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    I love sending pictures to my husband when he is at work. I think he enjoys them also, but I've never posted a picture for others to see before.
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    Good Evening Lovies , It’s been months since I’ve been here, don’t even remember when the last time was. I’ve had a few changes in my life. I’d like to re-introduce myself . I’m a 38ishish submissive very curious pansexual woman. I’d love to chat and get to know some of you like-minded friends. Fell free to hit me up and chat......Lissey F.
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    Should we tell all or keep it in Vegas?
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    No story today, but happy Tuesday.
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    Hey, new to this page and pretty bored tonight and wanted some excitement. Kind of a shy girl, want someone to chat with that can bring me out of my shell . Where is everyone from?
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    Big gal In my tub . I enjoy my time in my tub so many fantasies. I want to try a dp fantasy one day with my husband. Even a foursome
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    At first I didn't let hammer know we were being watched. Hammer not knowing turned me on that much more! I was hot and so wet. I think he was surprised when he slid his finger inside of me that I was so wet. My clit was aching and I couldn't get enough of his fingers touching me in all the right places. He slid Inside barely and inside deep; he rubbed my clit lightly feathering it with every slip inside of me. As much as I was enjoying all that he was giving me I felt compelled to let him know someone had been and still was watching our activities. He didn't seemed phased by it. In fact he continued to give me pleasure. Opening me more and finding my Clit with his tongue...
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    I think the hammer had a beer I had some mixed drink that was fitting of our surroundings. We ordered another and went back to our room. We had such a nice balcony. 4th floor, it opened to the pool. There was another building next to us and one across the way. There wasn't anyone around. Both buildings also opened to the pool, and our balcony. I changed into a little robe and hammer also got comfortable. We enjoyed our drink on the balcony in low sitting chairs. The warm breeze and quiet was ever so relaxing. We ordered another. Hammer tipped well. Conversation gave way to other more interesting things. By this time I was certainly relaxed, and wound up at the same time. Hammer slipped off of his chair and between my legs. I let myself part as he slid his hands up either thigh. As I glanced up I noticed someone sitting on the balcony across the way. I was sure he was watching us. Normally I would have freaked out a little but not tonight. Tonight I felt really turned on knowing he was watching us...
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    I don't do yoga or Tai Chi, but there'd definitely be some stretching going on for that…
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    First off, I am really enjoying all of the members sexy pics however I’ve noticed a lack of BBW’s posting sexy pics of their beautiful bodies. So... let’s see some! My wife is extremely hot and a BBW. Here’s a pic of her “Reverse Cowgirl” 😉
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    Oh I need two guys at once again!
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    Love it!!!... 20180518_235158_001.mp4
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    I was wearing this when Hard arrived back in the room. Sending him pictures had me moist and wanting him now. We use toys together so when he opened up the door my wetness was running down.......
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    Anyone else get lucky this weekend wearing green. Let’s see the pics!!
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    Do NOT feel like a fool. You did nothing wrong & nothing to be ashamed of. You loved someone & it was mutual (at some point, I assume). You were with him because you still had those feelings. You can't control his feelings. You're right when you said, "it is what it is". I know break-ups are hard (sometimes very hard), but please know that at some point, you'll be better off for it. Here's some advice: Imagine if he didn't tell you, but instead, just pretended -- and then you went further with the relationship (maybe something more permanent. That would be MUCH worse. The point is: see this as a blessing. You could have found out much later, maybe after living together, or marriage, or kids together.... I know it's not at all easy (especially now), but try seeing this as a good thing. You could have been knee deep in a relationship when finding this out. Know what I mean? I'm really sorry you're going thru all this. I know from personal experience it sucks.
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    I posted this quickly because well, it happened quickly. Also because I am otherwise entertained. One last pic.
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    Fabulous, love your response. Hope more couples read this and it opens doors for them. I know my husband will never get it or go there. So my friendship with my shopping buddy, and our love for silky things is so very special to me....pet something silky today....even put it on. You may be surprised how it makes you feel.😘
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    Well....OK. OR "DUH"... BUT, the world needs more women like Dilyla, Crazy Cat, Tyger....that would make for a much nicer world!!! (you guys are the greatest in my book) No, thats not the best I can do. My wife and I have that "lets talk it over" thing going on. I didn't know I would react a certain way when she tossed me a pair of stockings and said "try these on." And I did. And guess what? Then she said "put this on" with a waist cincher garter belt. And we found a place for us. No matter what the world thinks, we don't really care. Like I said, it's a place for us that we have. I wish everyone could have the openness. So there are no secrets and that works great, I'm not gay, I must be the tomboyish....how does that work? Really. I must be a "lipstick lesbian"???? (don't you get dare get mad at the tag please-just trying to put this in a better perspective) Kill me, lesbian I be as long as I have all the benefits of be so called. That was in 1995. I was a little confused with me in the beginning, and I wish more women were like you and Dilyla, Crazy Cat. I could make the lame excuse that mens unders are crap (they are) and womens unders changed the world for me (and they did) but realistically it was a suggestion from Baby, saw the twinkle (the kinky) in her eye, we had only been together a month (should of popped it on me day one) and looking back at it it's kinda an extension of toys we love and use. I do love the feel of them. Erotic. It's a at home bedroom (whole house now that the kids are gone!!!) I don't want to be woman, Baby's good with that, I don't go out wearing anything, and it's something women need to think about when deciding on a SO, is it something you'd like or just tolerate? I don't know if I could change after this amount of time enjoying this. And it's not like hair and make-up and dresses and heels. Never had a shoe on, dress, wig, face stuff. That would waste time. We talked that over, why try to pretty me up when I could have my face glued to her pussy, or fucking-(crude but simple) Then we had to get me some stuff-so ladies, if ya like lingerie shopping, if there is that openness and your SO is wanting to try and maybe like, you get to spend shopping time picking out things you both want. (And no, it's not all the time either, Baby helps work on the classic hot rod and go to cruise in's) Second hand stores are the best for some, and stockings from the 60's can be had for .99 cents-still in original packages too!!! Rambled on long enough........................
