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  2. Oh you’re very welcome sexy! That would be cool sweetheart, I bet it would be more than wonderful though🀀 I look forward to returning the favor
  3. **just from looking at it, right? I see, want us to order something there??? Notice the almost "beginner" approach to using it? Hooked anyone yet? Wait till you start getting this one in the email, and it can. I didn't exactly see that "myth" happening, BUT, one of my favorite peeves is when you read these reviews and they tout something as "The ultimate orgasm machine", and not all are like this, some are. Just looking at the box will surely make you go to your knees in an all consuming orgasm you should not expect to recover from. You've seen them, you've avoided them, but there still there, waiting for you to click on it. Thats what made us find TooTimid. Used to go to a brick and mortar place, and she steered us to the right one of the toys we were looking for, told us about TooTimid, and said go-do-be, and recommended it. And I believe someone else said something about chicks mastrubating, and toys, that is the biggest whopper I have ever heard, I have had one SO that didn't mastrubate regularly/or at all, she was just a flash in the pan anyway, that one should of mastrubated some, but thats a whole 'nother thread....the thread where you do everything that has gotten women off everytime, and she passion either....
  4. Thats the best "About me" I have saw? It'sΒ purfekt!

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  6. Hey, thats my story and I'm sticking to it! I think they would either call it an orgy, or a family gathering thats fr sure.......................... On another note, why are all my friends on the east coast??? I've thought for years they should move the coasts closer to each other, screw time zones and DST!!!! Continental divide should be a lane divider! !!!
  7. Mmmm...she sure loves her cum. She drinks it out of our life parteners condom so hot. Would love you to take my little dick in your mouth while I lick your clit and dildo your A spot.
  8. Meeting all would be beyond awesome.
  9. @saltybear Actually I have always had a fantasy that I think I am dreaming of being aroused, but I slowly wake up and realize it is not a dream. I can't protest because I am already so wet and turned on that I don't want to stop. πŸ˜‰ Unfortunately I am a light sleeper so...
  10. @CjnCooter69 I will gladly thank you for him. πŸ™‚
  11. no problem-except Baby's gonna watch it here-the wife-so yeah, were good....
  12. Well I can say this, you make that awkward "Introduce Yourself" look really easy ! Yep, lotta really good people here, and great toys on the other side of the curtain. It's kinda evolving to settle in and chat back and forth, and as Cat said, young and old, so there is always somebody around to talk to annd always something to talk about. And you can message also. SO WELCOME AND HAVE FUN
  13. Chris&Rusty


    yeah...accompanied or not I'm just thinking I need a road trip with about a dozen stops across country....(damn, car only gets 8 mpg...mpg-vs-TSA at airport and toy box.....oh no, ain't leavin the car at home, no, no, no, no) (if ya gotta ask about the car do it somewhere else, it's a sex toy of another kind and does have a "Rabbit" that runs on the lighter thingy)
  14. I was surprised that we didn't get anything after we ordered except really really (really) fast service: We ordered like on a tuesday maybe noon pacific time, "BAM" It was here by 1430 the next thursday-2 days! And dig around in the box that comes-Angelia and crew stick coupons for your next purchase inside-don't know if that has a minimum $ order or not but they have been in there and then the free things....I was unsure if we were going to use the free things-and either I have some and the wife kept some, it worked out happy. it worked out great!!! Don't be afraid to ask about them-probably someone here has used it-between all of us probably 98% of the products over the last 10 years. AND, I bet one of them is a non-starter make the call and do the return. We have never been disappointed with any purchase here. Members are one of-staff is better-your better resources for info on your toy, and 10 people will use it 10 different ways, and if your worried about us and what we think, well don't, I will speak for me, the wife, and at least 3 other people here, were not perverts, anyone can be a pervert, we are at the Olympian level, we're ProVerts! So, your up!!!
  15. Well thank you so much and a big hello back at you sweetheart πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
  16. You can't fool me sweetheart I know that you two are absolutely incredibly wonderful couple seruioly I would definitely love to meet you two for real sweetheart πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
  17. @Connieknows thanks for connecting with my request . So shower time? Peace
  18. Gets that way when I get a little nap between paragraphs...naw, not really, and no, don't pull them up unless they are crotchless!!!!!! I gotta say yes, feeling the love, and sometimes lust. For us, we lonely souls, we have each other, and in the world today, that might be all we need, or come by. I think I'll leave out that whole paragraph, probably not one were ready to discuss yet, but someday. And hey Kat, thank you, 20th, and I'll reread this on the 21st! And I hope you enjoyed yours-(I was gonna send ya a licking but it keeps getting out of the box!!!)-should be right on top of HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! As far as me being sweet-naw, just a human that pays attention is you on the other hand....uh hu.
  19. Ohhh baby I'd love to suck that cock of yours right in front of your wife SERUIOLY then kiss her with my mouthful of your Cum
  20. Exactly what I meant especially those midnight sneak BLOWJOB if you know what I mean
  21. Yesterday
  22. Awww that's so sweet baby thank you I wish I could give you a really wonderful blowjob or something for such a wonderful compliment πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘„
  23. I know someone that can take every inch of your SEXY cock sweetheart
  24. Absolutely gorgeous sweetheart
  25. Welcome to the forum
  26. Finally!! Lol we’ve been waiting
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