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    Hello to everyone, like a lot of people im a bit nervous on posting pics and want to know what you think of this pic of me.
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    I've always liked some "fur". Of course, I wouldn't turn down a bald pussy, but i think a little landing strip is very feminine & sexy as hell. It's also natural (as in "the way it should be", not "out of control" natural. ScubaDiv made a good point -- hair can always be trimmed & need not be in the way. My advice: keep it trimmed, but don't eliminate it (my opinion). I know it's en Vogue these days to shave, but consider this: females were all hairless down there, but eventually they hit puberty, hair appeared & they were no longer girls. Doesn't "bald" just look prepubescent?
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    What do you think?
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    My wife's orgasms always came best, when I did oral on her. I thought that was as good as it gets. Then I gave her oral after I had cum in her. WOW! We found out they could be better! A LOT better!
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    Oh he does a great job before....no complaints here!!😜😜
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    Anyone else have a nice 3 way photo?
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    No one should feel bad for doing one of the most natural things in the anamil kingdom. Humans are not the only ones who masturbate, most species of anamils do. Those who told you it is bad or wrong are shaming normal behavior. Masturbation is actually good for you. It helps you learn what is erotic, pleasurable, and enjoyable. It aids in your sexual expression and desire. It will aid in your pleasure with a partner. It relieves stress. We all have sexual desire, arousal and need. Masturbation is a gift to yourself.
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    Why would you feel bad ? It's a natural thing and it feels good when your horny and need relief. We all do it at times. With a partner or alone. My wife and I take turns masturbating each other or preforming oral sex rather then fucking some nights. Such a turn on for both of us. I love watching her suck my cock or stroking me hard cock . Especially if I come hard in her hand or blow a big load in her mouth.
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    Don't tell them & have at it! My family doesn't know either...it's ok!
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    So horney can’t wait for everyone to leave tonight so I can can stick my prostate messager up my ass and stoke my cock and eat my cum .
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    I like a little carpet too munch on
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    Want to hear from the ladies on t h e subject of large cock or small?What size is preferred? Tell me about your experiences ;)
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    Hi I'm looking for someone to have a good conversation about male on male sex, I'm kinda new to this but want to learn everything
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    I masturbated using a cantaloupe once. Was very good. I put it in the sun for about an hour to warm it. I cut a hole in it and cleaned out as much of the seeds as I could since that would hurt my penis. I got naked then and tried the hole with my dick already really hard with anticipation. i had to trim some a couple of times. I till I got it just right. My dick fit but was a little tight, but not to tight. I set it on the floor and stuck my dick in and it was still warm from the sun and wet from being ripe. I felt so good I was really excited from it being warm, wet and a little sticky. I pumped it until I came and pulled out slowly has my penis went limp. I cleaned myself up was the best masturbation I have ever had outside of prostate play.
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    It's none of anyone's business! Go for it and enjoy!
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    OH HELL NO you do what you want when you and ENJOY
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    Hi! Welcome!! Just ask....you'll never know until you ask. Or just go down, if she doesn't like it or is turned off by it, you'll know.
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    I too am almost always naked at home, even when I travel I strip down to nothing in my Hotel room.
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    Well, I have given up hiding my love for dick but I'm also Bisexual, its very hard to not be attracted to both genders and also TG so I enjoy the whole gamut of genders and I'm both top and bottom. If there is anyone reading this and is interested I am in San Diego and I have a big 4x4 with an overhead camper where we can have fun parked somewhere safe. I can go dress boy mode also if CD is not your thing. Thanks for reading. If you like what you see send me a message and we can take it from there plus its also better to talk on the phone, I hate texts.
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    YES YES YES this is the ultimate 1 - 2 squirt tool mmmmm just used it before I got on here πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
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    My husband always wanted to but I'm still not ready. He rather watch me and another female get down and dirty but mabye a bargain can be done.
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