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    Right now I am so wet and horny. I've never had sex with a women before. I love watching women in porn etc. I have a lesbian friend and shes attracted to me but how do I tell her wish I wanna try. ?
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    Getting sum color
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    Hey, I'm new to this site and a little lonely. Just looking for some exciting conversation this evening.
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    I'm currently on vacation 1500 miles away from my toy collection. I'm so drunk and I'm on vacation with my sister and mom and cant do much. While swimming tonight I found a jet and backed myself up to it so it was pushing into my ass. It felt so good I had to keep myself from showing I was having a good time. Now I'm in the shower with the detachable shower head 😈😈 what do you all do when you're desperate for it?
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    I went from the pool to the hot tub and oh my gosh 😍 the hot water felt so so much better pushing into my ass than the cool pool water. I bent over and spread my big ass cheeks so it was directly on my anus and let it flow inside of me right before I got out. I'm sitting poolside next to family trying to hold it in as long as I possibly can. Ive never felt this full before 😈😍
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    Do u like to watch or be watched?
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    Here’s the ending for everyone that messaged me interested in my body and nasty ass mind! 0BA28443-0D96-4B30-A88D-ADCEB4C097D7.MOV
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    @Tied up in nh this one is for ur wife.... this just happened as we were having the talk about introducing her to curiosity FA0EB087-EAA4-4592-85D6-0488FDE088A7.MOV
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    Hey there. So Im looking to chat with anyone about anything . Exchange pics, viedos just about anything. No one else is awake and I'm bored. So if your up please entertain me... Help me entertain myself...ask me anything tell me anything show me anything in very open minded
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    Riding B8230EAB-DCFC-4DEC-83AF-BA2926BDA9F6.MOV
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    Cause it’s Friday
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    Thanks can u imagine what I can do if I try.....πŸ’‹
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    Y'all have no idea...I'm in such a huge need of an INTENSE orgasm I can hardly stand myself...
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    Busy Bee seems like we are on the same page! Just imagining a women's face between my thighs makes me sooo wet . I the orgasm would be sooo good. Bc let's face it women know what women want and like . .. right
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    Whatcha think? I hope they are ok! Please don't crush me by saying they're awful.
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    Who's in to join me?πŸ‘‰πŸ‘Œ
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    Busy bee i couldn't agree more . I wanna watch a women go down on me it's so exciting to think about .. I also want to know what's it like to go down on another women. I LOVE to pleasure and I love getting pleasured. My pussy is definitely ready for it.
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    First of all, be honest with her: invite her over for a movie night and wine or something. Open up and let her know exactly what is on your mind. I would recommend not treating this as a booty call as she may get offended. Tell her that you think she’s beautiful and you have been curious and you can’t stop imagining what her lip gloss tastes like πŸ˜‰. Good luck and keep us posted!
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    Does anyone here like to exchange tips and tricks and photos and chat over kik?
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    Hope your dreams cum true. So smooth shaved wet pussy. Thanks for sharing.
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    Do any other men here get turned on by having there nipples licked or sucked. Mine must be connected to my cock for one lick and it's an Instant Hard on.
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    The Most Erotic photo I think I have ever seen. Never tiring of looking at this Beautiful image.
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    I like giving pleasure to all and receiving pleasure her mom.
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    1st there are a lot of women out there that like ass play & to have their ass fucked. I know because I'm one of them & there are quite a few on this site. 2nd I'm sorry about your marriage & what your wife went through. From experience I know a lot about that & how it can hurt your sexual relationships. She needs to talk to people about it & a therapist if she will. 3rd I'm not a fan of drugs....pot ugh ok but meth? Do you really need it to enjoy yourself? If you went from a 1 time thing to already 3 times a month....I'm just glad you don't do it while your kids are around. I hope you get help for that before it becomes a bigger addiction. Let asses be your addiction, you'll make some woman very happy!
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    When i lick my wifes ass and her pussy and get her juices all over my face she loves to lick my face clean while we're kissing. Very enjoyable
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    My life has been all about sex. When I was eight my sister who was two years older than me, began coming to my bedroom to give and get pleasure from me. I came in her asshole when I was only 11. When she went off to college I needed a new sex partner and I chose my mom. At first she resisted me and my rape fetish was born. I fucked her almost every day forcing her to suck me, fuck me and take my cock up her ass. I loved forcing her to suck my cock straight out of her ass. eventually she became my willing lover and we fucked until she was in a retirement home. I used to love to crawl into bed and fuck her in her ass while dad lay beside her asleep. One night she had an orgasm so intense that she was shaking and let out muffled screams waking dad up to see his wife fucking her son. He asked me how I liked being fucked in my ass by him in front of my mom? It hurt like hell but somehow I liked it. Dad divorced mom and moved out. I moved into moms bed permanently and began to use mom for my fantasies. I invited my black friends, up to five at a time to fuck her. I found the contrast in skin color to be a turn on. once I had a college party where I tied mom down spread eagle. I sold vaginal sex for ten minutes, just twenty bucks. Anal sex was $50 and 15 minutes of both sold for $75. A half hour of DP was $250 bucks $125 bucks each. She got DP'ed six times. I made mom into my own prostitute selling her sexual services until she was in her sixties. Men paid as much as $1000 to fuck her all night long. I made her work the streets giving BJs for ten bucks and quickie fucks for $50. A full trick was $100 for no holes barred sex. For $500 bucks you could act out a rape fantasy and have rough sex with her for an hour. I monitored it and was often asked to participate in a DP. If not I eased my arousle by raping her in the ass before letting her go back to work on the streets. Later I married twice where I used both women as I had used my mom. All of my relationships whether heterosexual or homosexual revolved around sex. It still dose. My Movie.wmv cock sucker.wmv FUCKING ROBIN GOOD.wmv
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    Let’s tag team her it’s more efficient
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    Am posting these pics Kim did on this website a while ago. Hopefully they stay up.
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    Found it!! Why is this topic posted in two different places? The threads are naturally just different. It's tough to tell which one I replied on last. Perfect! Excellent idea! The hot tub sounds the perfect follow-up. In answer to your original question, if I were a woman, I'd say Pack a toy(s) whenever on vaca! Ditch the mom & sis (make up an excuse to run up to the room). Use the chain on the hotel room (get on the bed asap) OR lock yourself in the bathroom! If the middle of the night, just play in your bed if you can be quiet enough. In any event, masturbate!! Of course, if picking up a one-nighter is doable, that could even be better. When I'm in a hot tub I often imagine the jets on a woman. That must be awesome for any woman. However, it'd probably be tough to be discrete. To really hit the pussy, the position would be a hint that the jet's become sexual. Hey, that's the makings of a good fantasy. "I'm on vaca, in hot tub, then a chick in a sexy swimsuit gets in...she uses a jet that way...we talk.... we touch,..." πŸ˜ƒ
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    WElcome to the family Hollie. Share what your comfortable with, learn and enjoy.
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