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  • Briefly Describe your last sexual encounter: My last sexual encounter was fabulous.started out playing with my wife's clit with my fingers,to get her turned on. then picked up the rose g-spot vibrator and got her so turned on until she was begging for my cock.I then slowly slid my throbbing cock into her delicious hot pussy and had incredible mind blowing passionate sex !!!! I like it slow and love to take my time, enjoying every sec. of the love making. I love taking my wife to the point of no return when it comes to climaxing !!
  • Marital status Married
  • # of sex toys you own? 11
  • Location NW. USA
  • About Me I love SEX ! Anytime all the time !! Very busy active male with a love for life and adventure. Always on the go. I have a very strong sex drive and libido. My wife thinks I'm a bit too much at times and wishes I would take it easy on her. She say's she doesn't need it every night.I'm 64 years old with the stamina of a 35 year old.
  • My Favorite Toy cock ring for me, and a rose g-spot vibrator & The dual eggs for my wife
  • What is your age & gender? 64 yrs. young : male

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  • Location NW. USA
  • Interests I am a happily married male but I still enjoy looking beautiful women,w/o taking it any further then that. I enjoy body building, scuba diving,football, baseball, Basketball.Enjoy traveling,kayaking,and cycling, and photography.Also love music, both listening to and playing the guitar.In my spare time if any, I have an old 1984 Porche 944 I enjoy driving,on the country roads. I will be retiring from my present job by the middle of June next year, and will then try to find time to pursue my hobbies on a more frequent basis.If I don't decide to find a part time job for something more to do. Yah, right.

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  2. You got it 🤗🤗👍
  3. Good quality will have no prob.
  4. OUT STANDING !!!!
  5. Your gonna have em lined up to do the spanking. No shortage of volunteers I'm sure !
  6. Welcome, and Hello
  7. If your having sex in a speeding vehicle or a speed boat , I hope somebody else is driving !
  8. Welcome, cum on in , and enjoy !
  9. Ok, thanks. I was really curious , having had the fore mentioned cath. I'm can imagine a wild and interesting feeling all the same. Thanks again for the info.
  10. I can't even imagine the thought of that. Sounds very scary and painful ! Last time I had anything in me like that , I was in the hospital and had a cathartor for two days. about drove me crazy. LOL , hope it feels better then it looks !
  11. Would love to see a demonstration of these two toys in action
  12. Welcome Jeff, come in in don't be shy. Lots if good info. In this sight.
  13. Have to say that is one a very powerful intro ! Like it ! And I agree with RC4Blue , Very visual ! I can certainly picture that !
  14. Great advice!!! Everybody needs a shoulder to lean on for support and comfort, especially in situations such as these. It's grateful this group is here to help each other out.