show Location Info. 3. Click Remove Location Information. Linux 1. Install ExifTool Debian-based Linux: apt-get install exiftoolRed Hat-based Linux: yum install exiftool2. Open a Terminal and go to the folder containing the image you want to upload. Type in the following: exiftool -exif:all= naughtypic.jpgNote: You can clear GPS data from every image in the folder by using *.jpg Now that you've cleaned up your pics you can upload them to the forum for everyone to enjoy! Stay Safe! - Gadget Geek
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    So im out of a 13 year bad relationship and looking for fun. However my relationship was one where I was put down constantly. So I lost all self confidence and self assurance and have found that I am having to refind myself. I used to be brave and confident in my body and my sexuality. Now im finding I shame myself for seaking of sex because it was only his time and his desires that were filled. So basically im in my 30s and just now starting to experience the fun of toys and new positions and dating. I just wanted to thank ya'll for making me feel comfortable in my own skin and making me comfortable to voice my own desires again.
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    Sorry.. Im never as creative as other on here... But my moon is one tired ASS !!
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    Happy Moon Monday. Who's joining in?
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    Lol, always nice. But secretly desire to be naughty, naughty, oh so very naughty.
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    Happy Tits-For-Tat-Thursday everyone. Hope you all have a fabulous day
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    Ok.... Half moon?
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    Pure sexiness Peach!
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    May I ask how long it has been your fave? ever since I heard the concept as a teen, it intrigued me too much!
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    A few men and women think I am odd for liking to give blowjobs more than intercourse. But, it's all good. my preference has stayed steady for years now. I think giving oral on its own is very fun. I don't agree with those that think it's strange.
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    Well, what the hell....
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    I have been on TT for less than 2 months. And that is a big point for me. The respect level between the people here. Everyone conducts themselves as adults with good manners. I too have enjoyed the friends and the knowledge I have gained here.
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    Here is something for you. Have you ever had a fetish or something sexual that you were interested in, but did not know how to approach your partner? What might it be? Is there something you are thinking about that you would like to try? Thankfully I have a partner that we openly discuss so many things. We know that we can bring up anything and are not being judged by the other in any way. Yes maybe in the beginning of the relationship I was rather nervous about talking about these things as I was in a very sheltered relationship prior. My eyes have been opened up in the last 3 1/2 years. So what is it that you are wanting to try or possibly it is something that is more of a fantasy that you have interest in but know it is something that you will never actually go through with?
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    I have always been a "squirter" .... flood the bed. Interesting note, I notice when I take an antihistamine for allergies like Claritin D, or some OTC (over the count generic), I REALLY SQUIRT! I need to put a thick towel under me or I soak the bed, rug, sofa, what ever I am on when my honey licks my clit. Also, the longer I hold back and allow him to lick, suck, touch, and play with my labia lips (which he love giving me oral), then the longer I hold back,,, when I do have an orgasm, then I EXPLODE, multiple times ,,, Also drink real fruit juice during the day and lots of water when you know you're going to have sex and your cum will be sweet and the volume will be intense. I drink cranberry juice (regular) and dilute it slightly so it is not super sweet.
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    I can say this. You need good g-spot stimulation for squirting. We do not get to do it all of the time and she does not spray like some women, but gets a lot more liquid come out as she is coming.
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    Thanks tyger, that did help made me feel like I know that it's a basic thing and I'm not crazy haha.. I think like you said it's based on insecurities I need to work on myself! Thanks for your help!
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    I want to take wen back to where I grew up and make love to her on the rocks of the coast listening to the waves crash against the rocks :D :D
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    True, if I am not willing to perform oral then why should she? No having said that, I am orally fixated. I could spend hours performing oral. Love it, love it, love it. There is nothing sweeter or more erotic than having a woman feed me her nectar. I love the taste the smell the feeling of her. I am thrilled when she reaches her climax then wants another and another. Her power consumes me and I am hers when worshiping at her alter.
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    Form my experience: In your 30's you do have a heightened sex drive but that is nothing compare to what happens in your 40's. In your 40's all you want to do is have sex and experiment. Delicious time of life!
