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  1. I want to know

    ill share mine with you!
  2. Oral After Intercourse?

    my wife seems to like it some of the best sex we ever had was after intercourse!
  3. Made me smile

  4. Oral After Intercourse?

    i do wife seems to love it!
  5. cum too fast

    i like it and the wife loves it
  6. cum too fast

    this sounds like fun but what about afterplay
  7. Work and play

    so has anything happened at work for you?
  8. Does Vaginal Size Matter?

    i like them loose!
  9. Work and play

    im sure some will bend you ove the desk!
  10. Sunday Funday

    is this it? nice!
  11. Tits For Tat Thursday

    sweet! can i paly with them?
  12. how to delete tt account?

    how do i remove pics and delete account?
  13. ?

    how do you delete tt account?
  14. Sunday Funday

    shiney and wet! looking good!
  15. Sunday Funday

    Nice love the didldo but plusg and wedding ring sweet