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    Hello All! Just a friendly reminder to NOT spam the board with your personal pics over and over and over and over. I think I speak for most people in this. I mean, how many times do you want to see the same pic? Thank you! Rob
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    Happy Monday, hope you like!
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    Soft art bondage. Thread will be updated! https://www.softartbondage.com/ Softcore art of bondage, shibari, japanese bondage, kinbaku, rope bondage. Pantyhose, stockings, spandex clothes, latex fetish and lingerie. https://www.softartbondage.com/
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    here is my friday photo.
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    Tiny, if there is such a thing as a perfect ass, THIS IS IT! Beautiful! Oh, and as far as day of the week posting, I'll never complain! Very nice toosh indeed!! Thank you for posting.
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    Whatcha think? I hope they are ok! Please don't crush me by saying they're awful.
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    What do you think?
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    Soft Art Bondage. Thread will be updated! Softcore art of bondage, shibari, japanese bondage, kinbaku, rope bondage. Nylon, spandex clothes, latex fetish and lingerie. https://www.softartbondage.com/
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    Need to spice my marriage and add some sexy pussy to order up
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    Agreed. Why must people be so crude?
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    Adding a third is exciting, but be aware everyone must be on the same page. If not the excitement becomes and explosion. There is a bit of talk that needs to happen if you are in a committed couple relationship. I have a three sets of people I play with. There is no jealousy or problems, but we have strong boundries. I've also been in relationships where she was now way in hell going to join a party. Just make damn sure everyone wants to play and everyone has good esteem, of the whole thing can go to hell fast.
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    May I ask is she a Philippino? Was this a foreign date set up? The reason I'm asking is that my cousin did something similar. Married her. They were married 3 yrs, trying to get her into the U.S., but kept getting denied. Then, she started demanding more money, a nice car, and other pricey items be sent to her because she was his wife, and she deserved it. She was MUCH younger than he was, over half, and it took about 3 yrs for her to show her true colors. Be careful. Although, usually, my advice would be do what makes YOU happy, with things like this, you really need to be careful.
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    If she's with you, and she knows about your financial situation, then don't over-think it!!! She's with you for YOU, and not your money. If she was just there for your money, she'd be a very shallow person. If she wanted someone with a lot of money, she could find someone. She's with you for you. Be happy with that, before it destroys this relationship.
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    I guess I missed the explanation post.....where did you meet him (have you)? Or is he just a model you've been following. No doubt he's hot though.
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    Here again. Wild sex last night
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    Where did you go?
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    Those who say the gspot doesn't exist, definitely wrong. I have had the pleasure of making my fiance squirt more than a handful of times via gspot/clit stimulation. Lol its definitely in there! This seems like an interesting position that we have not tried, I'm going to have to give this a try one of the nights! Sometimes changing it up can spark it up!
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    OK, so, over the couple of years, we've perfected this. She's on her back, I am on all 4's on HER left side. On all 4's, I'm not quite parallel with her, but my head is slightly above hers (I'm taller than she is). She has her arm up, bent at the elbow. We're positioned like a very narrow letter A. I'm leaned down a bit too, not straight up on all 4'. It doesn't take much to stroke the g-spot. It's anywhere from 2-4" up inside a woman. Some people say it doesn't exist.....they're lying!!! LOL We don't start off doing this. We do that after both of us have cum a few times, and are all warmed up. We also grab a towel now too!! LOL Feel free to adjust to what makes HER feel good!! It's all personal preference.
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    This is just my opinion.. And mine only. I was with a man that was bi. When he told me, I was both turned on and insulted. It's hard enough to compete with woman.Something we grow up with. Now fresh in our mind a man too. As for me I needed time to process the whole he wanted me and a man too. At the same time. Although other events stop this from happening. But if not, I would have participated. Need to give her time to process this change. We are not made like men. Men have in forever loved to see Woman with Woman. Again Just my opinion. I hope it sheds some light into her possible feeling.
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    Girlcrush, thanks for your time, concern and interest. This helps me get things together and put things into perspective.
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    You sound like a good man..good luck to you and your wife. Thanks for the chat
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    I would love it if she would role play. I'm down for her wearing a strap on and working on me. I would like her to dominate some. I plan on keeping my fantasy a fantasy. If it doesn't work out between us I would pursue the fantasy. I need my real life relationship to work. She's awesome. It is crazy to discover a feminine side and it's like this.
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    Well , I think it would be great for you and your wife, if she would roll play. Sounds like you may keep yours a fantasy also?
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    That makes sense. My wife and I feel cheating is cheating no matter if it's a man or woman. She would have a problem if I hooked up with someone else either way. She would take it hard if it was a man.
