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  1. Moon Monday

    Getting big? If that's the case, then it used to be too damn small. It's just the right size now. Looks damn good to me!
  2. Moon Monday

    OMG! My ass doesn't even want to see one of those!
  3. Moon Monday

    No one wants to see my ass. That thing's so flat, I'm practically butt-less.
  4. Moon Monday

    Fantastic Ass! Thanks for posting!
  5. I LOVE these BIG BEAUTIFUL breasts!! Lucky woman! And whomever your S.O. is, that's a very lucky person too!!!
  6. Don't take much to keep me happy!

    So do I. You deserve that -- absolutely!
  7. Thong Thursday -- How about it?? Not a bad idea, eh? I'd start this wiht a picture, but A. I have no thong and B. EEEEW! Trust me, no one should see me in one anyway! oh, and C. Thongs only belong on women.
  8. Tits For Tat Thursday

    IS this the ONLY picture of Tits for Thursday in this entire section (at least the only one that's still here)?? Come on, women! Where's your sense of adventure! BTW, Cyn -- very nice breasts!
  9. Who's your Fav Team?

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Football! NFL Season is now underway!!!
  10. Taken For My Man

    Hmmmmm. This is just a wild guess here, but I'm guessing your man won't find much pleasure in this pic (or should I say lack of a pic). lol
  11. It's not as bad as it sounds

    would love to see pix of you running up these steps in your tight yoga pants! OR -- for the gusto & run up in just your panties! Come on! You only live once!
  12. Happy Friday‚̧

    I love these!
  13. Sunday Funday

    Yeah! When's that gonna happen, Girl Crush? The anticipation is killing me!
  14. Two For Tuesday

    okay. Thanks. Fingers crossed, but don't know what I'll be holding my breath. lol
  15. Life

    Is this MP4 supposed to play? It isn't playing for me. :-(