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  2. Tits For Tat Thursday

    Lovely to look at , but would be sweeter to touch ! !
  3. Bullets bullets bullets! I just love the versatility of bullets!!! And this one packs a lot of "bang" for a bullet as well! It's definitely hot, just as the name suggests! Calexotics' Red Hot Spark bullet is a USB rechargeable 5" bullet that is covered with a seamless, smooth, soft, silicone skin, is a gorgeous, hot red color, and is a unique design. The bullet body reminds me of a streamlined fish shaped (minus the fins). The "tail, however, is pointy, and has a hole in the middle. They call it an encaser, for a surrounding stimulation all around the clit. Or, you can use the point itself for direct stimulation. It comes with the USB cord (but not a plug), to charge it. Mine came mostly charged, which threw me off, because most rechargeable toys say to charge for at least 4 hours before playing. However, after less than an hour, the red blinking light at the base (also the power button), stopped blinking & shut off, which I found out that means it's fully charged. Some toys lights stay on solid when it's fully charged. This does not. The box also instructed that it will run for about 30 minutes on High, and 3 hours on Low speed. Complete charge in 2.5 hours, which is handy if you're in a hurry or on the go!! Plugging it in to the small hole is very tight, and is located near the bottom of the base, but not on the bottom. Just look for a small hole, kinda like a belly button. The instructions on the box read to hold the button for 2 seconds to turn on/off. However, mine took almost 5 seconds to turn on/off with the button, so, don't freak out if it takes a couple of extra seconds. After the snaffus of charging and turning it on/off, I was able to settle down and play. 10 vibe settings are sure to please any enjoyer of this toy as well! I loved how quiet this bullet is, and how strong it is as well. I teased myself with it for a bit before deciding to see if encasing my clit area with it would work. Ok, just a bit over, here, no, a little over there....ok.....yep.....that's.......Um, whoa!!! Yes!! Fire in the hole!! Wow! I was seeing "red" in no time! I can't wait to try this hottie in the shower, around the house, everywhere!!! Just remember, it's silicone, so don't use any silicone based lubes with it. Yep, this gets a very high rating from me for sure!!! Love the fire that this baby created! After using it, and if you read the reviews, you'll find that it's fairly easy to use, especially easy to clean, and it works! The box it comes in makes for perfect storage as well. Where's the fire? Down below!
  4. Donated sex toys

