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  1. New Review Team Manager

    Welcome, Nice to meet you!
  2. Was or is Marriage

    It is and it isn't. As the last poster said, it's hard work!! Probably harder work than anyone imagines, but if you work at your marriage it can be more rewarding than you could have ever imagined! The rewards are so incredibly wonderful!!! It's worth all the sweat equity!
  3. Rechargeable Vibrator

    This Rechargeable Vibrator isn't just for her! When I received the the vibe, I thought it was cute and compact, and has a bulbous head that's enables you to easily hit your g-spot. We tried the vibe in many different ways and enjoyed all of them! I used it on him, he used it in many different ways on me. This Rechargeable Vibrator is powerful!; It's many different variations to the vibrations goes from strong to very strong . It's silky smooth to touch, Phthalate free, waterproof and you can plug it into you laptop, or phone charging station which is very convenient. This compact vibe is great for everyone and anyone who enjoys very strong vibrations. I award this buzz worthy toy 5 out of 5! It's a keeper! Rating: 5 RECHARGABLE VIBRATOR
  4. I don't know who April is but I do like her pink B.O.B! In case you don't know B.O.B stands for battery operated boyfriend. My BOB is a purple rabbit with 2 bullets, one bullet in the tip of the main shaft and the other positioned for stimulation of the clit. Both the shafts are ribbed for extra stimulation and the it's very flexible to adjust to your personal needs. April's Bob has medium to strong vibes and is waterproof. You need 2AAA batteries which are not included, but very worth the battery investment. I've used it myself self and with my partner. I love the infinite vibration adjustments. It's is the only vibe I have ever received or purchased that comes with instructions and suggestions fabulous for everyone! I loved the feeling of the ribbing that added much to the whole experience. The flexibility adjust for your pleasure, whether you want to stimulate your g-spot or bypass the G to enjoy whatever pleasure you choose. This BOB is great for beginner and expired alike! I award April's B.O.B a 5 out of 5! APRIL'S CURVED SEDUTION DEAL STIMULATOR
  5. Receiving the Kink Nipple Sucker set was a newish experience for us! We tried nipple suckers once before but only used it once and weren't sure why. I was sent the black ones, prefer pink but it was ok because He likes the black better. We were both excited to try them again. Heres the thing, He really likes attaching them, but I needed to adjust the force in which they were attached. I like a medium suction but not ready for full on deep suction yet. They stayed on until we wanted to take them off as long as they were attached correctly. I had an Interesting sensation I think I'll enjoy even better over time as I become more aquatinted with the sensations. This is a toy for beginners and experience alike because you can choose how long and how much suction you like. I award this a 4 out of 5 only because it's new and more of an introduction for me. KINK NIPPLE SUCKER SET BY TWEAK
  6. Hi Review Team!

    Looking forward to doing more reviews! Any word on when the next round of review toys will be going out?
  7. H. Housewife

  8. Why not? If she reads how you feel, it may bring about some important conversations.
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  10. Hi Review Team!

    Nice to meet you Corin. Looking forward to "working" with you!
  11. Mood Frisky G-Sopt Vibrator

    The Mood Frisky G-Spot Vibe I received was black, not my favorite color but okay. It's velvety smooth to touch and has a decent size bulbous head which makes finding your g-spot easy. Simply wash it with soap and water, apply some water based lube and your ready to roll! If you love vibes you will love Mood Frisky G-Spot Vibe! It has variable speeds ranging from strong, to stronger, to strongest which makes it a little loud but not terrible. I have used Mood Frisky alone and with Hubby, it's deliciously satisfying each time. We have also used it for clitoral stimulation while Hubby was behind me and on one occasion used it for a little anal play. We love the vibes! Please remember to wash this or any toy after anal play, prior to vaginal play. I love this toy and have found many ways to use it, I know you will too! I easily award this a 5 out of 5 hearts! Mood Frisky G-Spot Vibrator  
  12. Spanking

    Hi Zoe! First, you should only do things you want to and are comfortable with. Anything new can be scary. Take the time for yourself to read up on beginner spanking and see whats involved, how to start, what you may need, etc. You don't need to rush into anything and never do anything you are uncomfortable with. Good Luck and keep us posted!
  13. Question

    It sound like you and your husband need to work on your marriage. Don't get into anything you may regret or that could harm the trust in your marriage. Try weekly date nights, just the two of you to start. I also recommend a qualified marriage counselor to help you navigate these difficult times before it's to late.
  14. New member from sweden

  15. Hey I'm a newbie

    Welcome! Looking forward to your input!