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  1. Yes, it is. One step at a time hon.
  2. Yeah, I have at other work places, just a couple, but not where I work now.
  3. porn

    I would LOVE to see more responses to this question. I do not consider it cheating. Men get excited by what they see, women by what they hear. Sometimes what they read. So, in that case, if a woman with a BF/SO reads a steamy romance novel, would that be considered cheating too?
  4. http://metro.co.uk/2016/08/26/the-oral-sex-gender-gap-is-real-and-its-not-okay-6092821/ Read and what do you think?
  5. Glass is MOST awesome! !!! Beautiful, functional, hypo-allergetic. .......easy to clean and sterilize. What's NOT to love????
  6. Nope. Still nothing.....damnit!
  7. My ex husband would do so sometimes, when he thought i was asleep. I want to think he did so because he knew how tired i was. My GF has admitted to trying to masturbate when I was sound asleep. But unable to achieve orgasm because she body craves my touch instead. She does so to try and relax to get to sleep. Let me add that her past GFs would get frustrated with her because it took so long for her to orgasm, so they gave up, and she'd have to get off herself after she got them off. I watched her play with herself and learned quickly and experimented with what made her moan and squirm, with great success I might add! I guess it helps to keep an open mind, open sexually, patient, and a first time GF :).
  8. With my GF, it's almost 50/50. I day almost, because she tips the scale in her favor just a bit on the initiating. But it's really close.
  9. The baby can DEFINITELY take more effort and energy than sex. Especially if she's breastfeeding. The last thing a new mom feels is sexy when they've been up all night with a cranky baby that's probably peed, pooped, and barfed on them!
  10. I haven't been to one yet, but I hope to go to one. It's on my bucket list!
  11. So, I was reading and rereadi g the "Does Cock Size Really Matter?" post, and wondered, from a guy's standpoint, have there been any va-jay-jays that have been too tight or too loose for your preferences? I'm curious.
  12. Absolute Awesomeness!
  13. That all depends on the woman's preferences. Some like to be driven hard, others gentle, teasing, tips only, tweaking, clit stimulating techniques. .....
  14. Also, it takes time for a woman to warm up. If they just pet pet, wham, bam, that's not time enough for anyone to get even warmed up!! You also can be jinxing yourself by overthinking it all. Try just being in the moment. Don't go to the "it just ain't gonna happen" mode even before you start. I don't recommend drunk sex per say, but, if you're of legal age, you could try a couple, just to relax. That's what I did when me and my GF were together for the first time. Just slightly buzzed so I wouldn't be so nervous. It did help. She was nervous too. She has been Out for over 25 yrs. She's my first FF relationship, so I was super nervous! !!!
  15. I must say I love catching up on these forums. All of The views are wonderful!