    Hello people me and my girlfriend for a while have been having fun but unfortunately lost everything in a house fire was wondering where someone could get a hammy down toy we've been trying to do bondage out of plain old rope she complains that it hurts please someone give me some ideas or somewhere in Massachusetts where I can get a free sex toy
  5. Hi Folks. My Name is Kenobi444. And I am just somehow curious. About a special Topic. Not long ago I was sitting with some friends together and we were talking. Most of them were Men but there was also 1 Female in “our group”. I can’t really say how we get there, but we were basically talking about Scenarios. In real Life and Porn and everything. I believe it started with ridiculous Porn Scenarios. Later on we also talked about “normal Movies”, not Porn, but actual Love Films. Like… Harry and Sally, this Kind of Movies, Love Movies, (and we also concluded that some of “us” loved the Love Films with Hugh Grant), we talked about Love Movies with “stupid” Stories or “almost unbelievable” Scenarios. And somehow we began to list them. And I was wondering if you may know more Scenarios. I just somehow want to know more Scenarios. Either from Movies (Porn or Not Porn) or from real life. If so maybe you can list them here. This Threat is NOT a bashing Thread against certain Porn Movies or Love films. You can of course say where you got the Scenario from. (From Movies or other where. You may have actually whiteness it, or someone told you about it. You can name your Source but you do not have to.) I – more or less – want to list certain Scenarios that’s all. I do not want to ask who has actually written the Movie, or whatever. I only want to talk about the Scenario it itself. The basic premises is also this. You know when 2 or 3 People lived in a House, apartment, whatever. To make it easier I will give the Persons Names. Because it’s tricky to always write: Male, Female, or Boy, Girl or Man, Woman. So let’s say… There is a House, inside living 4 Persons. Diane, female. Cory, male. They two are more or less interested in each other. Then there were also: Emily, female. And James, male. The other 2 can be there as a, trigger for some (erotic) situations. Week ago “our” Group were sitting around and discussing. We were listing Situations where the 2 of them (Diane and Corey) can get into it. It somehow became a “game”. First we were JUST only talking about Porn Movies or Love films, and then somehow we began to create a Starting Point Scenario and then we were thinking up Situations where the 2 can get into it. Maybe Sexy Scenarios. Or awkward and weird Scenarios. Maybe sticky and hot Situations. Special hot erotic. I will name some Ideas. BUT CAN YOU MAYBE come with some more Ideas. Or what have you done to create certain Scenarios. What “stupid” Thing, have you maybe done to impress a Girl or to be near a Girl. What Idea did you once have – back then – to impress a Girl. Or maybe you have watched a certain Movie where you say, come on this Situation is completely unbelievable! Or what have Erotic (maybe awkward) Situations have you experienced yourself???? Some Situations could be: 1 - Diane has to stand on a ladder because she want to reach a high bookshelf / shelves. And she begs Corey to hold it (the ladder) so she won't fall down. So Corey gets the Chance to look under her Skirt. Because Diane is wearing a Mini Skit. (Is he intentionally wearing a Skirt? Unintentionally? Is this Situation made up from her? Well..., who knows? Oh and does Corey try to avoid to looking up or does he look deliberately up. Well... whatever.) 2 - Diane has to bend down to put on her Shoes and accidently shows Corey her butt, because she is wearing a Mini Skirt. 3 - Corey is very nice and helps Diane at buying things, also clothes. He holds her stuff and clothes and other Things. She is in the Cabin, trying out clothes. Diane saying: "Corey Dear, would you be so nice and hand me my Blouse. THANKS". He opens the door but she is nude. "What?! CLOSE THE DOOR!!!! I mean you should reach me my Blouse under the Door, Idiot" "Sorry Di! Sorry!" 4 - Corey want to go into the Bathroom, where Diane is. But he didn't know. And she has forgot to lock the Door. So he comes in and sees her nude again. Or the Other way round. He is in the Bathroom and forgets to lock it up and Diane is the one who is strode in and sees him nude. 5 - Maybe the Shower is broken and Corey has to repair it while Diane is nude in the Shower. Or the other way round. 6 - Corey is inside the shower. Suddenly the Phone rings, and Corey who inside the Shower runs to the Living Room to pick up the Phone, but meanwhile the Diane has picked it up already. But because Corey comes from the shower he only has a towel around his waist. And because he is running and moving the Towel falls off and is so finally standing nude in front of the other one. "Diane. Hello? Are you still on the Line? Di? Di?" "Errr... what? Sorry Jim. What was it again?" "Nothing. I just called to say that I landed safely. I will call again, when I reach my Hotel okay? Diane?" "Hmm? Oh okay. Sure. Bye" "?!?! Okay, Bye Diane, oh and hey, greeting to Corey!" 