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  1. Anal play

    Oh, I forgot to say what I was going to. When my girlfriend wants something in her ass, I just choose one of the smaller silos/vibes that I keep in the "goodie bag". I also keep a washcloth or handtowel nearby for the used toys. We've never tried butt plugs, but one nice thing about dildos is that they can pumped in & out. Either manually or the end can stick out so it gets pushed deeper in with each thrust of mine (while I'm in her pussy). To mix it up sometimes, we have a double headed vibe that fucks both holes at once. I use that when I want to stroke my cock (like near her near her face, cuz she loves to watch that).
  2. Anal play

    Inflammable? Do they even make flammable ones? That could be dangerous. Lol. J.k.
  3. Lesbian sex

    I love the fantasy. If I were a lesbian, or at least female (LOL), of volunteer.
  4. Sexy Lingerie

    Just perused what I wrote (above) on Friday morning & holy crap did I go on & on & just write too much! No wonder no one's commented on it. The length probably scares them off! Lol
  5. What disappoints the most in sexual encounter?

    I honestly don't think I have ever experienced that in my life -- my partner wanting sex & I wouldn't. Actually, I sometimes wish that would be the case with her. She should know what it feels like to get rejected, sexually. Even if I only turned her down once for every twenty times I wanted it but didn't get it, that'd be enough. Well, maybe that'd be too much rejection for her. If 20:1, that'd be about daily. LOL Realistically, if she DID want sex and I hypothetically did NOT, I still wouldn't say "no". I'd still do it for her. That's just how I am. Maybe too giving? Can you say "sucker"?
  6. Hi guys, I'm new!

    I just joined about 10 days ago. Tell us a little about yourself.....
  7. How Often Do You Really Think About Sex?

    OMG -- if my S.O. thought about sex as much as I did, if we weren't in the bedroom, we'd be on the couch or I'd have her bent over the kitchen or dining room table, or we'd do it in the shower or..... We would just never leave the house!
  8. When Do You Want It?

    I love sex any time of the day, any day of the week. It doesn't matter how tired I am, maybe sore, maybe sleepy -- makes no difference. I love pleasuring my lady! If I had to choose, however, I'd say late at night & with just some dim lighting. I love massaging her first -- erotic either from the beginning or work up to erotic. I typically incorporate at least a couple of toys & I need to know where those are -- so that's why I need some light. But it's so much more romantic & relaxing in the dark with just candles or whatever light giving off just enough brightness to see.
  9. Masterbating Men

    I'd much rather participate (we could even have a contest. lol), but I'd be up for watching. I've never done that before. I wonder how I'd respond to watching. Of course, I'd be stroking myself while watching, regardless, but don't know if it'd be relieving & satisfying or if it would just make me hornier not being allowed to touch. With my g.f., mutual masturbation always involves me manning the toys. Have you & her ever done that or anything similar? We've never actually tried adding a third person, male or female, in the bedroom. Of course, there's no way in hell she'd even think about FMF, but she does have a favorite fantasy that's she's had for years about a stranger joining in. She'd be riding me, up & down, getting more and more turned on and, unbeknownst to her, a stranger would walk in & stand in the doorway, watching. (a common one would be some sales person that I'm training that got tired of waiting for me in the car). He'd silently watch, enjoy & stroke himself, there in the bedroom doorway for a while until I'd give him a nod, non-verbally telling him he could join us. He'd come over right next to us on the bed, lube up his cock with coconut oil we keep on the nightstand, sneak up behind her and surprise her with his cock sliding up her ass. Sometimes we actually act that out when she climbs on top of me. One of us will bring up the topic of having two cocks (usually me, since I know she loves that fantasy so much). She'll whisper something about wanting that, so in no time at all, I'll squirt some lube in my hand, reach around & smear it on her ass-hole -- Or I might even simply pull my dick out of her, as long as she's wet enough & side it back & forth against that 2nd hole. At the same time, I'd grab her Blue Dolphin (just over an inch wide, so not too big) out of my "bag of goodies", flip it on 'high', reach around & slide it in. She always goes nuts with both holes filled & she cums quickly. Ok, I just spent a lot more time than I meant to with that whole scenario than I wanted, so I've go to go. Of course, I'm now so horny that I have to hurry up & squeeze off a round before getting back to work I was doing. I'd be curious to know your answer to the above. Feel free to describe in detail, if there was a scenario that you & she have had along those line, whether real life or fantasy. Anyone else wanna chime in with a similar story?
  10. Masterbating Men

    Absolutely she does! Every time! I haven't tried a toy that's too big yet! (However, I do have a huge one that's just waiting for the right moment). didn't mean me with your wife, did you?
  11. Sexy Lingerie

    YES ! That stuff just exudes sexy! VS is classy-sexy but Frederick's is just sexy-sexy!
  12. (Finale) I Want You To Watch

