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  1. The guy named Dylan at the show is a model just ordered a book he's in. The camera loves him. So hopefully if I come across his path he can autograph it. So fucking hot!
  2. I get so freaking aroused even listening to certain music(Led Zeppelin) I think of sexy thoughts. Not sure if going to that show was a good idea or finding awesome photos of him. I guess it's ok to fantasize. I just can't get that night out of my head I'm so blown away.
  3. That's interesting.
  4. I feel for you. Mabye find out what he desires and do some roll playing. Sometimes if a man doesn't get enough sleep,stress,or mabye his health could prevent him in his sexy time.Have you talked with him about your needs and desires?
  5. Does age make a lady want more? I felt like I was hibernating the last at least five years. All of a sudden I'm thinking about it all the time. I never went to a good strip show and I went recently. Not exactly a good thing since I feel like I'm in my 20's. Thinking of ways for my husband to get into s&m a slow start. I'm also in a huge funk and trying my best to stay happy. Mabye it's seasonal depression but it just sucks. It's the weirdest feeling of wanting tons of sex and feeling sad.I don't want medication that will make me a total vegetable and therapists don't work. Finding true happiness is a life treasure.
  6. My wish would be s&m fantasy island the guys at the show would be there
  7. A fantasy and my heaven gorgeous men being my toys. Anything I wanted without sexual favors.My favorite one would wash my hair and back in a hot tub. I would play with him whip him,spank him,saddle him up and ride him like a horse,and just enjoy him. Kind of like Elizabeth Taylor in Chloe Patra. Who needs a vacation when gorgeous guys are servants in a house of pleasure.
  8. Never had sex in a glass elevator so afraid of heights.
  9. It really shouldn't matter about the number.
  10. Not exactly sure if this counts the magic 69 position.
  11. Never be too shy at a strip club go for it and get a sexy lap dance. I tried to get the pretty shy ladies out of thier shell and enjoy the close encounter entertainment. I'm a huge fan of abs and ass.
  12. Another guy whispers so softly in my ear just suck it and peels a banana while he places it by my face. Ok I have an odd sence of humor and tried best not to laugh because I don't want him to think I'm laughing at him. So I go along with it like it was a dick sucking it and licked it until bam the banana breaks in half. So then I say to the ladies watching "Yeah I broke it,bit too hard " Then we just chuckled. The guy was cool about that and another hot guy.
  13. Waiting on the stage sitting on a chair a sexy surprise the best looking guy shows me the chocolate syrup. Holy fuck did I die and am I in heaven? I knew exactly what he'll do with that next. After he drizzle the chocolate on my neck he licks it off. I wanted do the same to his sweaty perfect body. When I die that's part of my heaven.
  14. Yeah it's difficult for both people in a relationship. It's so frustrating wanting something that the other person doesn't dig it. Having patience and slowly getting into it might work. Being honest and make sexy ideas to the partner might help.