7 - One of them is visiting a Doctor and the other helps and so one sees the other nude again. 8 - They are all on the Beach. Suddenly a Waves Catches Diane and her bikini away. 9 - One of them is Ill, and the other one helps him / her at, put on clothes and so on, and so on. Yeah, the Person is ill and it's not sexy. But still... nude is nude. Somehow... 10 - Its Holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th July, whatever. Diane wants to cook for the rest of the... community / family / friends. Corey want's to help her. But the Kitchen is rather small. So they unintentionally always touch each other and see each other. And if it's the 4th July, it can be very, very hot, so Corey may take off this Shirt or only war a Rip-Shirt or whatever. Or if it's autumn, (it can also happen at summer) maybe Corey unintentionally puts water or juice on the Shirt and has to take it off, and Diane therefor sees his naked Body. Well at least his stomach and chest. 11 - Both has to take the Bus. But inside the Bus there are so many People it's full of them and very tight. So they have to touch each other or stand near each other and fell each other Bodies. 12 - This Time inside the Bus, it’s not fully. But no Seats free, so the two has to stand. But then the Bus suddenly stops, so suddenly that the two falls down on each other. 13 - Maybe at New Year Diane and Corey can kiss each other, a tradition is to kiss someone at New Year’s Eve. And well Corey can Kiss Diane or she Diane can kiss Corey... 14- Corey and Diane could be stuck in a Elevator / Lift.... for a whole night. 15 - Diane want to have dancing lessons with Jim, but he is busy so he tells Corey to accompany Diane. "What? Come on! I am not a good Dancer" "Well, you will be one after the Class" "But Jim... come on, me? What about you" "What about? You know I have to fly away and be away for 2 1/2 Month... But I have faith in you Corey" "Oh God... Bad Karma. Okay I do it Jim. Well, have a nice flight." So Corey ends up with Diane in a Dancing Class, with learning Tango and other Stuff. Dances where they have to be very close. Romantic Dances. 16 - Corey want to call her Girlfriend and have a Dirty Phone Sex Talk but accidently calls Diane. Or the other way round. Diane want to call her boyfriend and ends up accidently with Corey. Without knowing of course. Only at the End they found out. Or in the Middle... 17 - Corey write a Dirty Mail for his girlfriend but accidently sends it to Diane. (Or as always, the other way round) 18 - Corey write Diane. Or the other way round. But the Mobile Phone keeps Auto Correcting the Text. So a normal harmless Text turns into a Dirty Talk Sex. 19 - Maybe Corey and Diane attends sauna, a sweat bath, but there a only mixed saunas. And so they have to be nude. So the two sees each other nude. 20 - Corey and Diane takes the Car. But in the Middle of nowhere the Car brakes and they have to spend the night together. In Hugging Position because it’s winter and cold out there. 21 - Maybe they are in the Woods, camping or so. And it's a raining. Thunder. They get back to their wooden hut, but they have to get out of the wet cloth and warm in front of the fireplace (chimney). 22 - This time its Corey and Diane who are away. They have booked a Hotel Room. But 2 Accidents at once. Both Corey and Diane can't believe that it happened. But it did. "Bad Karma, what?" Because first, the Airline lost their Bags, and second, because of the System Fault, there is only one Room with a Big King Sized Bed reserved. And because they don't really have night clothes, they have to sleep ALMOST nude and together in the King Size Bed. 23. He or she is doing Gym. They both get very, very sweaty and furthermore are stretching and doing sexy movement. And afterward they have to take off their sweat clothes. Or something similar happened... whatever... this is / was the Point of some Porn Movies. Hmmm… you can judge by yourself if this sounds real or not. 24. Again a plot of some Porn Movies. A Girl has to comfort a Boy, to make it all better. He is crying hard and she has to comfort him to cheer him up. Because something bad happened. He broke up with his Girlfriend, or maybe he got hurt / injured. Yeah… again, you can judge by yourself if this sounds real or not. 25. By the way speaking about real: THIS WAS REAL: At that evening, when we were discussing, a friend told us that he once wanted to enter a Club with his Sister. No joke. Well at least it’s what my friend told me. He said that both wanted to make Party in that particular Club and that it was free for couples. But the Bouncer says they also have to kiss. To prove that they were a Couple. My friend told me that he initially did not want to, after all the Girl he was with was his little Sister. But it turns out, that she absolutely, desperately wanted to go inside. And it also turns out that she was more “kinky” than my friend was. He told us his little Sister gave him a intimate kiss and both could enter the Club. (I do not if my friend was making it up or not, but swear and vow that this actually happened.) 