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    Well happy Tit's for Tat Thursday !!!
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    Hey everyone. We’re back involved in the forums. Hope everyone is doing well! Looking forward to posting some new reviews. We have the Magic wand, super stoked to get that reviewed 😏 Anyone have a favorite way to use it on yourself or your partner? I can definitely have some torture plans for my wife 😈
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    Ordered a new tip for my wand the other day Tiny. MMMMMM I like it!!!!! Hope everyone is having some fun this Sunday.
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    Had a Halloween party yesterday I was poison ivy 😜
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    You will get there Girl, enjoy the journey 💦
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    Wow CC! Always great photos . I see your toy is different color but the same. I love how it feels. you have the same jewels for your butt, I will try the combination to see if I can make a similar photo cum alive like the last one. what is the purple flat thing? Lavender? Looks interesting!
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    YES! Like that. I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day. Or night. 😀😍😘 can you?
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    Very nice to SEE you Peach 💋👅🙋🏼⚙️😹 looks like a fun Sunday for you as well.
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    I have the same but in stainless steel. YES, having some fun this Sunday!
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    Hmmmm I am still working on liking my body. But I guess I like my nipples. They look nice in rings😺
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    It kinda sounded like your husband was looking for a "wife-sitter"? If so, I'm sorry. Your husband should be making at least a little time for you. Work is important, but so is the relationship between spouses. It is kind of weird to ask a friend to take your spouse out, if that person doesn't know you well, or is a single person. I can see why people wouldn't want to do that. It could be a recipe for disaster, but, at the very least, to me, it's a bit insulting because it's like your husband thinks that a substitute is acceptable so he doesn't have to try and make time for you himself. This is problematic, IMHO. Not only is the possibility of cheating, the suspisions that could arise, distrust between your and your husband or his friends, or yes, even cheating. I mean, why can't he make time for you? He needs to make time for you! Date night is important. Sorry, but this just irked me reading it.
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    Endless trying. Endless giving. Endless crying when no one is around. The decision is too real and time will tell. Your heart breaks into glass how many times do you have to fix it until it's turns into fibers of dust. Thinking to yourself everything happens for a reason and everything will be ok but will it be?
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    Good Morning! Happy Tits for Tats Thursday! Have a wonderful day people 🙋🏼💦
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    Sometimes jokes can cure a sad heart.
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    Laddies, this question is for you. How many of you have experienced forced orgasims, more specifically after the first one. We have some great foreplay and often our sessions of fun run a minimum of an hour but average 3-4 hours, unless it’s a quickie. After her first orgasim though, she gets super sensitive and vibrators tickle. If I’m still hard from not coming yet or being still extremely arroused, I can usually coax her into another one or two. My question though, is if I were to push past her saying it tickles, could she expect to have some stronger orgasim a and more of them? The tickling sensation pass? I don’t want to ask her to try and push through if that’s something that will just keep tickling. Obviously we would use a safe word. We have a super open line of communication, so I wanted to ask here and see what advice y’all have. I think it will be so sexy to make her weak from orgasiming over and over. Thanks!
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    I know a few others have said this before, but the Flutter Tip attachment works like a DREAM https://www.tootimid.com/wand-essentials-flutter-tip-attachment-6806.html For just the wand by itself, my favorite is to tease the legs and especially inner thighs slowly before you get to her clit... You can also use it together (on the clit) with a dildo or internal vibrator at the same time, unreal!
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    Take it slow & enjoy Do whatever you like to do to relax you, your favorite music, candles, etc. & as HH said have fun....
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    Welcome! Lots of really nice people in here that love trying to help others
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    So glad you posted Peach. Yes, fun was had I am sure with that today. 🙆 oh how I have missed the clear fleshlight, thanks for the sexy clip 🙆💦⚙️🙋🏼
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    My friend a coffee-addict Phil is a nice guy but he often lifts stuff in the local grocery stores. he would just come up to a shelf, slip a 8.8oz ground coffee brick into his pants pocket and matter-of-factly goes through the door. Though something is bulging badly around his left pocket area when he goes by the checkout, Phil always gets away with it. Once i dropped by in there to pick out some food and witnessed a following scene- a women in casual dress comes up to Phil and says that her name is Rita and she's the head of security of the supermarket chain: "would you be so kind as to show me what is bulging about your left pocket?" Phil: Ok, but won't you accept it as an abuse? I've recently used my bathmate and I have 10 inches in girth now. It looks like a... brick, you know". Rita works up a sweat and apologizes. Later he told me that this is the only working excuse in such cases
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    Welcome to the site and hope you enjoy it
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    Did someone say they needed a wand? Corded: Shibari My Wand OG "The Original" Power Wand Massager Cordless: Shibari My Wand Wireless
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    I believe this is what you're looking for. Link: Wand Essentials Flutter Wand Massager Attachment - Gadget
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    The rings are very sexy. You've awesome breasts & perfect nipples! Now my mouth is watering.