    Why is it when a woman makes a comment this, even if not directed at me, it's a huge turn on? I really adore hearing dirty talk. RC--You are a talented writer. Excellent story. However, where's the rest of it? I want to read the whole thing again. Under a diff't topic or did you delete it?
  13. Sexy Lingerie

    I feel the same way. I'm happy to wear whatever she'd like to see on me. Hell, I'm happy to do anything she feels is sexy & anything she'll enjoy in the bed room (I mean ANYthing). If only she would see things this way & agree with RC & me.... Why is it if she does things for me, I step up my game (usually ten-fold), but there's no stepping up of her game? It's just not reciprocated. I've bought my S.O. so much damn lingerie over the years, and a lot of it she & I even picked out together, yet as the months go by, so do her chances to wear it... ANY of it. She used to wear the sexy , shear, tight-fitting, hot, etc. (mmmmm, fantasizing about it now) stuff, but she's had just less & less interest in wearing it for me. It's been so many damn months since I've seen her put any of it on, it's sad -- and a little unsettling. I love any & all sexy stuff she puts on -- even a tank top that shows a little cleavage I enjoy (and that even turns me on these days, but probably because it's the sexiest thing I see her in). She still wears the sexy skimpy Victoria Secret panties I've gotten her, and knows I thoroughly enjoy seeing her in them, but when I'm in the room, she change her clothes very quickly, as if she doesn't want me to see her in that sexy stuff). It seems like the really sexy panties she wears when I'm not around. On occasion, in the past, she's dressed up in lingerie (like a body stocking & black high heels) & send me pictures -- but not in a long, long time. She knows I would love any/all of that (e.g. her surprising me with it on, her wearing it for me on the intimate/romantic nights, sending surprise pix, etc.), but kinda blows off my feelings or tells me she feels uncomfortable/chubby in sexy or revealing stuff. NOTE: she used to be very fit before I even knew her & now she hasn't worked out at all in years. Still, over the 2+ years we've dated, she's gained like 2 pounds. WTF Ladies, any suggestions? Could it be temporary? Menopause can't be far away. Maybe that comes into play? If you were in this boat, what would make you feel comfortable enough to wear it for your man? Guys, any suggestions from you? Even been in this situation & have any advice? BTW, it has nothing to do with anything missing during sex. I do everything she enjoys sexually & romantically and I absolutely love giving her pleasure. Love it! I get off on seeing her pleasure). It's truly more important to me that she feels good during sex (& non-sex stuff like deep tissue body massage, rubbing her feet, etc.) than for me to feel good. She's told me several times that sex with me is so far superior than anything she's had in the past, it's ridiculous. I believe that, because it's so very important to me that she's satisfied. Is it possible I'm treating her too well? Maybe that's a topic for another section of this forum. All advice very much appreciated.
  14. Pineapple and coconut oil for oral sex

    I do too. I use a container that's flat & wide -- maybe a Tupperware sandwich container. Being that shape means it'll probably never tip over. Even though it's a solid, just holding it or with it leaning on either of us, it could get warm enough to melt, even if just a portion of the container.
  15. Pineapple and coconut oil for oral sex

    I wholeheartedly agree. Coconut oil is the only product I know of that works great as a massage oil and is safe on her down South. Body creams/lotions and various massage oils can irritate her pussy. Frankly, they aren't good to use as lubes. When using a massage lotion on the rest of her body, it's tough to switch to a lube on her pussy without still having some lotion on my hands. Obviously, running to the sink to wash my hands before getting sexual kinda ruins the transition. Using coconut oil everywhere is perfect. It's also easier to find & cheaper than lube typically is. Almost every grocery store sells it. No special trip to the "sex shop" or having to remember to buy it online. FYI: Coconut oil comes in a solid form that melts instantly on skin (hands, body parts...). No worry about spilling a bottle of oil all over bed...or couch...or dining room table...or carpeting....or backseat..... BTW, for those people that don't like the smell of coconut, there are coconut oils that are scent-free. Cisco is one. (Haha! Great name to have on a product involved with sex. What comes to mind when I see "Crisco" on the label is the lard-looking crap my mom used when baking a cake. That'll kill the mood.). If you buy that brand, do yourself a favor & put it in Tupperware. Final point---You should Google it to see a list of all the benefits & uses of coconut oil (i.e. it's a great moisturizer for hair, softener for cuticles, etc.).
  16. Masterbating Men