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    When I first became sexually active as a young single woman it wasn't at all "slutty" for a girl to have lots of partners. I had sex with a goodly number of men, and sampled a wide variety of penis sizes. My first lover, my boyfriend at the time, had a fairly slender average-length cock (I didn't know it at the time, of course... it was my first cock and it felt wonderful!), which was perfect for a nervous virgin's first intercourse. I had several subsequent lovers who were of average size, and that experience made me think that all cocks were pretty much the same size, and the differences in pleasure I experienced from one man to another were based on how into the guy I was, and how good his thrusting technique was. And it's true... some guys know how to fuck, and others don't... the motion of the ocean theory. But then I had a lover who had the right moves but he also had a much larger than average cock, about 8" long and quite thick...and my mindset had to change. Up til then, my orgasms involved my lover thrusting his cock inside me while he or I rubbed my clit. The first time I had sex with Mr. Big, the pleasure his cock gave my vagina was so good I didn't even think to rub my clit, I was just overwhelmed by the wonderful fullness inside me, and the pleasure of feeling his cock move my insides around deep inside me, and without expecting it I had my first purely vaginal orgasm. I had my second purely vaginal orgasm about 3 minutes later, in harmony with and stimulated by his orgasm. Mr. Big and I didn't stay together all that long... great sex with a well-hung guy can't make up for other deficiencies. But thanks to him, I discovered that to me, size does matter... and it was like my vagina had been asleep until he woke it up. And it's been awake ever since! After him, I found I could have vaginal orgasms with any competent lover, as long as his cock was at least average size. I just can't come on a smaller-than-average cock without clit stimulation. I also found that really long, slender cocks don't do it for me, either... more than about 9 inches of cock makes deep penetration uncomfortable sometimes. And yes, I started carrying a tape measure in my purse, and I measured length and thickness of every erection I could get my hands (and mouth and pussy) on. I also learned that I could come very quickly on a bigger cock, and in almost any position, but with a smaller cock I need to ride him cowgirl fashion or have him fuck me from behind in order to achieve vaginal orgasm, and it takes me longer to get there. But I have to say that until I met my husband, the best sex partner I ever had was a guy with an average six-inch cock... but my goodness, he knew how to use that fucker! The biggest cock I ever had was almost 12 inches long and 10 inches in circumference. It was like being fucked by a stallion! This guy was a straight rammer, no real technique, and although I had orgasms with him, intercourse with him was just outright painful from beginning to end... my masochistic side showed up a bit there, hmmm? But I could barely walk the day after each time he fucked me, my pussy was so sore... and it didn't get any better with experience. I only lasted a couple of weeks with him, not surprisingly. My husband of all these many years has what I consider the perfect cock... 9 inches long and 8 inches in circumference, which is bigger than 90% of the guys I've had sex with. Big enough to really fill my pussy and not so big that I can't take him up my ass, a bit of a challenge to deep-throat but doable. Now, I'm not saying I wouldn't love him and be satisfied in bed with him if he had an average-size cock, because he's the total package for me and I love him for all of him... but there's no doubt in my mind that our amazing sex life is amazing in no small part because of his huge schlong. But I also have to say that he really knows how to work his hard partner inside me. He's the most incredible lover I've ever had, with hands, fingers, mouth, tongue, and especially his big cock. My husband's sexual experience prior to me was extensive, and he tells me that many of his lovers had their first purely vaginal orgasms with him... a testament to his technique, of course, but I believe more to his size. I've also talked to a lot of women friends and acquaintances about their sex lives, and I have to say that many if not most women who have regular vaginal orgasms have men with larger-than-average cocks. But I've also talked to a lot of women who don't care at all about penis size, I think because their orgasms are primarily clitoral, so vaginal stimulation just doesn't mean as much to them. Bottom line, I think any man can find women who will find the size of his cock "just right". A man should never feel the size of his penis is the determinant of his partner's satisfaction.
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    Candlelight. Lots and lots of candlelight. I need those visual queues when going down so I know if what I'm doing is right or needs to be modified.
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    Chloe--I LOVE your idea !! I think it would be a great feature on HBO's series "Sexcetera" and "Real Sex" also. They do have a class they have shown on there that women sign up for to learn how to give better blow jobs. Why not one for Masturbation too ?? Yes, I will admit to masturbating while my husband is sleeping. I don't do it all the time, but every now and then........ No, he has never woken up or walked in on me while I was doing it.... I'm sure it does create even more excitement for a couple when one of them has walked in on another. I think that my husband and I do need to spend more time masturbating for each other--I think it will help intensify our orgasms also...
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    A friend had "fun" party while her husband was hunting. We had a few drinks so two of us decided to spend the night. We contined to drink and decided to watch the dvd I had bought. We giggled at first but a few minutes in to it my friend told us she was getting wet. I guess it was the liquid courage but I stood up and said "I'm sorry if this is weird but I need to try out my new toy." I went to get it and while I was in the bathroom washing it, both of them came in to do the same. We kind of made a joke of it but I could tell it was going to be fun. I stripped down totally naked, one of my friends left her night gown on and the other just wore a bath robe. We all sat on the couch and brought ourselves to orgasm. We all ended up sleeping in the living room. At one point I woke up and one of my friends was masturbating on the floor. I watched her and then started mastrbating myself. We never talked about it after that. It was a great experience, if t ever happens again, I would like for it to go a bit further.
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    Well, I'm not a guy but I used to do it with my female suitemate in college. Sometimes we would sit across from each other on our beds and watch and other times we would lie in bed together.
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    At least you shared
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    Thank you for sharing G C. 😚👅
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    Your gonna have em lined up to do the spanking. No shortage of volunteers I'm sure !
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    Thanks gadget and peach Ha.okay there's three photos, so I qualify for two Tuesday's?right ? I'm running out of photos...
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    Crazy cat that is a great photo! I need to learn how to do that. Will you tell me your secret?
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    Some can .some can't .some will .some won't .some do .some don't . I guess it's the way we're made I don't know, well what other things do you do? Speaking of dentists I do gag on my toothbrush, I can't explain that.(never could) I just love it.
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    Welcome to the group !! 13 years in a bad relationship can kick your butt. But your only 33 and you have a whole lotta good years and plenty of time to get yourself back to living, and loving, yourself and life . Figure out what you want in life , love and happiness and go for it. Try to put the past behind you and look to the future . It will be an exciting time for you. Don't be afraid to reach out and meet new people . Try new things, be adventurous , but pay attention to everything around you at the same time. Reinventing yourself and your new personality can be somewhat scary, but fun and a great learning experience. You will discover things about yourself that you never knew before. Hopefully this group will help you find the answers to questions you may have about sexual thoughts and give you ideas to explore and learn in a comfortable manor.Don't be shy! Enjoy yourself !