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  1. Spanking

    giver, receiver,witness for me please. And I need a moderate amount of pain to make it exciting. I will be tied and gagged. The safe work is a tennis ball held in one hand. I drop the ball I have had enough and expect her to give me one more hard one. To hurt not to harm is a good moto.
  2. Foreign Guys❤💋

    People are people. No reason to to judge. You should be used to men attracted to you . You Hot!
  3. Orgasm From Anal Sex?

    Penis envy is real?
  4. Oops

    I don't think Iv'e done myself outside either. that's an easy one to get to. If I could go back to the pasta thing for a second. You didn't have a machine did you? I have never had fresh pasta but I don't want another kitchen utensil . My house to cluttered up already
  5. God bless Texas

    Well not a political site. I will go to Yahoo and finish my rant.
  6. God bless Texas

    I watch FoxNews, as much as I can tolerate, CNN, MSNBC. All that stuff you mention is happening now. It has been a week. Maybe I expect too much. People in trouble I want to hear bugles. Do we still have hospital ships? If so I want them off the coast of Texas. Mexico just make the prez. look like an ass. They are helping in Texas. They helped in Katrina and after 9/11. I think there was more. Good neighbors. Too bad fema people not coordinating volunteers. You mentioned Cajun navy. Just saw them in action. Reporter asked one what is Cajun Navy. "Hell I don't know they started calling us that in Katrina. I wish I was there with my 11.3 foot bass boat with its massive 1 hp motor rescuing three people at a time,racing them to safety at an incredible 3 mph. I'll talk to you later. We will have to agree to diss.
  7. God bless Texas

    Just seems like it took a week for Fed. to get it's shit together. I'm sure The white house will confirm it was the greatest rescue in innerplanetery history. {pardon spelling, I suck} God Bless the Volunteers they are the real heroes . If death toll stays small I congratulate all. Pleanty time for blame when the partisan bickering over aid gets its full head of steam. Just don't take a fucking dime away from the "The Wall of Shame". Will it have a trump logo every hundred miles? Gold?
  8. Sunday Funday

  9. Sunday Funday

    God woman. Your making me feel welcome. Let the contest begin. She has my vote to the end!
  10. Sunday Funday

    Don't be shy! Seriously , thank you. Makes me in the mood to eat!
  11. Screwing Your Neighbor

    Your just having fun!
  12. Nudist colonies.

    The website says it probably won't happen {don't count on that if your young} maybe or old , I get hard all the time from posts. I wish I could remember more. If I research I will message you.
  13. Tell me why

    That's a good story. Nothing confusing or complex there. Three hours that's a record , its a record here.
  14. Tits For Tat Thursday

    I have trouble myself. Sometimes they populate slowly,but some never show up. I have been asking for help. I do not think it is something that you left out. And again welcome!
  15. Hello everyone, newbie here.

    Our ranks are given to us. I don't understand or care. But welcome.