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  2. We would love to see your milf wife
  3. Well, thank you. It's all true, I am pleasant! Lol But, It's all actually on me. You see, they are not the same person. I don't have a significant other. They are all just NSA one night stands. I would love to have a significant other. But, time is starting to run out for that. Anyway, when it happens, they will just stop doing it all together. That punishes me. I am the one that really wants it. I don't want this thread to turn into a my choice of men thing or anything like that. I just want to know if anyone has any ideas or devices that work and are comfortable for hung men to use. That's all I am looking for here. So, if there are any BDSM people or other people with experience with such things, I would love to hear your advice on a device. Thank you.
  4. nice photos the oe with her back with her arms above her head and and the phone
  5. hi guys just an update on my issue with ed we (the wife and i) brought sum sexy items from here leopard dress crouch less undies, rabbit vib and a bullet vib and i have had good hard erections without the use of cialis/Viagra, I used to take 2/3 tablets before sex now with these new items and a bit of roll play i found that i don't need to take the tables sex was good to start off with but with age stress the doctors told me that ed at my age 58 it was normal to suffer from ed BUT no more, sex is again wonderful thanks to my beautiful and very hot sexy wife we are now back to normal, she has been wonderful about this problem and tonight we will be having sum fun between the sheets talk soon
  6. I think you just do your best. You are who you are! If they don't like a little teeth, that's on them. You sound pleasant haha
  7. Your tits are perfect! I could just suck on them all day
  8. You have the most beautiful body I want it
  9. Was able to get a little butt fucking done . Used a little vaseline to slide it up more. Which made me climax even faster. Now a little more vaginal action going on with some lube. Loving this vibrator
  10. Never heard of what exactly? Throatfucking? or someones teeth getting in the way?
  11. Id love to suck on them and lick rhem all over. Especially your nipples
  12. I have honestly never heard of this
  13. I hope people are still using this site. I am looking for some help here. I love to deepthroat and am wanting to get into throatfucking (receiver). Unfortunately, my physiology makes me horrible at it. My mouth will not open wide enough to keep my teeth out of the way. Especially if any aggressiveness is going to happen. Which, of course I want. I have searched and searched and all of the sex toy aids for this type of thing really come up short in the helping area. Some of them look like they will work and I have even ordered a couple of them only to find out that they don't work at all. Before you all start hitting me with all of the training exercises with my mouth, I have been there done that, my mouth is just not big enough. I need some sort of device this will go into my mouth and help me keep it opened wide and if I can close it a little, that there is something that protects his member from my teeth. Kind of like a nice soft fleshlight material. I'm hoping that there are some people here in this forum that might understand my plight and be able to help me out here. Please. I have looked at some of the devices used in the BDSM world to keep ones mouth open, and none of them have the soft material that I mentioned on them . They are all hard plastic or silicone coated metal. It has got to be comfortable for him. Preferably for me too. I look forward to hearing from you all.
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  15. @Hardnshy Thanks y'all. 🙂 I'm glad you enjoy it enough to follow along. I need to finish it up soon.
  16. Start by deeply kissing you with lots of tongue and working down your body with many wet licks and nibbles and kisses. When i get down lower i massage your inner thighs and all around your crotch while lightly sucking my way around your pussy lips then licking slowly just inside your pussy lips up to the clit. Circling lightly then running my tongue down your slit all the way to your ass running my wet tongue around your hole slightly entering making you squirm. Meanwhile with my left hand massaging your clit until my tongue returns there. I keep alternating my licks between pussy clit and asshole until i sense you getting close so i enter your ass with my middle finger while my point finger enters your pussy pushing them both until im on your g spot then i take that clit in my mouth and suck and lick it and work all 3 simultaneously until you explode your juices on my face and in my mouth and i drink every drop. Then we deeply kiss again while you lick my mouth and face clean. The smell of freshly cumming pussy fills the room. Sweet sweet smell
  17. Might be my favorite so far. Clothed that is. Love the touch of the mirror. Would love that same shot naked!!!! I bet hammer loved the places his tongue got to explore!!
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