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  1. Very beautiful pictures ladies thank you for sharing
  2. Welcome to the tootimid website, I hope you find the answers your looking for
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  4. yes CC it was a fun weekend , thanks for looking
  5. my turn
  6. welcome to the forums Mi. Georgia enjoy the site
  7. nice pic tt looks great as always thanks for sharing
  8. very nice picture CC thanks for sharing
  9. Welcome to the tootimid forums tiny flower
  10. very nice picture CC thank you for sharing
  11. Welcome to the TooTimid forums Bill, read through the threads and post your questions or comments on what ever you find interesting, We are a great group on here and I'm sure you will find all the answers to your questions
  12. looks like I missed another picture dang it
  13. very nice GC thank you for sharing they look great