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  1. I am liking my hips and waist. my new job is filled with curvy coworkers. They are so fun to look at with their sexy hips and waists
  2. I've always been a woman that enjoys giving oral sex. I can get very aroused by it. In fact, I prefer giving oral sex over regular intercourse. I don't find intercourse as pleasurable as performing oral on a man that I'm really attracted to. I'm the type of woman that needs a lot of foreplay for intercourse to be pleasurable, otherwise it will hurt. Mind others, the doctors have said that there's nothing wrong with me physically. With oral sex, I'm all revved up and ready to go at the thought of it. I don't need to spend 20 minutes doing foreplay or taking deep breaths to relax. No wonder I feel that oral sex is easier. The other day, I overheard a group of men saying that women only do it to please men and that they don't get pleasure from it. Really? These men ranged from their late 20's to early 40's. Are there any other women that feel the same way as me? Or is it rare that a woman truly enjoys giving blowjobs?
  3. I tried a butt plug for the first time, and it felt GOOD. However, when I had anal sex in the past with partners..It hurt. I know we weren't doing it the right way, such as lack of lube, me not being properly relaxed, not being with the right person, etc. Is a butt plug supposed to feel the same as a penis? Or, is a butt plug just lighter and contoured to not cause any pain? It would at least reassure me that anal sex in the future would work for me, as long as I'm fully lubricated and relax.
  4. Can someone explain why? I'm not really sure I get it. Because they're selling sex? As for customers being seen as "desperate," I disagree. I have known bi-curious women and couples that would rather pay for a gorgeous escort than go to a bar to find someone that's not their type. If you're not looking for a relationship or want to go through the hassle of finding the right f*ck buddy, I guess I can understand why you would resort to "adult services." What does everyone else think? Do you think there's something wrong with this whole deal?
  5. This is going to sound middle-schoolish, but let's say I grew up in an environment where I wasn't taught to say "no" or where my father figure didn't teach me that sexual pressure was wrong. Do you think it's normal for a non-abusive and nice guy to pressure you into doing something sexual that you don't want to do? I dated a guy that would keep asking me to get naked when I said no, and he said "I'm serious about you honey, but I just want to see you naked!" I told him that I don't think he's serious about me, if he's so concerned about seeing me naked when I clearly said not yet several times. My mom and my friend excused this guy's behavior, and said "Oh, he's just a man." Well, I have a high sex drive too, but why pressure someone? If I'm serious about someone, there will be a time to get intimate in the future. There's no need to get impatient about it or demand it. I felt as if this guy wasn't behaving nicely and wasn't serious about me, but I hear my mom's and other people's voices in my head saying that "It's not a big deal." Please tell me that what this guy was doing is NOT what most worthwhile men do. I've been kind of isolated lately, so I don't know. The reason why I didn't want to get intimate with this guy is because my intuition was telling me that he wasn't right for me. I wasn't in the mood to do it with him, b/c he didn't do it for me and I didn't trust him. Yet, he would ask "Why don't you want to get naked," as if I had to justify saying no to him. That didn't make me feel right, and I hope most other men will understand this. To the outside community, he had a reputation for being a "nice and sweet guy." I knew I had to ditch him.
  6. Where Did You Meet Your SO?

    Dating quiet guys is the best for me. They’re great listeners, sensitive to my needs, and they get me. I also love the smart guy that works on his goals. I struggle with the charming party boys bc they’re all about themselves. That may work for some women, but not me.
  7. Hehe you brought back memories of the 23 year old I dated. He loved getting blowjobs, and said he didn't mind that I got off on giving pleasure. I am with you on loving young cock.
  8. Hehe you brought back memories of the 23 year old I dated. He loved getting blowjobs, and said he didn't mind that I got off on giving pleasure. I am with you on loving young cock.
  9. That sounds so hot. I can't wait to see the person I am dating.
  10. Revised Topic: Dating Websites

    I met someone I am dating on plenty of fish, and it's been awhile. I would have never guessed that I would meet someone there, but he's really nice. I hear that match.com and Okcupid are the more popular ones.
  11. Oral Sex Positions!

    Hmm on my knees while he's standing up me laying on the bed while he inserts himself in me (face fucking) him lying down where i can show him my butt while I give him head!
  12. I need to do a late night vent. I am lucky that I am around good people, who have the common sense to not do mean things or step on my boundaries. In the past, I found it confusing and humorous when people would say "stand up for yourself more. It's your fault that you allow people to treat you badly." When you do speak up , you're still criticized by the same person who told you to stand up for yourself. I think people, who shame you for standing up for yourself, want to push you back down. Or, they want to mess with your head. As I write this, I am surrounded by some lovely people and am grateful for what I have now.
  13. I tend to prefer male friends too. Here I was wondering if I was odd for thinking that my male friends get me more! i don't think it has to do with sexual orientation. It's more about your personality and experiences. Some women don't get along with other women, because they have had bad experiences with female friendships.
  14. I have yet to get tired of it too.
  15. Swallowing His Cock - Literally

    I think so, when I am deep throating. I never thought of it as swallowing.
  16. I am going to let out a big revelation here. I have realized that I am straight after all, or heteroflexibile at most. It does feel empowering to say that! I think exploring with the same sex had to do with some stressful life stuff. Some people might say "how can you stop being bi?" I made a mistake and got more information/life experience. My 20's was a really tough time.
  17. Hi all, i was curious for opinions. A former therapist told me, "just because you enjoy getting intimate with men doesn't mean you can't be gay. My client identifies as a lesbian, and she hooks up with guys." I disagree with this. I have a hard time believing that I am gay, if I feel attracted to men. I told this therapist that I have had sex with men and women. I told her that I like men more, which led her to make her comments. She also said, "you will know when you're gay or straight, depending on who you fall in love with." Um, I know what I am? I did go through a phase where I was exploring my sexual orientation in my 20's. I found out that I liked men more. What is your definition of a gay woman? Am I missing something here? I thought being a lesbian meant that you prefer to have sex and romantic relationships with women
  18. How Often Do You Really Think About Sex?

    Everyday. But, I don't always get wet when thinking about it. My body needs time to catch up.
  19. Sorry to all

    Omg, I feel bad for too for whining! That's what this forum is for though? Other people can support and give us good feedback.
  20. Very true! Sounds like you two have a fun time. I think I like the feeling of a finger or a vibrator on my clit, over a tongue. I have had good cunnilingus sessions, but I don't always need it.
  21. Very true! Sounds like you two have a fun time. I think I like the feeling of a finger or a vibrator on my clit, over a tongue. I have had good cunnilingus sessions, but I don't always need it.
  22. The definition of "sex" rant

    Thats what I have noticed with sex. It can be amazing with one person you're really connected with, but blah with someone who you're not too into. Maybe some people can easily have great sex with someone they don't like. That's not me, I guess.