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    I can say that after having very strong desires. I eventually acted on a few. The urge became so strong..and a few I've had I came close. But have decided to keep them a fantasy. Just for my own mental . If that makes sense?
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    Guess I've always been interested to know.. I had friend that had a male friend he hooked up with. He would share things with me. I never passed judgement on him. His wife knew he played with men. She was okay with men.. Well kinda! But woman was a big no no.
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    In the last few months. I've thought men were attractive before as I've always loved to look at Playgirl magazine or watch gay man porn, but here in the last few months It's gotten really intense. We both grew up in more traditional religious environments, so I don't know what she would do.
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    I have been a long-time fan of Coochy Cream shaving cream for a long time, so I was excited to receive another of their products to try! For external use only, this 4 fl oz. bottle with push down nozzle is just the thing to put in any intimate area that needs a bit of wetness protection. At first, that statement confused me, because, well, it's a LOTION!!! When we hear/see the word "LOTION", we think of moisturizing, right? Well, not with this stuff!! I live in East Texas. And though it's only early March, things can still get kinda hot. So, the first place I thought of was between my "Girls". There's not much worse for a woman than "boob sweat". So, I applied some in between the bosom. Rubbing it in between and underneath my breasts, it went on really well. Then I noticed something. When I was done, my hands felt, um, odd. Not moisturized. I looked at them, and.....WHAT??? They looked like they were dusted with powder!! The lotion dries into a protective powder!!!! INGENIOUS!!! A little goes a long way, so even though it's a bit over $20, this stuff will last a decent amount of time. This can go in areas like your bosom, vaginal area (outside only), scars, in between thighs, anywhere you may think you need to stay a bit drier. This product smells like Peony (it is called Peony Prowess, so that makes sense). Though I'm not a huge fan of peony, it wasn't too bad for even my sensitive sense of smell. I do hope they make a different scent though, something less flowery, maybe like vanilla or something. I will warn you dear reader, that, like deodorant, you need to be careful not to get any on your clothes because it will dust them as well. I found that out, but also found out, for what I was wearing that day, using a slightly damp washcloth, it wiped off rather easily. Sometimes, NOT being wet is a GOOD thing, and this stuff will help keep those areas a bit less, uh, damp! I will give this product all 4 out of 4 Tyger Paws WAAAAY up there!!! I love this stuff!!! Stay nice and dry with this lotion!
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    Ill put the big bars in a shoot u a pic. They would tickle your interest! !!
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    OMG!!! That is Sooooo eatable. Gorgeous. I love closed lips. My tung opens them!
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    Oh ya. Women love them. I have longer ones for heavy sex!!
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    Ever been fucked by a pierce dick?
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    Every girl needs a dick or two. Double the fun and pleasure
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    I was big drunk for a couple years. Stopped in 2016. I did a lot of stupid things that hurt people, me and my finances. Now im sober and dont remember a lot but heard about them. People understand wht i did those things. Very few dissed me. Go on with your life. Forgive and forget the things said!
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    I find the consistency a bit much also, but my technique is when I know he's getting close to take him as far back as I can so it just slides down with no gaggy issues. Makes us both happy!
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    Who doesn't like naked women?
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    When I look around at the people I know, I have to think that soulmate thing isn't all that common.
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    i got a vexsen bandit and used on the wife she seemed to like it cause she was working it i had it strapped on!
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    My husband got the Vac-U-Lock with a 7 in Dong and it also has 2 dildos for myself one is 3" and 5" for the JJ. I use it on him and he cums without even touching himself. He also loves to put the jap clover's on his nipples and wants to tug on them while I am giving him a good old fashion pegging
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    Yes, an over abundance of stress can decrease the pleasure of even prevent orgasm for some people.
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    Well since I missed moon Monday. Happy Two for Tuesday!!
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    As long as she is happy and feels emotionally and physically secure with you , you shouldn't feel that way or have a need to be worried. But as a guy, we sometimes feel we have to prove our worth to our woman by , buying her everything to make her happy. When we can't provide like the last guy she dated, we have this insecure feeling , thinking, what happens if she meets somebody that can. That can drive you crazy! Obviously she wants to be with you for being you. You should be grateful for that. Insecurities can kill a relationship. Be the best person you can be to, and for her. Don't worry about trying to buy her love and respect !! She will appreciate what you do for her all the more. Hopefully that will allow your relationship to grow into a permanent one. Good Luck.
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    What do you think your wife would do if she knew of such desires? I mean I'm not judging. Also is this something that you've just started to experience ?
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    More likely lying when sober.