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    I wrote this to a female friend & thought I'd share it with others. Sorry-- I did not completely edit it. Do you ever masturbate in bed while your partner sleeps? I do that sometimes with my gf, when I'm feeling her up (usually groping her ass -- damn! I love having a nice ass in my hand -- and hers is sooo damn nice). Oh sorry -- back to the topic... When I'm really horny & she just wants to sleep OR if I wake up in the middle of the night, I'll start squeezing her ass, massaging it, playing with the ass-cheeks that stick out so subtly from her panties. I have very big hands (I'm very tall) that engulf an entire cheek. As I get hornier & closer to cumming, my fingers will be dangerously close to her pussy -- but I won't touch her there while she's asleep. So, I'll have one hand on her ass & the other stroking my hard, aching cock. Most of the time I'll actually verbalize the fantasy that's playing in my head, whispering just loud enough to be heard (or I may even "sneak into" her subconscious mind & get her to concentrate on the story/fantasy as I whisper the details, getting her in the mood, even before she wakes up). I don't know if you've ever tried this with anyone, but it really works -- and it's amazing. Sometimes all the touching & bed movement will wake her up and she'll get pissed off, maybe scold me & I'll just stop, a little embarrassed stroking myself next to my lover, like some kind of weirdo. lol Now, Imagine this person sleeping next to me to be YOU. Imagine me as your boyfriend. You're sound asleep, tired, with sex being the furthest thing from your mind. While I'm stroking, it's your ass that I'm feeling, loving, massaging, groping& your ear that I'm whispering into -- all the specific details of what I'm fantasizing about doing to you. You start rustling in bed & your breathing gets heavy. Even before you completely wake up, your hand finds a nipple or even your clit to fondle & play with. Then you wake up, realize that I'm stroking my hard cock, fantasizing about fucking you -- and you know you want to have this hard-on deep inside you. Knowing you're awake & you're horny, a few of my fingers finally find their way that extra inch or two & actually touch your pussy. You're so wet that a slip 1, then 2, and eventually even 3 fingers inside, dancing all over your wet pussy, pumping in & out and lightly fondling your clit. My other hand suddenly slides a blindfold over your eyes & strap around your head. I don't want to see anything at all -- just feel it. Before long, you climb on top & are riding me -- slowly raising your butt up so that just the head of my cock is in you, then glide down as low as you want, up & down & up & down. You set the tempo, as fast or slow as you want it.....until I start moving my hips & take over your pussy. While my cock is pumping you quickly, you lay your breasts on my shoulder & just love it. It really adds to my excitement to really lube up that whole area & I reach the jar of lube and smear a bunch of it all over your pussy and ass-hole. I love to play with your ass-hole while we're fucking -- and it drives you nuts! Then, unbeknownst to you, I have friend sneak into the dark bedroom to shoot some video footage for a surprise sex video I'm making for you. As he quietly watches us, he gets really turned on & without even thinking (or caring), he unzips his pants & starts stroking his cock, and he moves closer. You've got your back to him & can't see him with your blindfold anyway and he zooms the camera in for a closeup of your cute ass and pussy while your love-hole "swallows" my cock. It's obvious he desperately wants to fuck you too, but that pussy is "mine". However,....the idea of us putting on an erotic show for someone really gets my mind wandering & I lose inhibitions. I decide to kick this up a few notches & let him touch you. I make sure my hands aren't touching you, so once his start to feel you all over, you believe they're mine. Surprisingly, it's not only not making me jealous to have another man seeing and even touching my girlfriend's body, but it's actually turning me on....more and more the longer I watch. This whole scenario of my friend getting into a frenzy watching & touching you causes me to take another step further-- a big step. I give him the nod & he understands exactly what I mean. As you're sitting on top of my cock, which is buried deep inside you, I hold you close to me, while your ass is still sticking up in the air. Without making any sound or moving the bed at all, he sneaks up closely behind you. He starts rubbing the tip of his cock up & down your ass-hole. That’s a stimulus that you always love. That entire area is covered in gobs of oil. You just assume it's my fingers that you feel....until..... the head of his cock slips inside. Surprised as all hell, you immediately realize that another man is with us & his cock is gliding up your ass. I'm still holding onto you, pinning your chest to mine. Not that you really want to squirm away, but you put on a struggling act for a bit. Suddenly, you hear “click”, “click” and feel handcuffs close on your wrists. You quickly realize there’s no way I'm letting you slip away, so you just submit. Secretly, you’re quite relieved – because you wouldn’t want to miss this chance of a lifetime. Regardless, all you