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    I think that's a wonderful ideas for real guys and girls mutual masturbating is awesome let's start it now
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    At U want some dick
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    I'm just letting everyone know that I finally have my own account @connieknows
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    I absolutely love getting my cock sucked
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    20190806_195315.mp4 20190806_195315.mp4
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    Tell me what you think 😉 Snapchat-1963729570.mp4
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    Anyone want to help rinse me off??
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    Just joined today thought I would show mine too
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    I have been looking and reading but too afraid to take part until now. So this is a First for me!!
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    Who wants to cum on these titties? Luv, Mrslabialuv
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    Just blew a load
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    In need of a good pussy licking till I cum, anyone interested??
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    Quick swim before getting ready for work this morning 😊
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    I will be 53 in a week and a half. Still invisible to my husband...oh I get the weekly/biweekly fuck to keep me from straying...but seriously, where were you kinky sexy fucks hiding when I was single? Damn it all to hell....
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    Thought I'd add a couple more...
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    A few pics over lunch
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    Finally!!! And all we have to do is get Becky on board, and my wife up and running,-yep, the world looks better today.................
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    Relaxing by the pool I am lost in thought when a shadow looms over me. I glance up, nudge my sunglasses down, wink and smile “ahh, it’s you.” “Hello, baby,” your cocky grin and husky voice sends a delicious chill, tickling my spine. Without giving me a chance to say hello, you grab me and pull me into your arms and kiss me deep and hard. I melt, absorb your warmth and let it invigorate me. The familiar solid ridge in your jeans rubs against my belly. I wrap my arms around your neck and let you carry me to the gazebo. You drop me on the daybed, and I start to giggle. I kneel before you. This pleases you and your hands reach for my bikini bra and you slip the straps off. “Tell me, lover, have you been naughty or nice?” You breathe softly as your eyes gaze upon my neck, and breasts. My hands glide across my chest and I spread my fingers out and let my head fall back as I slowly touch my nipples. I moan, and let out a breath, then catch your eyes, “No. No Sir. I have been very naughty and. . . nice.” I wink and smile. Bright sky blue eyes hold me in place, visceral and so very sexy. A groan escapes as your hands press my cheeks and your hot mouth is on me. Firm soft lips seal mine with a deep lusty kiss, pulling me tight and holding me closer. My hands roam. The lure to explore every inch of you drags me in. Another jolt of awareness awakens. The strength of your back, the valley down your spine to the dimples above your ass, makes me shiver with excitement. Wide shoulders captivate my fingertips and slide into your soft silky hair. I want to crawl inside of you. Your tongue licks the bottom of my lip, then down to my chin, my neck, and you suck me in, near my collar bone, pull my skin and bite gently. Your soft tongue licks, then with the tip, swirls a tingly path towards my ear. “Well then, I think an explanation is in order, don’t you?” Your voice huskier, I catch my breath as you latch onto my earlobe and nip. My inner core clenches, I spread my knees wide. Your mouth finds my lips and your hands glide to my nipples. You explore my mouth, savoring me with each delicious slip of your tongue. I moan as your mouth leaves mine and hot wet heat is on my breasts as you take a swollen turgid nipple in your mouth and suck hard. I arch my back into you. My hands grab hold of your head, glides in your scalp as you suckle, first one than the other. I wail and groan. My hands quickly hook onto your jeans, I pull and unbutton with one jerk and your beautiful cock springs out. I gasp and gently massage your balls. You nip my nipple and hiss. There you are, my warrior. Sensuality in his fullest. Ooh, baby, my mouth is so very wet for you. “I think I’ll show you instead,” my voice throaty and breathy as I move closer. I move my hands around and grab your ass. You step back. Our eyes connect. Bluer and hazier. They are so hypnotic, erotic, and alluring, they almost sparkle. Your lazy smile and shiny eyes singe every sensual nerve and I control the urge to splurge. Shirtless and your worn 501s hang loosely off your hips. I smile my appreciation and