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  1. Moon Monday

    Great pic GirlCrush.
  2. Here's another

    Lion in bed- purrrrfect for this cat.
  3. Two For Tuesday

    Great debut! Thanks for posting.
  4. Two For Tuesday

  5. Masterbating Men

    I am an excellent cook....Perhaps it should be discussed over a quiet candlelight dinner. 😽 A little wine. A little lube opppsI ment music. Lol
  6. Masterbating Men

    I Love to watch 🙀
  7. Masterbating Men

    You two sound like an amazingly kinky couple...I really would be fine being a voyeur quietly masturbating in the corner....OK you got me, there would be nothing quite about me being in the corner. Lol🙀
  8. Masterbating Men

    Love the "Crazy Cat" needs our help. Take one for the team, effort. 😹😹😹
  9. Masterbating Men

    Hahaha sorry hanging a right at Gary. 😺
  10. Masterbating Men

    Hahaha so does that smiley hint that I am headed in the right direction. Lol you know I would love a hands on demo of that whole full latex thing. 😺
  11. Masterbating Men

    Well things have been quiet and tense. I have moved out to the RV. He really cared less about the site. And has never mentioned it. Leaving next week. driving up to MI for a Bob Seger concert with one of my sisters. Then when I get back I will have house guests for another 4 weeks. Hopefully time apart will be good. And having company will keep us from arguing.
  12. Masterbating Men

    Hmmmm well you do have that FMF fantasy. 😽
  13. Masterbating Men

    I would love to be a voyeur in your bedroom Gadget 🙀
  14. Masterbating Men

    Damn that's so hot Gadget.
  15. Thanks Michelle, well he is 12 years older. And has diabetes, and heart issues, and low T. I am just behind the 8 ball here. Well now just shared my membership of TT with him. Read posts of how many men and women are in the same boat as us. It has been a VERY depressing day. And so not sure what salvageable state my marriage is in. He is ready for retirement and we have lived separately for so long now. we have nothing invested together in each other. Not sure what is going to happen. But glad he knows of the TT site. It was a very open and bare all kind of discussion. The good the bad and most definitely the ugly. Think I am moving into the RV tonight. 😿.