can do is take whatever I decide to do to you, sexually. Meanwhile, you are loving the feeling of not only having my cock buried in your pussy, but another cock is sliding in your ass, whether you want it or not. And you definitely WANT IT! It’s an average sized cock, but that’s probably a good thing for your “back door”. Not too big. Just right. It’s your pussy that likes a big cock – and right now, mine is bigger & harder than it’s ever been. He slides his stiff cock in a little & out a little, further with each stroke. He’s going slowly, at just the perfect pace. Progressively, that cock is picking up speed. Soon, he & I are both pumping faster & faster into your holes & you're completely overcome with ecstasy! Just the idea of doing this is mind-blowing! TWO COCKS are FUCKING YOU! Taking all this cock at once is making your entire body feel better than it ever has. The pleasure is incredible! You are overcome with ecstasy, your body shaking & quivering. This is so damn kinky! We’re being so naughty that it just adds to the excitement – and it adds a lot! You could have never imagined the insane pleasure that your body is now feeling! I adore watching you while you’re being pleasured & this is over the top! I am purely loving it! All 3 of us are. Better yet, you have two sets of hands touching, squeezing, playing with the rest of your body. Your nipples are as stiff as ever & my mouth is frequently sucking & lightly biting each one. Of course, your clit is hard & swollen and I’m cognizant of the fact that it needs stimulation, so my fingers are playing there too. Like the rest of that entire area on you, your clit is covered in lots of slippery oil. My fingertips are fidgeting with it, lightly squeezing, rubbing, fondling that pleasure center – and it just adds to the overall excitement. I can’t stand it anymore, finally am able to get my “release” and I cum hard. Feeling my shaking, quivering body during my orgasm makes you even hornier. I slide my cock back in you, because this is too exciting to stop there. His hands are alternating from your hips, as he pulls you toward him during each thrust, and your tooshy, as he grabs with both hands, holding it still while he pumps away. Occasionally, he reaches around and plays with your big beautiful, irresistible boobs. Meanwhile, as he holds you by the hips to pump away at your holes, I do the same – but at a much faster pace, fucking you deep and fast as a jackhammer. You then come harder than ever before – and it blows your mind. The excitement was so perfect, a toy wasn’t even needed. Just then, his body freezes & he shoots his cum deep inside you. Once he has his orgasm, he suddenly feels a bit awkward with being there. No interest in cuddling, of course, so he quickly grabs his clothes & other belongings and the bedroom. The video cameras are still on their tripods, still rolling. You’re still on top of me & I’m still pumping you as I cum a second time – even harder than the first. You & I both exhausted & you collapse onto your side, next to me. After a few minutes of laying there, once you catch your breath, you ask me – “Done already, big boy? Much to my surprise, it was obvious you could handle – and wanted – to continue. You ask: “How about you keep working your magic & give me another?” (referring to another orgasm, of course). Surprised & delighted, I ask “You want more?” You: “well, if you can handle it, I’m willing & able. Adding to my excitement, now, it’s time for me to concentrate on giving you that rare second orgasm. I flip you over onto your back, kneel above you and slide my cock back in. I hold you by the ankles & pull you into me while I once again pump your pussy. I reach one of my hands down to you focus on your clit, which really needs the attention. I continue to take advantage of the situation and keep doing to whatever sexually I want. We both LOVE IT. After all, your hands are still cuffed to the bed. You’re really enjoying being dominated like that – all of your pleasure being 100% in my hands (and of course, cock). Although, not the norm, for the moment, you just want to be my “sex toy” & want me to get (& give) whatever pleasure I want. You’re finding it to be so erotic & even kinky, that you’re getting “off” on it. You trust me 100% & are know that your pleasure is one of my top priorities. As I try various positions, I pull you around by your ankles, flip you over as I want, pose your body in whatever way I feel – and slide my cock back in & pump you more. You’re loving every second & each position feels better than the last. You are loving every second of this, but of course, you want to touch yourself so badly – or better yet, vibrate yourself so badly. Unfortunately, you can’t because your hands are still cuffed to the bed. Soon, I grab a brand new toy – similar to your Bullet, but harder & faster vibrations – and hold it against your clit. The feelings that it brings you are intense! I open one of your wrist-cuffs so your hands can manipulate that little toy precisely where & how it feels best. Soon, as you’re lost in ecstasy, your body freezes, you scream out loudly, as you cum soooo hard. The best orgasm imaginable – even better than the first. Not even two seconds later, I shoot my hot load with a strong “umf”! I hold you close in my arms as we lay on the bed, naked & exhausted, and we fall asleep.
