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    It was one of my closest held secrets that I could have an open marriage. 8 months ago it happened, although my husband has suggested it many times I was never sure if he was totally serious. Well since that cold winters night last January our sex life has exploded. We were celebrating News Yrs and my husband had his best friend over for drinks and we were playing games and of course the subject started getting naughty. With some alcohol induced confidence my husband dared me to suck his buddies cock, I figured what the hell and I walked up undid his pants and swallowed his cock as far as I could. What I saw next gave me all the confidence I needed, my hubby was getting restless and I could tell he was really turned on. He stood up and drop his pants and I swallowed him as well. Within minutes we were in the bedroom and I had one of the most blissful nights I have ever had. The next morning my husband and I talked about the night before and he asked me what I thought about last night. I told him the truth that I have fantasized for ever for a night like that, he too admitted that he has to. Now we are even closer and more open to our sexual desires. However we have rules that we must follow. My husband travels frequently for Business and he and I have agreed to share our bodies with who ever we desire as long as we let each other know who what when and where. And also the steamy details. In my mid 50's with a body of a 20 yr old I am flattered at the action I'm getting from the younger men.
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    Fake eyelashes - I don't do them but I do know many women who get them for special occasions because it makes them feel more.... that it just more everything. Prettier, sexier, etc... Also if done professionally the risk of infection is very low. I have never heard of anyone getting an infection from fake eyelashes. My girls both have translucent dark brown eyes with the longest black eyelashes ever, I'm so jealous!