26. Another friend, told us that he had set up a… certain Situation. He told us that he knew that a girl roommate he live with like to insert things, vibrating Balls and such stuff. His then roommate was sometimes using Vibrator kinda Things, like Vibrator or Vibrating Balls. So one days he steals the Controller and replace it with another not working but same lookalike Controller. So that, when the roommate insert the Balls he had the Controller. The Girl wonders why the Controller doesn't work. She checks the Battery but then suddenly the Balls began to vibrate. But the speed too high and fast so she tries to turn the speed and slow down but it doesn't work. Later she discovered and assumed that he must have switched the Controller with another one. At that evening, after he told us his story, we all said to him that is was mean. A mean Prank. According to him, the roommate was very angry, but later on – according to him – he apologizes and she was okay whit it. If I would have been the Girl, well I would seek revenge… Well I would do it. According to him the then roommate was okay with his prank. She never to return the favour. Well… 27. The only Girl in our Group told us this: Once she had put on a really tight button-down shirt that was showing off the maximum amount of cleavage possible. A skirt, tight and form fitting. The shorter the better. She put on some red lipstick on and put her hair up. High heels. She dresses for her Boyfriend, because he was coming back after a long business Trip, but it's in reality for somebody else. She told us that she knew that her friends little Brother also had a crush on him, somehow. He had just became 18 Years old. And normally the Parents are in charge but there was only the Mother. Their Father left the Family when they were very young. So the little Brother was living at her house temporarily. So the only Girl in our Group told us this, she dress very Sex, and the excuse that her boyfriend was coming back, after a long business Trip. But that was just an excuse. So played the… rigor, the strictness minder, and threaten him with detention (at home). Tell him his grades are slipping and he needs to stay after class home, for extra credit. No going out allowed. He has to stay at Home to learn. He has house arrest, is grounded, and has to learn until his grades are getting better. But he has nothing against him, after all, his older Brothers sexy Girlfriend is near him. And she was mean. He was doing sexy Movements in front of him. And one time she was reading loud an Erotic Story to him… wow. We (the Group) then wanted to know if she ever cheated him with his younger brother. After all he had just become 18. But she wound tell us. “No Comment.” Well, typical her. She was mean again! She turned us up with a Story but wouldn’t tell us the End. How does the Story end? I do not know… (I even do not know if this was true or made up from her) 28. BUT the weirdest Story was coming from Danny--- ohhh Shit. ( I initially wanted to keep the Name for myself.) I could delete the Name again, but since it’s not full name… Just… let’s say the story came from a friend. Anyway, D. feels bad, he felt a churn in his stomach, his world began to spin and he had the feeling that he has to puke. Because he has to puke anyway he was thinking why not puke on him and the Girl he meet on the Bar, so then, he and she has to take off the clothes. So he can see her nude Body and she can see his nude Body. Well, a stupid Idea. Not to say, it didn’t really work out… 29 - Somethings maybe can happen at Halloween? A Bad Joke or something like that? Or at someones Birthday Party. A Game turn into something else? You see I already have 28 Scenarios. But I am curious. 1.: What else can happened to Corey and Diane? Tell me please, PLEASE. So... what MAYBYE, PERHAPS, weird or awkward, erotic situations can happened next, can happen too? What else can they do to get into Sexy Erotic Situations? Maybe Sexy Scenarios. Or awkward and weird Scenarios. Maybe sticky and hot Situations. Special hot erotic. CAN YOU MAYBE come with more Ideas? What can the "Universe", the "Destiny", the "Fate", or "Karma" do to place them together? I have already come up with this Ideas, but I am keen to hear more of it. I am curious to hear more, way more PLEASE. Or what have you done to create certain Scenarios. What “stupid” Thing, have you maybe done to impress a Girl or to be near a Girl. What Idea did you once have – back then – to impress a Girl. Or maybe you have watched a certain Movie where you say, come on this Situation is completely unbelievable! Or what have Erotic (maybe awkward) Situations have you experienced yourself???? Greetings: Kenobi444
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  7. Moon Monday

