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  1. sex swings

    That sounds like a fun time and that will be on my to do list.
  2. Omg......

    Yeah what happened?My guess it was too amazingly scrumptious and they lived happily ever after.
  3. Hi guys, I'm new!

  4. What disappoints the most in sexual encounter?

    I feel disappointed during that time when he tells me he's too tired and makes a comment whenever I get a smidge aggressive with him. So I do my best to not be angry and be understanding it defeats any argument in the near future.
  5. Foreign Guys❤💋

    Thank you.
  6. Achieving

    Does anyone want to share a goal they are trying to accomplish or an unfinished new year resolutions?
  7. Anyone?

    Does anyone else get seasonal depression? Yeah,I know the fall supposed to be awesome with the leaves changing colors and all that jaz. I refuse to take anything for it the side effects are too harmful. I try to snap out of it with fitness, healthy eating habits,making people laugh,but it's like quick sand that I can't get out of. Seeking help doesn't help they'll just give me a line of bullshit and take my money. I just want to be back to my happy self.
  8. A false image

    Is it possible that females are attracted to guys unknowingly that they are bi sexual? They can't tell by the way they look because they're well groomed and most of the female population loves them? I'm not putting anyone down for their sexual preference so please don't get angry. Is it normal reaction of sadness,deception, and most of all annoyed how they can have this untruthful reputation of a ladies man. Those people shouldn't toy with the female population emotions. I apologize for making a huge deal out of this and I hope someone understands how much this bothers me.
  9. Someday I'll get a dog they are so loyal,don't care what you look like,always happy to see you,appreciate what you give them,and just an excellent pet to travel with.
  10. Life

    When life kicks you in the face and you don't want to deal with anything but clear your head and sit on the sand at the beach. 20170916_162653.mp4
  11. Before my jog🏃💪

    Thank you😊 I'm just practicing my selfies it's difficult to get the correct lighting. Someday I'll hire a professional photographer at least he'll know how to take better photo shots.
  12. Before my jog🏃💪

    Always happy before any fitness❤
  13. Sexy Lingerie

    My favorite place to make a lingerie purchase is Victoria Secret plus their displays are fabulous. I'm like a kid at a candy shop.