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  1. Nice

    From the album Nice

  2. Nice

    From the album Nice

    I get off being free
  3. Nice

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  4. Nice

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    No no no
  5. Nice

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    Just a few I like
  6. Nice

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    Just a few I like
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    Just a few I like
  8. Nice

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    Just a few I like
  9. Nice

    From the album Nice

    Just a few I like
  10. Tiny-Flower -- I love the background (sorry. Don't know what it's called) on your Member Page. The golden tan, sexy tan lines, fishnet's (that are pulled down to expose more) and that perfectly trimmed little bush... Gorgeous & sexy as hell!

    I saw that you posted in "Getting Back Out There" conversation. When I have time, I'll read thru that thread & throw in my two cents. I was married for 2 dozen years and felt completely lost once I was ready to start dating again. Looking forward to that discussion....

  11. Getting back out there

    Thanx tyger. Yes. Baby steps and one day at a time.i am trying with the help of suggestions and kind notes from good people who have been through this. Thanx to all who gave suggestions and tips. its not easy but I am learning new stuff every day.about me and I found out that I like me. thanx tyger ( and others who have helped me find my feet)
  12. Getting back out there

    Hi tyger.thanx .it sounds similar to mine.so much refused for me. I was like you.just a toy for his pleasure and none for me.yes I felt like a shell of me near the end.girls like to feel pretty and noticed.not ignored and unwanted.who would like that.not me.
  13. Moon Monday

    Thanx crazy cat.did we make it to six?
  14. Moon Monday

    Crazy cat,you first lol!
  15. Moon Monday

    Nice crazy cat.