Getting off by rubbing against table corner

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Jimbo090256    4

Saw a video today where a young woman grinded against the corner of a table resulting in an intense orgasm. Is this possible? If so, wjo has tried this or something similar?

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Kinkster    142

My wife & I were trading stories quite some time ago, about how we got off at first, when we were young and all..... 

I told her about when a friend gave me a bunch of nudie books, and I was paging away through them, and I finally got naked, and started slowly humping the arm of the sofa as I kept looking through more pictures.....and blew a load all over! 

She liked the story so much, she talked me into showing her how I did it!

She really liked watching me, a lot,  and she humped the sofa arm right after I did, and she came too! 


All fair....she showed me how she got off the first time a while later! 

Pays to communicate! 

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