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  1. Thanx tyger. Yes. Baby steps and one day at a time.i am trying with the help of suggestions and kind notes from good people who have been through this. Thanx to all who gave suggestions and tips. its not easy but I am learning new stuff every day.about me and I found out that I like me. thanx tyger ( and others who have helped me find my feet)
  2. Hi tyger.thanx .it sounds similar to mine.so much refused for me. I was like you.just a toy for his pleasure and none for me.yes I felt like a shell of me near the end.girls like to feel pretty and noticed.not ignored and unwanted.who would like that.not me.
  3. Thanx crazy cat.did we make it to six?
  4. Crazy cat,you first lol!
  5. Nice crazy cat. This is a moon pie!
  6. good one crazy cat. Yes who is naughty peach.nice photo lol
  7. Have you been naughty or nice?lol
  8. Purple,type in sausage Saturday for your viewing pleasure or tap gallery.there are nice photos.its in a box at the top somewhere.im new so I'm learning stuff to.
  9. Hi!another lady to put up great photos!Love the panties!
  10. Hi welcome!
  11. I'll just cover most of the days in one day
  12. Okay LOL
  13. Old young,we all look the same.dont be shy
  14. Thanx very much kinkster!anyone going to join me?