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  1. What color is your glass butt plug. Blue here.
  2. We have some in common. Wonderful peaceful coexistiance with wife. Like yourself sex is self serve. After reading "the test" it was a good serving. Drop me a line if you have the time!
  3. Just let her read this.
  4. Thank you darling, I am into skin.
  5. Together, call me.
  6. I feel your pain. Wife don't want to be touched. She was a fireball for many years. Swallowed 22 gallons of my cum. But that don't help me now. No good solutions in sight. If you ever want to chat give me a holler. Hang in there. Things change.
  7. I did eight times once, but I was fourteen. Hats off to you. Welcome from all of us.
  8. I would think it depends on what end of the strap on you are on!
  9. Must be Brian's lucky day!
  10. I have clothes on about five percent of the time. And wish it was 0 percent.
  11. It turned you on that your gf found out you were a cheater. Nice guy!
  12. I'll miss you darling!
  13. So he is going without ha ha!
  14. Right here darling!