    I absolutely love the same thing! I mean watching my S.O. -- not your wife (though I'm sure if given the chance, I'd love that too, but that's beside the point. Lol). Hmm...what was my point? Oh yeah -- watching my little honey take whatever I pump her with. For me, nothing is hotter to see. Recently, we've been doing something different. For her, one orgasm & she's all done. Sex becomes uncomfortable. For me, one's rarely enough. That means after sex, I've got to stroke myself. Watching me masturbate turns her on a lot, but not so much once she's already cum. What's been different lately is that she's been holding off on taking out her clit vibe (she can't cum without it) until I've "shot off" 1-2. If my "grand finale" (in her) is before she cums, then I get to fill her hole(s) with various toys while she vibes her clit to orgasm. I love watching any toy sink inside her, but it's especially erotic when I'm the one controlling the toys. I tend to lean toward the bigger ones and really stretch that pussy. For her, even better than that is my standing over her, stroking it. One of her favorite fantasies is for me to walk in on her masturbating and then stroke myself in the doorway & then next to her, both of us masturbating as we enjoy each other's show.
  17. Two For Tuesday

    Thx BigRack. Why is it just guys that post 2 for Tues? Haven't seen one of you in a while. Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing any recent pix of anyone (except guys). Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong forum topics.
  18. Two For Tuesday

    Ok, all, I'm taking the plunge. First time ever posting anything like this. How soon should I start regretting posting these?
  19. Vibrating Hollow Strap On

    I'm happy to help. I can't imagine not being to have sex. That drug could be a life changer.
  20. A perfect day for coffee

    Aww...a kinky girl like you, I thought might at least post some shots of you in some sexy black leather. ;-) About your photographer idea, though, I'm sure that's if you were to do a Boudoir photo shoot for your husband, he would love it. I think all guys do
  21. Vibrating Hollow Strap On

    A buddy of mine had prostate cancer a few years ago & has nearly zero success with med's & not even much success with the pump/bands. He once forwarded an email to me & I'm cutting & pasting it in here. He's the one with this kind of experience. An option that very few people know about is penis injections. I know, sticking a needle into your dick will make even the strongest guy squeamish, but it can be extremely effective for most men that are unsuccessful with Viagra, Cialis, oral stuff. Ask your Urologist about it. They call it "Trimix". Again, using a syringe there can completely freak out any guy, but it's very well worth it. My friend, when he described it to me, probably summed it up best: it'll make you stiffer than you were at 18 -- possibly bigger too. It's not uncommon to last for hours straight, even with multiple orgasms. More specific to your question, maybe try one of those squishy self-pleasuring tubes over your cock, then shove it & you into the hollow "dick". It may or may not fit. It just depends on how small/thin a masturbating tube you can find and how large your wife can handle, cock-wise. Those tube things are extremely flexible, so maybe stretch it to the max. The idea is that the tube thing, along with lube, will feel like a vagina for your pleasure. If your wife gets used to one of these hollow toys, she might even like it better than you ever did. Hollow examples (3 sizes, ranging from 1.7" to 2.25" wide): Part Number:DJ0704 Hopefully this helped.
  22. Tiffani posted a similar dilemma, about masturbating & having orgasms. I thought I'd paste the advice I gave her. First, about your clit starting to hurt. I'll bet it needs to be wetter, maybe much wetter. It should never hurt. Whether you slide a finger inside for some natural juices or you use lube or even your own spit, get your clit nice a slippery. However long they are, your nails shouldn't be touching your clit. Fingertips/hand only. It's great that you're looking into getting a vibrator. That's a must. Whether you want it to slide inside you or just vibrate your pussy & clit outside, you need one. This is what I wrote in that other post: "Get a bullet -- or any small clit vibrator. TooTimid has them for $10 (silver egg-shaped device that vibrates very quickly, quietly & quite concentrated for one small area (your clit). It's attached by wire to the remote, which will have a few speeds usually). Get comfy where there's no one else around & no chance for interruption. Pick a time that you're most relaxed (early a.m., mid-day, late night.....). Maybe it's best to fantasize all day & do this at night. Rest the bullet (aka egg, clit-vibe....) against your clit & flip on the switch, starting with low. Slide a finger or dildo or vibe inside your pussy if you'd like. Some women love the sensation of both at once, some only want the clit vibe alone. Whatever you prefer. It's your body. Explore it! It's possible you won't orgasm the first time, but not likely. Once you do, it'll be the best physical feeling a woman's body can feel. Now, repeat as often as you'd like. If you find yourself loving the bullet, feel free to incorporate it into your love-life -- while you're having sex or before or after or the entire time. You deserve an orgasm during sex too. We all know the guy will have his, so it's only fair, right? :-) Ladies, am I right? Any corrections? During this masturbation session, snap & send me a pic. LOL " The sending of the pic is important for research purposes. Enjoy the pussy play!!
  23. A perfect day for coffee

    Damn! You look great! Cute lady & a very hot little bod! Where would I find more pix of you? Are you always that clothed?
  24. The big O

    Hmmm.... Never a follow up from Tiffani. Maybe she took my advice & has been too busy masturbating & giving herself orgasms that she doesn't have time anymore. Lol
  25. Older Ladies

    Beautiful region up there. And I'm sure it'd be even more beautiful to see or participate in the fun on your 300 acres!