Trying masturbation for the first time

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I'm new to this and I was wondering if anybody could give me some tips on how to do it I guess. I tried using my fingers and I'm sad to say nothing came of it. It kinda hurts when I try but I don't know if that means I'm not wet enough or I need to clip my already short nails. Any suggestions would be great. I am looking into buying a vibrator.

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Tiffani posted a similar dilemma, about masturbating & having orgasms. I thought I'd paste the advice I gave her. First, about your clit starting to hurt. I'll bet it needs to be wetter, maybe much wetter. It should never hurt. Whether you slide a finger inside for some natural juices or you use lube or even your own spit, get your clit nice a slippery. However long they are, your nails shouldn't be touching your clit. Fingertips/hand only. It's great that you're looking into getting a vibrator. That's a must. Whether you want it to slide inside you or just vibrate your pussy & clit outside, you need one.

This is what I wrote in that other post:

"Get a bullet -- or any small clit vibrator. TooTimid has them for $10 (silver egg-shaped device that vibrates very quickly, quietly & quite concentrated for one small area (your clit). It's attached by wire to the remote, which will have a few speeds usually). Get comfy where there's no one else around & no chance for interruption. Pick a time that you're most relaxed (early a.m., mid-day, late night.....). Maybe it's best to fantasize all day & do this at night.

Rest the bullet (aka egg, clit-vibe....) against your clit & flip on the switch, starting with low. Slide a finger or dildo or vibe inside your pussy if you'd like. Some women love the sensation of both at once, some only want the clit vibe alone. Whatever you prefer. It's your body. Explore it! It's possible you won't orgasm the first time, but not likely. Once you do, it'll be the best physical feeling a woman's body can feel. Now, repeat as often as you'd like. 

If you find yourself loving the bullet, feel free to incorporate it into your love-life -- while you're having sex or before or after or the entire time. You deserve an orgasm during sex too. We all know the guy will have his, so it's only fair, right? :-)

Ladies, am I right? Any corrections?

During this masturbation session, snap & send me a pic. LOL "

The sending of the pic is important for research purposes.  :P

Enjoy the pussy play!!

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