    Thanks! I do a lot of squats 😉
  8. Moon Monday

    Nice Ass !!!
  9. Hello! Some new pics for you guys! My dog, Pogi's 3rd bday, hiking in Sabino Canyon and Halloween! 




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  11. Masturbation Idea

    i need and enjoy masturbation but doing it alone is getting old. It seems to me in this day and age that there should be a way to chat to each other while both masturbating. I’m not talking about a pay site, just normal horny people masturbating together via chat or text. I believe this would be exciting and erotic, not to mention the awesome orgasm you could have at the same time. I am a male who prefers females but it could be with any sexual attraction. Anyone have any ideas or know of a site ? Please share your ideas.
  12. Oh, come ON people!!! There has to be more lame excuses you've heard out there!!!
  13. Moon Monday

  14. To me it's ridiculous

    It kinda sounded like your husband was looking for a "wife-sitter"? If so, I'm sorry. Your husband should be making at least a little time for you. Work is important, but so is the relationship between spouses. It is kind of weird to ask a friend to take your spouse out, if that person doesn't know you well, or is a single person. I can see why people wouldn't want to do that. It could be a recipe for disaster, but, at the very least, to me, it's a bit insulting because it's like your husband thinks that a substitute is acceptable so he doesn't have to try and make time for you himself. This is problematic, IMHO. Not only is the possibility of cheating, the suspisions that could arise, distrust between your and your husband or his friends, or yes, even cheating. I mean, why can't he make time for you? He needs to make time for you! Date night is important. Sorry, but this just irked me reading it.
  15. Sunday Funday

    Hi peach That would be nice to see. I like the other one a lot to. Sure!
  16. Sunday Funday

    Will send the video, if you want 😉
  17. Cooler weather in East TX!!!

    So, the last 2 days have been cooler than usual! I'm so excited!! It's been unbearably hot here, and then after Hurricane Harvey, hot!!! So, I'm happy to report windows have been open all day, fresh air, and I'm slightly chilly (from Maine, being chilly in 64 degree weather proves I've acclimated to Texas, damnit)!! It's just seemed like it's been a ridiculously long summer. I'm loving the cooler weather!
  18. Are You Watching Porn?

    I do love watching adult films!!!! I don't have any subscriptions. I do have several DVDs though, and am always open to getting more!
  19. Nudist colonies.

    Well, speaking only from having a couple of friends that have gone, it's rare that you have "super sexy" people all over the place there (like models or porn star super sexy I mean). Everyone is naked, but that doesn't mean they're having sex all over the place. They do have rules. They're also probably use to "Newbies" coming around, and the sometimes involuntary arousals that may happen. So, I doubt they'd embarrass you over it. You're only human.
  20. Sunday Funday

    I found this one works. Very cool!
  21. Is my boss coming on to me?

    Chances are, he was just trying to be nice. And, in a world so full of jealousy, hate, sue-happy people, and vindictiveness, it's nice to have compliments come your way. I would just say take it as a compliment. If he hasn't pursued it, or you, then sincere compliment. And, men find assured women sexy (or, if they're controlling jerks, intimidating). Go girlfriend!!!
  22. Sunday Funday

    Welcome always it says video, I do not see, it goes black. I broke it?
  23. Being brave feels awesome

    I'm happy that you're feeling more confident!!
  24. We miss you😢🌹🙏

    That is so sad. I assume Miranda committed suicide? I hope that people understand that suicide is a tragic thing, and people have a variety of reasons for doing so. Sometimes, we have no idea the private hells people go thru. This is why I try and compliment random strangers. Sometimes, just hearing a single, positive thing, can really help someone. Be kind to each other.
  25. For all the heart broken people

    Yeah, thankfully, I don't even miss my ex (I have excellent aim....).
  26. Things to say to your loved one😈

    Love it!!! LOL
  27. Thank you🙏🇺🇸

    LOVE this!!! Yes, a most definite THANK YOU to all Veterans!!! It should be Veterans Day every day!
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