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    Echo for 2 in 3 hours when I have time no one knows your own body like you do masturbating is wonderful especially if you have someone to watch and or they're watching you turns me on me and my girlfriend was just masturbating yesterday
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    So this is now and this is for Hammer, who should be walking in the door very soon
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    So now I am on this forum getting turned on because I have shared photos with strangers. Until recently I would not have considered sharing something so private. At first Hammer said hell no to me putting up a picture. He doesn't indulge in looking at other women's pics, and he didn't want others to see mine. But he usually gives in to something if I really want it. I told him I was hoping that it would be a turn on on for him to hear nice comments about his wife. Turns out it does turn him on. 😉 I have been insanely hot and turned on. I'm not sure what is next. I can't post pictures everyday. Lol. But it has been an incredible little fantasy fulfilled. Thank you for helping out with that!! 🙂
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    Today my lover wore a long summer dress, no bra, no knickers. I knew this because she walked into our kitchen lifted her dress and showed me. She spoke to me softly, directly and with conviction. I have a need for you this morning, I want you to put it in me, its entire length until it can go no further. Then I want you to stop and not to move. She moved to the wall standing legs apart with her back facing me. When I was in her she said; Now I need to cum so stay still I felt everything, her fingers vigorously rubbing herself, her body heating up with pleasure and the shaking of her orgasm. She finished climbed off of me and walked out of the room. I was left standing rock hard having just endured another of her beautiful games.
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    A few weeks ago we took a few days to enjoy even further south than where we are. No kids, just us. It is a new resort. Only opened a few weeks before our stay. I won't name it but think tropical; parrots, sand, margaritas. Anyway not even all the amenities were open, but we got a great deal, it wasn't too crowded, we didn't plan on needing the amenities, and best of all a really nice clean room. We checked in with complementary mixed rum punch, nice, and settled in. I took my shower. It was long and hot and I enjoyed it greatly. I went about getting ready for dinner. Skip past dinner, really only so so anyway lol, we ordered drinks at the bar and took a little walk...
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    Your wife is so fine
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    Well I know I would be very happy if you sent them to me at work…
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    Hi Emily. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we'd love to see your picture in the Member's Pictures section.
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    Thanks y'all. If he says yes maybe another pic. We are new to this so feeling it out. I am secretly hoping that he gets turned on thinking about other guys getting to see what he has. And also needing a little validation that the hubby isn't just telling me what he thinks I want to hear. I know he loves me so I look good to him but.... just curious I guess.
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    Oh, and you might like this…
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    Granted this was not overnight change, and both of us were willing to make ourselves vulnerable enough to do this work- but it has been oh so worth it!!!!
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    While the medication your husband is taking does cause some lowered sexual desire, what you describe is not all drug related. To be very forward, it sounds like he has using any excuse he can to avoid healthy sexual relationship with you. He may be using porn to excite him rather than turn to you. You may want to consult an ASSCET certified sex therapist for assistance. There seems to be more going on here than simple medication side effects. All the best to you on this journey.
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    I can relate to this. My hubby had prostate cancer and had seeds inserted plus a kidney removed. It was a good many years before we had sex, and I was feeling so neglected. I had the urges but he didn't and I didn't want to say anything that would make him not feel like a man. On day I decided to go for it and said something to him and thats all I needed. We started doing other things to please each other. I looked at Too Timid and found a strap on and showed it to my hubby, and we ordered it and it was the best thing we ever did. Granted its more for me than him, but he gets pleasure from it knowing he is pleasuring me and making me happy. I forgot to mention that it is a hollow strap on, and he says he gets a little feeling. By the way we are 75 and 76 we may be old but we are not dead !! lol I hope this helps.
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    what I asking was that even plain jane Amy got a boyfriend and got married as did Penny. There is someone out there for all we just have to keep looking . We are all ugly in some way and BEAUTIFUL in others Hope this clears up what you did not see
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    Its easier to just show.
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    iwish you were my wife i would love to stick my prick up your arse .after reading your story you have given me the biggest hard on for a long timr
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