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  2. Greg Besancon

    New to site

    As would i!
  3. Kinky Twinkie

    Any Guys That Like To Be Pegged?

    I like anal and luckly she she does too, she has pegged me a couple times and I love it. she starting to warm up to the idea of doing it occasionally because she see it really gets me off. it seems to work best with her lying down and me doing it like cow girl position. It finding the right position that both of us can do it without a body part having an issue. I think it important to get the receiving end since I usually giving to understand what to do and what not to do. For prep I rim her it gets her juice wet then I can slide a finger in ultra slowly and at that point we on our way. Regardless where this ends up, she wants me to come in her and if she can cum before me in her pussy she let me put it in her butt. A moment later after I finish as soon as I exit and this is important, I get down there and lick that butt and pussy clean of every drop of cum we producd. this is what makes the future events to follow possible.
  4. Love Getting Pegged

    Any Guys That Like To Be Pegged?

    I absolutely love being pegged my wife takes me about four or five times a week I am now using the life like dildo 10 inch long 7 inch girth tell me why do you women like it so much
  5. Today
  6. Love Getting Pegged

    Hi! New here, wanted to show a pussy pic 😊

    That is so damn sexy especially the butt plug
  7. Love Getting Pegged


    I am straight I'm new to the forms I'm a white male married me and my wife are very much into Pegging being a straight male that loves having his ass f*****
  8. While this is not my experience, a friend of mine told me her partner had said that "No size ever fits, and I'm allergic to all forms of condoms" She straight up told him, no wrapping not tapping and left is. The same day she told me I had found so many different kinds and sizes (somehow got lucky finding a bulk box of many different brands and types) and gave the box to her. Boy did that guy hate me when he found out I gave that box to her 😁
  9. Shy soul

    Libido’s gone nuts

    Though I am younger, I have the same problem too! It honestly seems like the major push in my circumstance was from me starting my birth control (I have a huge hormonal imbalance). A side effect should have been that it lowers my urges, but instead it has made them come at the most inapropriate times and seem to last FOREVER. Literally within less than 3 months I've bought 10 toys! Most of them were for exploration at first, but now it seems I can't control my habit and I'm running out of space just like you!
  10. Shy soul

    I'm a Newbie!

    Hey, and welcome! Glad that you were able to get your first toy! I'm in the same boat as you too! A year younger though lol (19).
  11. Dilyla

    New to site

    Hello! I sure would enjoy that HARD cock deep in my throat!
  12. Shy soul

    Order question

    No, thank you!
  13. michelleddd

    Problem with her past

    Not buying it but enjoy your fantasy.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Wem12

    Libido’s gone nuts

    Women’s sex drive increases with age. Chalk it up to nature and enjoy the “benefits” 😉
  16. Wem12

    I suck at

    S....E....X....Y!!! Hot hot hot!!!
  17. Wem12

    Out of the shower

    Damn!!! You are incredibly sexy!!! perfect body and SEXY curves!!! 😋😋😋😋😍
  18. happylady

    Road trip

    Thank you sir.
  19. Niceguy

    Who First

    I went down on her first. First and always
  20. prodrag33

    Problem with her past

  21. I have something I would like to show you and would very much like to put inside what you are showing me. I hope you enjoy looking as well as showing.
  22. Niceguy

    Need Some Suggestions

    Perhaps it's her diet. Does this man not like oral at all or does he not enjoy this particular womans taste?. Just like semen she can do things in her diet to change her taste. Maybe this guy has had a bad experience from other woman and just needs better directions down south.
  23. User21

    Problem with her past

    She just received her queen of spades ♠️ tatoo
  24. funguy!

    Patriotic Usa

    that flag has some nice assets!!!
  25. funguy!

    Me On Holiday!

    you've so hot...pls share more...a bod like that doesn't need courage. would love to put a big smile on it!!!
  26. cack662000

    Road trip

    Looking at this photo has caused a stirring in my shorts that will only be quelled by shooting a hot load of cum all over those nipples "after" I bite and suck them.
  27. funguy!

    Out of the shower

    you bring those and let's get back in the shower!!!
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