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  1. 69

    I think the funniest 69 story I have is we were getting busy, I was on top sucking him deep and he had his face buried in my pussy and licking my ass. He got me so excited that I squirted hard and pushed my bottom down hard on his face covering him in my juice and so much so he had to push me off as he coughed and tried to catch his breath. He said Christ woman, I thought I was going to drown.
  2. Deep throating like a Pro!

    Sucking my husbands cock is my favorite past time. Over time I have learned how to swallow his whole cock and work my throat muscles messaging the head and most of the time he gives me my reward. I am not shy in letting him know how much I love his cock, when he is home he knows I will swallow a couple loads a day. I have tasted cum that was kinda salty but his is really sweet tasting, I suppose its his diet of lots of fruits and other healthy foods but his is the sweetest I have ever tasted.
  3. Love CUM

    Don't feel bad, my husband loves to swallow his own cum, makes me compete for it.
  4. How Long Are Your Masturbating Sessions?

    I couldn't agree more, I'm home officed and I always edge myself for hours while on boring conference calls. I normally have a vibrator on low and have had multiple orgasms at my desk. I also tease my ass with a butt plug and thus get double the pleasure. My husband can often times tease his cock for hours and have me lick the precum which is the best.
  5. Masterbating Men

    I really love watching him stroke it. He sometimes like to cum and then he can last a lot longer in bed. He has a huge sex drive that even after a night filled with fucking, he wakes up still naked and beats off beside me. He then cuts on me!!!! I love it.
  6. Is Watching Porn Cheating?

    It is definitely not cheating, for 30 years my husband has either masterbated to hustler magazine and since the internet he watches porn. He is not shy about it. Seeing in front of the computer naked and jacking off his boner makes me all wet.
  7. Music Or No Music During Sex?

    I 2nd that, I love hearing him moan and groan as I swallow his cock. I love it when I hear his balls slapping my ass as he is thrusting away.
  8. Age Differences When Dating

    OMG I love watching Sonia, If I could compare myself to anyone it would be her. Love watching her take cock. My husband and I were talking about making our own video. Only he wants me to be like his favorite, cream pie Kathy. I have only been with 3 men at the same time but it was such a huge turnon having all the cum leaking from me. Now if only I could pull off the hat trick as my husband calls it. All three holes filled and taking cum at the same time. Now I'm all horned up, I better call Steve to see if he wants to play this morning. Keep jacking, wish I was there to catch it.
  9. Older Ladies

    Well if you don't think we have some wild times out here you would be wrong. I have sucked more cock and fucked in the sun so many times I could begin to count. My husband is more of a nudist than I am, I love watching him relax with his Bourbon and his beloved cigars after work. He loves being naked outside and really don't care who drives up the long driveway.
  10. Age Differences When Dating

    The biggest age difference for me is quite a lot , I am 54 yrs old and he is 30 yrs old. My husband knows he services me weekly and endorses my activity. He is a mechanic at our local garage where we get our vehicles serviced. How we met was quite unique and hot. It was a Saturday and my husband sent me there to get the car serviced, to my surprise he was the only one working that day and he was bored and was appreciative of my business. He is a very attractive young man and a body that would make any woman wet. As he worked on my Yukon I kept noticing him looking at me, so I thought I would give him something to see. So I sat there and was discreetly finger myself my knee high dress easily exposed the play pen. When he was done I could tell he was all hot and bothered and as I approached the desk to settle the bill I could see his cock was outlined in his pants. When he talked he sounded all nervous and shy, and when he sat down to write up the bill I jokingly said I think you left a tool in your pocket. He got all nervous and turned red and was embarrassed and was so nervous he couldn't hardly write. I reached over and rubbed his cock through his pants and said don't be shy its OK . He didn't pull away so I rubbed it awhile and after a while I told him that my husband is up North tending to the cabin and if he wanted to come over he was welcome. Being a Saturday they close at noon and I left around 10:30 or so, he said he would love to come over for a beer and to visit. I went home and figured he wouldn't show up so I started weeding the garden, when a big pickup came down the driveway. Now I didn't know where he lived but he was all showered and dressed in clean clothes and it was only 12:45. I met him in the driveway and I noticed a pleasing bulge in his pants. I invited him in and gave him a beer. Still nervous he sat there and I noticed a wet spot in his jeans, this guy had precum leaking and I didn't mean to embarrass him but I said your leaking, he looked down and turned red. I said relax let me take care of that for you. I got him to stand up and I worked at getting his pants undone and by the time I got it out he was full blown hard. His young and eager cock was ready for whatever I wanted it to do. I slid my lips around his cock and he went crazy, and I no sooner deep throated it and he tried to pull me off as he was cumming and I swallowed every sweet drop. As I finished licking his cock he figured he was done, not. I led him to our guest room and finished undressing him and I undressed and went back to work getting him hard again. For a young man he was really good at eating pussy and as he got hard again I could tell he wanted to fuck me like the whore that I am. As he worked his cock in me he whispered where do you want me to cum, I told him where ever he wanted and he started pounding me and blew another load deep in my well fucked pussy. Now it was only 2:00 in the afternoon and he already let loose 2 loads. As we rested for a minute I went down on him to lick our juices off his cock and just like my husband he wanted to eat me some more. I jokingly said you know you just came in me and feeling confident he admitted he loved tasting his own cum. I gladly gave his access and he turned me around and we were 69ing as he got rock hard again, ah the joys of a young cock. This time it lasted a lot longer and when he came the 3rd time he was spent. I was feeling good and after talking I told him I want a weekly appearance and we been seeing each other for 6 months now. Gotta love young cock.
  11. Women That Like Performing Oral Sex

    I think my favorite sexual act is sucking cock. I can manage to deep throat my husband, he is a strong 8 inches and very thick, my most comfortable cock size is 6 inches. I can litterly swallow the whole thing and my throat muscles message his cock head and in no time he starts bucking and cumming. My gag reflex is easily controlled which allows me to pleasure my men like no other.
  12. Older Ladies

    We are 18 miles south of Eagle River in Far Northern WI. We occupy 300 acres of heavily forested land with our house smack in the middle. Its a very private and secluded area. We enjoys lots of outdoor fun of all kinds if you know what I mean.
  13. Orgasm From Anal Sex?

    My anal adventures have always been awesome and filled with intense orgasms. I used to squirt all the time from normal intercourse but as I got older those have been replaced by mini orgasms. Now it seems that those intense squirting orgasms are very frequent during anal. While my husband lovenly works his meat, he fingers my clit and all I can say is Oh My God!!!!!! I spray my juices all over him and he gets even harder and really gets busy so he can cum and fills me with his warm cum. Trust me our anal sex is beyond words, I love it so much that I always make sure it's nice and clean so I can be comfortable when he wants to dive in.
  14. Is Anal Really Healthy?

    After 30 yrs of anal sex with the husband, don't know if it has any health issues but I will admit it sure feels so good.
  15. When Swallow?

    My firm tight little pussy always makes men cum early, I have gotten in the habit of pleasing them orally and swallowing their load 1st and then work on getting him hard again for a longer pounding. The 1st time my husbands buddy slid his cock into me he lost it right away. My husband laughed at him for the that.