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  2. dm71203


    I love being nailed by a hot woman.
  3. Tiny Flower

    Sexting My Soouse

    Ok here goes. Whew. Hi. I think your intentions were good. your story touches my heart.It is romantic that you care so much to do this. Making her feel good about herself. If you can turn it around.Like the song if you like pina coladas. Getting caught in the rain. If your not into health food and have half a brain.something like that. i don't know the name. Very popular song if anyone knows the name help. that song. Is what your story reminds me of. They run off to cheat and end up meet each other.If you are creative get her to meet you like in the song. It sounds better than possible arguement? If you don't want confrontation. I would put effort into making it work to her benefit. The way you break the news I think would be most important. Time for her to process and something to distract her possible negative response. Does that make sense? I would do like RCBLUE said. Spice it up. Learn or do something together. I have heard of these places. Dungeons. Who knew? sounds exciting. why not use it positively for you and wife? If you turn it into a romantic game it might save your hide, it only my opinion. im no expert. I'm divorced from a cheater. I'm trying to help is all. Breaking the news to someone sensitive. Presentation Would be my biggest concern. Like a play.the song. I think it's worth consideration yes?
  4. Danceinthesheets

    Old Whore

  5. Danceinthesheets

    Just my member

    LOL...I can think of a couple places to put that cock too M1959P! a wet popsicle in my hungry mouth....between my itty-bitty-titties...rubbing the curve of my low back.....tucked nicely in my ass...massaged wildly between my capable hands........endless possibilities sugar!!! ..and thank you for the compliments "Shy"....I haven't posted any pics like that here...I use to have an account on a porn site where I would give customers private shows many moons ago...not interested in that now.....I just love to talk dirty with all of you...keeps me feeling young
  6. Guest

    Snapchat or Kik?

    Ok so I don't really know how to go about this.. I am 29 Straight Male and I am trying to make some extra cash for the holidays. I am trying to find out how people sell nudes on Kik or Snapchat.. I've seen it done.. kinda been interested in it but never done it.. Anyone have any advice?
  7. Yesterday
  8. Hollym2018

    Sexting My Soouse

    She was abused as a child and has very little confidence. It doesn’t matter that I tell her she is beautiful and I love her, she even admitted to the alter me that it was nice just feeling wanted and desired by someone else. Not justifying my methods, as selfishly, it served my needs as well, but I am not sure how she would handle if I told her he was actually me.
  9. RC4BLUE

    Sexting My Soouse

    Since you say you have a great relationship, my question is why play with matches when you can play with fire. It sounds like the sexting was incredibly hot for both of you. I’d find a way to do that without the deception. If the two of you are open to trying out the Lifestyle, then why not go to a club just to check it out. That could open a door or two. If sexting is your thing then talk about doing it with one another or send a sexy text to your wife as yourself and see if she responds in like. From my view it looks like you have set the stage for cheating instead of a true consensual exchange. Be open and honest about what you want, where you want things to go and how to play with each other and/or with others.
  10. Hollym2018

    Sexting My Soouse

    I have been married to my wife for over 20 years and we have a great relationship. We have talked about swapping partners and mixing it up, kinda of a fantasy for both of us. I wanted to see how she would really feel and I was able to mask a number indicating I was someone else to start flirting. Well she immediately showed me and I dismissed it. A few months later I was traveling and on the road for a bit so I thought I would try it again, this time downloading a picture of a man, that I knew she would find attractive and she called me to tell me what happened and that she blocked him. I told her it is ok and she should unblock, which she did. It took a few days of coaxing and flirting to get her to open up thinking this was someone other than me. By day 3 I had her revealing everything and the sexting was incredible, a huge turn on for me. We lived out fantasies and she even sent pictures. Sure, there was some stuff she sent about me that was not all great, but this was my fault for duping her and I had to accept the consequences. Maybe I wanted to really see if I would want her to be with another man, maybe I was living out my own fantasies of her being with another man without actually doing it. Either way for the most part the whole experience was great. She has no idea that it was me she was sexting and although she had to lie to me about a few things, I don’t blame her as again, this was my fault. My wife is very insecure and I think someone else wanting her and her being able to have virtual sex and be adored may have been good for her. However, I am wondering if I opened up a can of worms that I shouldn’t have. Since I came home she has blocked the number so I cannot send. I guess the unintended consequences is that she may unblock and send at times, have to lie to me, which is not in her nature. I have deleted all texts and so has she as I the other me told me she should. Do I risk telling her that it was me all along?
  11. What's that SC handle? 😘
  12. cack662000


    God, I love this photo. Imagine what I can do with those lovely tits! : )
  13. 170BY130

    First ever purchase

    First time to ever buy any toy. I hope my wife enjoys when it gets here!!
  14. Ytoser


    Just wondering what dildos people find easy to use on their partners/comfortable for their partners to use on them etc. I don't want to use the dildo in a harness, so if you could let me know your experiences guiding them by hand that would be great! Just a couple I'm considering getting are: Fun Factory Magnum or Bandito, Sinfive burgono, Tantus Silk large (but obviously willing to consider others) What features of a dildo should I look for?
  15. M1959P

    Just my member

    Nice cock. I can think of a couple places to put it
  16. 50 sac thai

    Penis Pumps

    I have tried condom pumping. No luck. I have tried inner tube pumping. No luck(this actually worried me because I could not see what was going on in the tube, it was really only a one time thing)
  17. Thomas Biddle


    You have tutors turn me on you know what you want how you like it well you know how to fuck really good and so do I damn it's hot when it's like that best sex ever
  18. Thomas Biddle

    Eye candy

    That's not a problem do you have your share ask your girlfriend and if so I sure would like to see him be glad to show you some of mine too because my girlfriend has a real pretty pussy ass hoe 2 especially when my cock is in her
  19. Thomas Biddle


    Exactly masturbating watching each other or someone help you learn what they live nothing I just want her to go in my mouth when she's ready that is exactly what I was doing in the photo
  20. Shyoldman

    Just my member

    Wow u say all the right things. Do u ever post any pics of that sweet wet tight little pussy of yours. I can only imagine how nice it would be for me to slide myself in that warm place of yours sliding my cock in and out of you while your eyes roll back and your tittys bounce with every thrust. Together we cum and I leave with you a big load for you to remember me with. You are hot hot hot
  21. Danceinthesheets

    Just my member

    Quite a turn-on for me.......I can picture myself bent over in front of you....taking your member in my hand and slowly pushing him inside my wet cave...with just the right amount of gentle force to make you and I shudder together....Mmmmmmmmmmm Nice!! Thanks for sharing! (you don't seem too shy to me...LOL )
  22. Last week
  23. dlhig

    Looking for masturbation fun with anyone

    Too bad you aren't in MA
  24. M1959P

    Husband's Horny Howitzer

    Would love trying to get that in my ass
  25. Shyoldman

    Straight guy

    I’m a straight guy who loves all women but I have this fantasy of a woman being dominate putting on a strap on and having her way with me either on my back or bent Over. Basically gender role reversal. I get hard every time I think about it.
  26. Shyoldman

    Eye candy

    I know all us guys would appreciate some new pussy pics from all you beautiful and sexy women
  27. Shyoldman


    M1959P I so agree with you. I wish more people thought this way
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