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  2. Lucky man I am. Yes the wife is fantastic. Thank you for the compliment.
  3. ask her for direction ....she wont mind telling you what she likes im sure
  4. Yesterday
  5. love how your boobs move sexy mmmmmmm
  6. love the size of your lips very suckable
  7. Be willing to watch her as you hand'le her and you will get the urge to place your tongue where your hand has been w or w/o toys previously. Jus mi opin
  8. O, thank you for my first morning smile! Having coffee and waking up. Hmm, inhibitions, like fear, is a mind killer. Engage her senses, seduce your wife, you, teacher, her, ingenue. Show her with your hand and tell her she is sexy and kiss her, a lot. Feed the flame with encouragement and BE PATIENT! Understand, she may never "like" it or she may like it with your hand. You won't know until you try. Don't push. Let it happen organically. Luck! Cheers,
  9. Love reading your posts, I try to get my wife to enjoy touching herself more but not quite there yet. She needs to relax more and just let loose.
  10. Hammer, thank you again for the compliment! And you are a very lucky man, I must's the woman beside you! Dear Abbey is The Empress and The Mother. She rules the house! Daily she is Dear Abbey, at night, she is The Empress. I must have been in Dear Abbey mode. But in this sphere perhaps we will remain Empress. Her charm, she makes you feel like a king and your beard, is so damn sexy it makes her hot and she definitely wants to sit on your throne! True story, we were at a bar and the most gorgeous sliver foxed beard I had ever seen sat next me. I turned and I had to ask, "Can I touch your beard?" LOL, my senses got the best of me and my cheek and lips got too close to his mouth and he engaged a kiss and I kissed him back. That kiss, well, I love to kiss...just saying... The Goddess, The Diva and The Empress are all part of my feminine mystique. The Diva and Empress are in alt! The Goddess, well she's in hunter mode...hmm, now there's a fantasy churning in my wicked and wanton self...just saying Cheers, ~V
  11. The 1st time shocked me, it's grown on me but I'd rather have that tongue in my pussy
  12. I'm 28yrs old been bi for a little over a year now and love it
  13. I have the Satisfier 2 and the charger so far works great...I hope it doesn’t die, I use it EVERY day
  14. Tyger....I do toy reviews and that was a great review on the Satisfier with extra vibrations....I have the Satisfier 2 w/o the extra’s by far my most favorite toy I’ve ever tried...,it’s also the loudest😁 you could hear it through three doors 😁 I can’t recommend it enough
  15. It's the fckn BEST toy outta a hundred I’ve tried....I’d recommend it all day
  16. If you’re looking for a quiet toy...this ain’t it lol. I’d almost bet the neighbors could hear it...kinda turns me on , thinking someone’s listening 🍆🍆🍆
  17. we are just starting to find her g spot and last time we had great sex she was very wet so getting there
  18. nice finger work, your clit looks very hard and needs to rubbed, good work more please
  19. want to see pictures????
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