tug gently on you balls then caress and scrape your jeans down. I catch your earthy musky scent and I bite my lip. Wanton temptation swirls deeper. I lick my lips. A faint tremor spreads through my fingertips as I stroke your legs and push off your jeans. You step out and stand back. My warrior king in the fullest, hero. You are my divine. Tall, broad shoulders, sculpted pecs and abs. Light dusty blond hair peppering your chest and tapers down to smooth shaved skin. Like quicksilver, I stand on my toes, slip my arms around your neck and bring your lips to mine, and devour your mouth. Strong arms encircle my waist, my ass, as I slide my leg up and wrap around your thigh. My body hums with the aura of your energy. Pure unadulterated erotic energy. My lust is unleashed. I thrust my tongue deep, dancing with yours as we find our rhythm, our bodies move. Licking your lips, “On top,” raw and breathy I whisper against your mouth with fast urgent kisses. “I want to be on top, Sir.” Exhilaration and anticipation flares as I hold your attention. Your hands grab hold of my ass and you move us to the daybed. My knees sink in the mattress. I hover above you, admire my treasure trove. Your nipples dusky pink pebbles, spiking my need to taste and tease. I take one in my mouth, twirl my tongue around your tight bud and move to the other. My fingertips swirl featherlight circles around your abs, soft hair and warm skin flares my desire. “Mmm, baby, you feel so good,” I whisper as I lick your lips and kiss you, deeply. My mouth roams and I lick a path to the column of your neck, and taste, lick, lave and baby kiss you until your hands grab my ass and I stop. I slide my hands to yours and bring to my mouth, kiss the center of your palms and then lick your index finger and I bite down on the pad, smile and shake my head. Hot, intense blue eyes pierce mine. “I have a surprise for you, Sir. Will you let me?” You place your hands behind your head and your face flushed and passion etched in your enigmatic stare, you nod but say nothing. I try to quell my excitement, but my chest blushes and the heat expands curling around my nipples and deep down between my thighs. I slink down, place my hands flat on your abs and I knead and massage, wandering aimlessly until I reach your groin. I scoot back and open you wider. Velvety steel never looked so beautiful. I press and rub, not touching your cock, and begin to scrape my nails up and down your inner thighs up to the edge of your ass and do it again. I look into your eyes, they are darker and glistening with desire, lust and need. I smile and bite my bottom lip. I know exactly what I am doing and shake my head. I nuzzle you and rub my cheeks against soft, baby smooth, velvety skin. You flinch and your body hardens. I reach up and play with your nipples as I kiss a path from your groin to under your belly button and lick around and dip in, then work my way to the other side and do it again. The palms of my hands glide around your hips and down the sides of your thigh to your knee and I begin again. I press and fondle, knead and squeeze as my fingertips glides all over you. Your cock, so thick and swollen, throbs, twitches. I concentrate on one delicious spot. “Mmm, smooth and shaved, I love to look at your beautiful cock, but your balls, baby your balls look so yummy delicious and very lickable. I wonder how they taste?” I smile at you wickedly. I lick my lips, lay on my belly and move my head at the base of your balls and lick up with the flat of my tongue until I reach the top. I press my lips around silky warm skin and with soft baby kisses lavish your glans. I lick with light airy flicks, gentle, soft, again and again and again, until you are glistening wet. Then I blow on you ever so softly. “Does that feel good, Sir?” You rise and lean on your elbows, our eyes meet, “Witch, you know it does.” You groan out and fall back. I almost giggle you are so sexy when you’re on the edge and I do it again and watch with deliberation as I tease with my lips and tongue repeatedly. Your head rolls, “Baby, I want your mouth,” you moan, your voice deeper, huskier. You reach for my head and I move away. I chuckle because I know I am being wicked denying what you want. Tension rises from your body, pure, erotic, energy. Hmm, can’t you just feel it, baby? Hot moist breath on the tip of your rock hard cock? And I haven’t really touched you yet. Mmm, so naughty, so nice, so divine. I almost say it aloud. All my sexual senses are awakening. I inhale and exhale, and smell. . . sex. I ache for you. I open mouth kiss you up and down and wrap my fingers around your thick velvety shaft and stroke down and around your balls, I give you a gentle squeeze and tug, reach for the bulb and press deep circles, my palm is cupping your precious sensitive balls and I rub rhythmically. I move my fingers up, caressing your shaft until I reach the tip and with my thumb I slide against the corona and frenulum, as slippery silky wet heat pools. “Yess. I love licking your pre-cum. You taste so good,” I tell you as I exhale hot breath over you and then I brush my lips across the slit and I dip the tip of my tongue delicately around that tiny little hole. I