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    yep found it on amazon last night.
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    I decided to go out and have some Halloween fun instead of staying at the house. Everyone have a fun and safe night 🎃🦇😈
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    ankle braclets? would this be a good gift to get wife?
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    its a double moon! Is this your body or just some incredibly hot, perfectly shaped woman whose body you admire? If yours, WOW!!!! Gorgeous figure!!
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    The steel is nice. Put that on your gift to yourself list....Lol the first time I used the flutter tip AND the blue swirl together I came so hard I did get a leg cramp, lol. Proceed with caution, and be well hydrated. Bahahahaha💦💦💦💦💦
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    Me too, I have several. Very sexy....
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    Ha ha I think we all get our freak on, always up for new ideas. Do you let her choose a popcicyle for playing with you? Turn about is fair play. Lol hmm?
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    Cc hello! I happen to agree , it's what other things can they do to make it Hot. What other talents? It's not always about "bigger is better" to me, it's : do they know how to please a woman? Leave me breathless... then finish me off. I like the way you think cc!
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    not twice Sunday morning & then twice before bed? Hmmm....and while you're at it, twice in the middle of the day too!
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    Twice on Sunday? But if you have sex at the start of your day and before you go to sleep, isn't that already twice?
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    I think my skin, I've always have been lucky and have very few breakouts. People make fun of me for being pale but I prefer porcelain.
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    I love what NuffSaid wrote above ("Let him feel the warmth of your mouth (and other lips) without getting to taste them, and pleasure yourself a little .. a couple of silk scraves softly dragged along his body when you're finally naked, some ice in your mouth whilst you lick him gently.."). When I first read the topic/title of this post, the first thing that popped into my head was my favorite, the biggest tease: When she shows me something I reeaaalllllly want, but is just barely out of reach. The best way is to tie my hands up, then placing various body parts (my favorite ones) very close to my face, but just barely out of reach. Or maybe rub her nipple on my lips but then pull it away, before I get a chance to lick/suck it -- or put her pussy right in my face, but just barely out of reach. Another -- gently rub her pussy on my thigh or her clit on the back of my hand or my cheek or nose or "hump" my chin or even "fuck" my nose. I'll bet almost any guy would agree with me on this -- the biggest tease is to show me something I want soooo badly, but keep it just barely out of reach. Whatever you ladies do to your guys, you've got to reward him at the end. Tease him with whatever, but eventually let him have it at some point.
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    Ya know, with me, you wouldn't have to bother with the yoga pants. The no panties wouldn't offend me!
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    I can just picture it now -- soooo erotic! I have some various areas in my house that need cleaning or scrubbing. When do you want to stop by? Or I can come on....er, to you also.
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    Wow excellent topic I always fantasize about this one especially. Yes, I agree verbally and physically will do the trick. Even staring at a guy could set the person off in a good way. Dancing lures a guy to desire which is always super fun. An outfit or even a swimsuit as simple as that can do the trick. Whispering a few nasty words can get him going, too. A deep muscle massage especially the thigh area. Believe it or not even a dirty joke with a devilish smile. Twirling of the hair while staring at his lips while he's talking is a good one, too. I think eating anything drippy,long,or sticky is always fun and I'm not talking about a cock. Sorry I'm trying my best not to get into the joking mode of this topic and best to stay focus. A sexy compliment is one of my favorite things to do. Wrestling is my favorite especially when I'm on top and rubbing against him. I loved reading everyone's responds to this topic super hot❤
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    I like to get dressed in front of him right before we leave for a night out, and be oh so naughty all night, he practically rips my clothes off when we get to the bedroom.
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    I didn't get it for around 7 seconds. Then I did. Once a blonde...
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    RC4BLUE you need to write short stories or books and get published...
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    Too funny ! Thanks for the laugh !!!