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  1. Getting sexually turned on by intelligence

    Intelligence is mandatory for me to be attracted enough to have a relationship with you. Just sex? Nah.... I keep their mouths busy so they can't talk.
  2. Pineapple and coconut oil for oral sex

    We have a small container with a lid beside the bed, a little bit lasts awhile.
  3. The big O

    I'm one that really doesn't like buzzy toys on my clit, I'm pretty old school when it comes to masturbation. Fingers on my clit and maybe a dildo in my pussy or a small vibe anally.
  4. Masterbating Men

    Watching him masturbate for me ......... so fuckin hot! One of our faves is mutual masturbation, see who can last the longest, it's usually him then I need to feel him inside me.
  5. Sorry to hear it yet it needed to happen didn't it. Now he knows the scope of your unhappiness and it's up to him if he's going to step up and make some changes. This should be the best part of your lives! Good luck and keep us posted.
  6. I'm assuming he's around your age, has he been to the Dr? Could be low T or diabetes or even heart problems, even if he's embarrassed he should just for his health and maybe he'll end up getting back to his old self. And believe me his Dr. won't bat an eye to prescribe him Viagra if he's healthy. I've been in your boat and it's not fun.
  7. Anyone being affected by Hurricane Harvey?

    Glad to hear you didn't see the worst of it, take care.
  8. What disappoints the most in sexual encounter?

    I agree tiedup. My disappointments are lazy or selfish lovers, pretty much everyone else can be taught how you like it. My main disappointment in general is finding out your sex drives aren't compatible.
  9. How Often Do You Really Think About Sex?

    Yes it would!
  10. How Often Do You Really Think About Sex?

    I've always felt I think about sex more like a man does.
  11. Oral After Intercourse?

    I've never had a man go down on me after he came, usually by the time he comes we're both exhausted. I'll have to ask and see what his take on it is. edited to add I have seen him lick his own precum so hmmmm now I'm wondering..........
  12. Lets play...Does anyone get off at work?

    I have many times.
  13. cum too fast

    A woman doesn't mind a quick cum if he can go for round two. But it's probably a good thing if he learned to edge a bit to control his speed. That's what's nice about older men, they might not be able to go again right away but they know how to take their time and make sure the woman has a good time first.
  14. cum too fast

    I agree that he needs to make you cum first but still even after you cum you'd like some sex beyond just a couple minutes. I'd say make a game of edging him, teach him to recognize and back down. Having fun with it will go over a lot better I'm sure. Good Luck !