do it again with the flat of my tongue. I trace every inch of your glans and my mouth is wetter, hotter, and I begin sucking you in, my tongue cushions the frenulum and I pull you in and out with my lips. Your body jerks, and your cock is getting harder and hotter. I rise and look at you, legs spread wide, your stomach tight, your eyes are closed, and you are breathing deep, your neck red from my passion for you. I smile, wickedly, I am far from finished. I begin to stroke and twist around your velvety steel cock. Slow and gentle. I listen to you as you moan and groan while I find my rhythm with my mouth and hand and lose myself with the wetness of my mouth, the velvety softness of your skin. The musky scent that is uniquely yours fills me. “You taste and smell so good. Baby, I am tingly and wet, for you. I want to taste you, savor you.” I whisper. I stroke higher and closer to my mouth and with my other hand, I trace a path from below your knee to your inner thigh. My fingertips flare with heat and lust, and I crave to claw my way to your groin. As if you sense me, your legs brace and I smile wickedly and glance and catch your eyes. Steadfast and true, you are watching me with radar eyes. The dark blush at the base of your neck empowers me. I shiver. A tremor of desire and temptation beguiles me. I want to be naughty. Enigmatic blue eyes dominate me. Thrills me. I give back and smile. Oh, yes, baby, I am your submissive, your divine, but today, I have the power in my mouth and pixie hand. You are mine to pleasure and worship at my will. Teasing your balls, “you feel so good here,” I lick. “So soft and smooth,” I murmur as I open mouth kiss up and down the center of your shaft. My lips and tongue swirl around the ridges of your testicles. I lick closer to the special spot between your anus and penis and trace a path with my index and middle finger. I press down and rub your balls with the palm of my hand and start the journey again and again. You’re trembling now. Your breath see-sawing, “Witch. Witchy wife, give me your mouth, ‘need your fucking mouth. . . now.” I lean into your arms and anchor you. My hair cascades and covers the sides of your face as I hover above you. I nuzzle your nose, your cheeks, then I lower my mouth a scant inch away and whisper, “shh-shh, relax and enjoy the ride. I want to fuck you with my mouth, Sir. But you need special attention.” I say against your lips as I nibble at your bottom lip, and kiss you deeply twirling my tongue around yours, supping the heat and wetness of your mouth. My lips wander to the column of your neck and ears, then I kiss you again. I rise and leave the bed. I slip off my bikini bottom and smile down at you. “Going to leave me hanging, princess?” The grimace on your face, almost heart melting, I shake my head and reach under the throw pillows and pull out a bottle of my favorite lube. “No, just need this, I shake and then pop the lid and squeeze into the palm of my hand. I grab your attention. Your face etched with amusement and a little needy, your flushed and your eyes are bright with curiosity. I rub my hands together as I gaze upon the center of your body. Erect, red and pulsing, I smile and indicate my intent to your eyes, “you’re at my mercy now,” I wink and grin, keeping your attention on me, I kneel between your legs. Excitement, anticipation, blooms. “You make me hot, just looking at you like this.” I break contact and direct all my attention on your beautiful, fuckable, lickable, and very kissable cock. “You’re hard and pulsing. What should I do now, Sir?” I muse before I reach and wrap my hands around throbbing, hot, velvety steel. I start to stroke and lube your shaft up and down and around, “Your skin is so hot, velvety. Smooth. I love touching you here, and you know I do.” I remind you as I grasp a little tighter then loosen a bit with each stroke. I twist around you and press at the center of your shaft. I concentrate on the rhythm and gauge by your reactions as your hips and thighs tense, your hands rub around your nipples and stomach. A rush of exhilaration fills me, you’re so close. “You like this, don’t you?” I switch to polishing the glans with my thumb circling the top with my index finger. I close my other fingers and palm around you, rubbing up and down just there, keeping the friction light. You are moaning and hissing. Your back arches and your legs are restless. I am making you crazy with lust and need. I smile. “Yes, I am your witchy wife, baby. I love seeing you like this, all needy and hot for me.” I stop and watch you writhe. Your chest heaving, harder and louder. Your eyes latch onto mine, triggering a quiver deep in my belly, and heat begins to bloom and blossom. Warmth infuses my skin and then I see the primitive glint in your eyes and before I can move away, with such supreme stealth, you haul up, grab me and turn me onto my belly. I squeal and giggle as you swat my ass with a stinging slap. You raise my hips, spread your legs wide against mine and rub the tip of your helmety head at my sopping wet entrance. “Witch,” you grunt as you push in, rocking my hips as you thrust hard. Again, and again. You slap my ass, “Witchy witch,” your pelvis and