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  1. Hi guys, I'm new!

    Hello and welcome to the forums!
  2. Masterbating Men

    lol. I meant my wife wouldn't mind if you watched.
  3. Kentuckygirl

    Welcome to the forums, Kentuckygirl!
  4. Masterbating Men

    Hahaha! ..and I'm sure she would love that too!
  5. I Did It! I Squirted!

    I bought my wife a Shibari Handheld Massager and a Wand Flutter Tip for the same reason. It can make her squirt every single time she uses it. I've recommended this combo to others here on TooTimid and they can vouch for its effectiveness.
  6. Masterbating Men

    My wife and I masturbated together recently and it was incredibly hot. I love watching her fuck herself with a big, thick dildo!.
  7. Fill every hole

  8. Masterbating Men

    Ok, I'm officially confused too. Aroused, but still confused. lol. My wife would be the "F" in the MFM.
  9. Masterbating Men

    ....and my wife would be totally ok with that too. lol
  10. Masterbating Men

    She is ok with MFM! <evil_grin>
  11. Masterbating Men

    Indeed you are! lol. Now if only I could convince my wife of a FMF.....
  12. Masterbating Men

    MI? Well now....
  13. Older Ladies

    Holy crap! That's so hot!
  14. Very nice, Michelle!
  15. Masterbating Men

    Mmmm....I think I can arrange that.