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  2. Gadget Geek

    Camel Toes

  3. Gadget Geek


    MFM, FMF, FFF, MMM. Who dosen't love a good threesome?
  4. M1959P

    Prostate toys

    I find for me the fatter the object the better it gets the prostate.
  5. M1959P

    Anal Finger Play On A Man

    As a man I enjoy it but ladies please make sure you get us nice and wet first. Too many times I've had this done to me with a semi dry finger. Ouch!!
  6. lovedoll

    Does such a toy exist . . .

    Yes, sex toys are available. People love to enjoy sex time but sometimes his or her partner is not ready for it then they use sex toys and sex dolls. I love to use Fitness Sex Dolls.
  7. RC4BLUE

    Dom Or Sub Which Do You Prefer?

    I understand the feeling. I have to agree with michelledd, tell him what you need, desire, and want. Sometimes that’s all it takes. If he doesn’t know it already, give your self to him as a gift. Maybe write a little fantasy of what you are so he has an idea of how to treat you.
  8. Male urethral sounding. Holy fuck does it feel good!
  9. Gadget Geek

    Cobre Libre

    I had to look it up because I had no idea what it was. Looks like it would be fun to try!
  10. Gadget Geek

    Cream Pies

    I've never done it but I think about doing it all the time. I guess I might as well try it and see. lol
  11. Gadget Geek

    Sucking Pussy

    Yes! I love to wrap my arms around my wife's legs and buying my face in her wet pussy. Yum!
  12. Gadget Geek


    I SOOOO want to cum on my wife's face. It's such a turn on for me and she's totally not into it. 😞
  13. Gadget Geek

    Guys that like to give head

    Not since I was a teenager. However, I fantasize about it quite frequently.
  14. Gadget Geek

    Eating cum

    Exactly! I'll have to start using this term more often. lol
  15. Gadget Geek


    You're not alone. I'd love to see my wife taking a big, hard cock deep in her pussy! 😜
  16. Damn! That's one hot ass pic! 😈
  17. Gadget Geek

    Hello you deviant lovely people!!!

    Hello and welcome to the forum! Looking forward to hearing more about your collection. πŸ™‚
  18. Gadget Geek

    Too horny need an outlet

    Hello and welcome to the forum! πŸ˜€
  19. Gadget Geek

    Swallowing His Cock - Literally

    I absolutely love it when my wife takes my whole cock down her throat. Not only is it hot to watch but it feels fantastic. I'll have to casually mention this to her and see what she says. Wish me luck! 😜
  20. SteveO

    What do you think?

    That would defiantly work!
  21. SteveO

    Out of the shower

    Very nice thanks for sharing
  22. H. Housewife


    Using weakness against a person. Using people so they don't have to do anything the lazy way of life. not admitting ones faults
  23. SteveO


    Very Beautiful Pussy!
  24. michelleddd

    Dom Or Sub Which Do You Prefer?

    Have you told him that? If so and he's not responding they way you want tell him you're in charge some night and lay it out what he's to do and how, he might surprise you once you show him the way. Some people have no imagination in the bedroom, unfortunately.
  25. hardwood68

    Cum on

    Is it bad I wanna cum by myself tonight. My wife dosent like me to do it alone. I'm not I'm doing it for all of you Kit3.mp4 Kit2.mp4 Kit1.mp4 Newone.mp4
  26. hardwood68


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