balls flap against me, “you make me crazy.” Your voice harsh and husky. I moan and let the pent-up tremors loose. You pull out and dive in again, harder, causing me to gasp and moan then wail as the beginning of my orgasm starts to unfurl. Your fingers press harder into my hips, holding me as you pound like a piston into me. The rigid tension of your stomach slams against my ass, and you roar as you explode deep inside, grinding your pelvis. I scream out, tears are seeping from my eyes blurring my vision. You fall on top of me. Your chest dewy from your exertions and the weight and heat of you adds another flare, then you bite my shoulder then neck and I lose it all over again. I clench around you as you pull out and I whimper from the loss. “Your punishment, princess.” You chuckle then lick where you bit me and start to kiss my cheek and I turn and capture your lips, “Bastard,” I laugh, “you didn’t let me finish.” I reply between breaths. You laugh, “you’re finished, sweetheart. I don’t think I could have survived another second of your sweet torture. But you can try again. I won’t stop you.” You chuckle. Then you roll over taking me with you as my head rests on your shoulder, I lazily rub my fingertips against your chest, playing with the damp curls, “next time, I’m tying your ass up.” You laugh, flip me over and kiss me hard, nuzzle my neck, and whisper, “Witchy, witchy wife. You’ve been calling me Sir, making me crazy. So now, I am your master, princess. That was nice. Now, it’s time for naughty.” Lusty blue eyes pierce mine. Your breath hot and your cock is twitching between us. A frisson of delight spirals and I smile, lick my lips then pull you down and kiss you as a warm hand rubs up and down my side, curling around my breast and squeezing my nipple. I moan and writhe under you. You are fanning my flames as sexual tension surrounds us into another escapade of sexual oblivion. A pleasurable afternoon of poolside delight with you is so very divine.
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    I know it. Just haven't been able to. I've been talking to a few new men on the dating site I like best, I might end up online again. If anyone gives me half the attention I want I'd be happy at this point...
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    Very nice!! Wouldn’t waste your time on long distance guy any more. He doesn’t know something nice when he sees it!
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    Any other men notice a difference in the orgasm you have from having sex compared to being sucked off ??
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    Mrslabialuv here.... the best fuck of my life! A shovel head to stretch that pussy!
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    Getting my pussy ready to accept Mrlabialuvs long fat cock. Thinking about letting him hit this ass tonight to but not sure yet.
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    OMG yes you got that right
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    I want to see how many guys will admit that they all have wanted to experience another cock
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    Have never posted a pic of mine like this anywhere so here goes. Sorry my arm got in the way had to hold them up a little
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    I have a really beautiful masturbating story for everyone it was when I was 10 years old I was spying on my mom taking a bath and she just happened to be masturbating snd I heard her moaning so of course being a horny 10yrs old I had to look so I quietly opened the door and peaked in and OMG I got an instant erection seriously she was sitting on the edge of the tub legs spread wide open using this realistic cock that was actually moving on it's own seriously she was just holding it and it was wigglingall by it's self but what was making me so excited was hearing her moaning it was the most stimulating thing I ever felt I shot my Cum in less than a minute and closed the door went to my bedroom and just kept fantasizing about seeing my mom totally naked giving herself and orgasm and suddenly I heard her yelling I jumped up to see what was wrong and OMG you talk about being absolutely embarrassed 😳she's sitting on the floor in the doorway of the bathroom looking at her hands with some kinda slime on them she looks at me and I still had an erection and no way tommy please tell me that I didn't just slip in your Cum 🤔it is she said you were spying on me again weren't you?? I can see your erection oh tommy go to your I'll be in as soon as I clean up your mess, no wait a minute you clean up your mess while I get dressed (to be continued )😀😀😀😀
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    This topic is right up my back alley! Sorry, couldn't resist! Yes, I squirt when I masturbate my clit and vaginal squirt during sex. Foreplay is a must for squirting. Nipple stimulation and ass licking OMG so, so very good and exotic and erotic. The backside, hmm well the new frontier! LOL Okay, I am making fun of myself!! The licking you bet, but anything else, forget about it!
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