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  1. Hey guys! I'm new !!

    Welcome Tiffany , if you have questions somebody will have an answer for what ever you may ask. Your comments and answers are always welcome and appreciated !
  2. Gnu

    Hi, I feel for ya.! How long have you been married , and what kind of stuff do you do when it comes to fooling around in the bedroom together ? Do you have any foreplay or is just go at it and it's done ? Have you tried spicing it up and doing things out of the ordinary to get her mind directed to you, give her a reason to really want you ? Just curious on what your doing and what you might do to change her attitude. Not judging just trying to see what the problem might be.
  3. God bless Texas

    Being from Montana I am very proud of my state for our quick to respond nature. Especially being a state of barely over 1million people. On another note. My wife's brother lives in Katy, and it doesn't look good for them. They moved to higher ground on Sunday but their house was right in the path of the area where the water from the dam was released. My brother in law fears the worst. His two step daughters and families are in the same situation. Even though were up here in Montana, our hearts have been in Texas the past week. I have a cousin , a Navy Pilot, stationed in Tampa that has been delivering supplies by way of helicopter to people in need.
  4. Anyone being affected by Hurricane Harvey?

    Same here, Thinking of you also. Have several friends in the area, and not sure how they are making out. Hopefully all is well with them. A couple of the families live pretty close to the downtown area, around the Rice medical center and over close to the Astro Dome , and the NRG stadium to the South. Wish they could send a few inches of rain our way. The whole state of Montana is dry to the bone and needs rain to put out 20 forest fires they have going on right now across the state. Please send RAIN our way !!!!!!!!!
  5. Anyone being affected by Hurricane Harvey?

    My wife's family live in Katy, Tex. just a short distance from the res. that the water is being released from. They decided to pack up and move to higher ground.They went to my brother in laws, step son's place, yesterday. They made it safely. But had a few stressful moments along the way. Hopefully their home and Cinco Ranch sub division will be spared. Scary and devastating situation right now. Been glued to a Houston TV. station on the internet the past 4 day's. My wife lived in Houston before we were married and we were just there during the Super Bowl in Feb. SAd to see this happen !!
  6. Being Nude

    I know, so true !
  7. Being Nude

    I am nudist at heart, although never thought much about it before. I enjoy being naked when there's nobody home but me. I have always been comfortable with my body and don't care who sees it. At one time in my life did competitive body building so being almost naked on stage was never an issue. I enjoy working out at home naked when ever I have the chance. Wife is a bit more reserve in that area. About the only time she gets naked around the house is before bed. We live in a condo and she has to constantly remind me to close the shades when the sun goes down. You never know whose lurking around outside. I guess I'm for her eyes only, and I do respect that. !! LOL
  8. Sunday Funday

    Can't be late, looks like perfect timing if you ask me. No complaint here!
  9. What Makes You Feel Sexy?

    I second that!! 😊😛
  10. Does Vaginal Size Matter?

    Not to make light of the subject, but I think most men are not going to complain, if a woman is willing to let him put his cock inside her. From experience, we can happily adjust to any given situating by changing position or angle of the dangle.
  11. How Often Do You Really Think About Sex?

    You might say it just goes with the territory, right ??
  12. How Often Do You Really Think About Sex?

    I like that attitude!
  13. What Makes You Feel Sexy?

    Lying on a sheep skin rug in front of the fireplace ,snow falling outside . lights turned down low, smooth jazz playing in the background, with the scent of essential oils in the air. Sipping wine and making love to my wife slow and passionately. 😛🌞🔥🔥😣💥🔥🔥
  14. How Often Do You Really Think About Sex?

    I like that attitude!
  15. How Often Do You Really Think About Sex?

    Wouldn't it be great if all women thought about sex like men do !!!!!