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    It was 30 yrs. ago, but remember like it was yesterday. I was married to my first husband, and we were out dancing with another couple. It was late so we decided to crash at their place. I went into the bedroom to change out of my dress. I was halfway out of it when my friends wife walked in. That night was the first time I met her. She walked up to me and started to undress me. Kissing my nipples then my mouth. She moved me to the bed and went down on me. It was soft and sensual. Like nothing I had ever felt before. Then her husband came in the room looking for us. He called to my husband. And the next thing I knew the four of us were in the bed. My male friend started to fuck me as I watched his wife suck my husbands cock. I was moved to my hands and knees so my friend could enter from behind. My husband knelt in front of me so I could have his cock in my mouth. My friends wife was under me licking and sucking my clit. That night were the most intense orgasms I have ever had.
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    Whatcha think? I hope they are ok! Please don't crush me by saying they're awful.
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    Ok I will help peach.
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    Here is the evidence of my Fun Sunday!
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    Lol where does the line form?
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    If it's moon Monday..... Where the moon? Well, here's one.... O.O blushing.... Ready? Pssssssst hey! LOOK!
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    So im out of a 13 year bad relationship and looking for fun. However my relationship was one where I was put down constantly. So I lost all self confidence and self assurance and have found that I am having to refind myself. I used to be brave and confident in my body and my sexuality. Now im finding I shame myself for seaking of sex because it was only his time and his desires that were filled. So basically im in my 30s and just now starting to experience the fun of toys and new positions and dating. I just wanted to thank ya'll for making me feel comfortable in my own skin and making me comfortable to voice my own desires again.
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    OMG is anyone else at work and dripping wet? I am loving reading these feeds and chating but I seriously am not used to this single no sex life. God I just want someone to bend me over this desk
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    Nice crazy cat.
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    Don't want to leave you standing alone out there Peach. Hmmm I will take the number 2 spot. I think 6 will post a nice moon today....
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    Moving forward is the most important part of a new life after the end of a relationship. You will learn what is best for you. You will become more confident each day. You will trust your feelings more and more. The dating scene is crazy. I am cautious out there. I can only imagine how more crazy it is being a woman in the dating world at times. But, learning you and what you like/dislike, learning your passions, discovering your talents and skills is an amazing thing. If you have been devoid of sexual expression for some time, this new found freedom can be both exilerating as well as sometimes confusing. Trust your body and your feelings. Most of all give yourself love.
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    Yep, I am having some fun today Gadget. Anyone else?
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    I'll join in. I hope I don't blind anyone
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    Whoa !!!!!!!!!!! That's some kinda moon. Like the pie in the middle ! !!! Big Rack and TTPW you ladies are putting a whole new meaning to a full moon ! Makes yah wanna take a trip to the moon and never leave the ground !
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    Happy Moon Monday
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    Happy Sunday Funday
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    So, I was reading and rereading the "Does Cock Size Really Matter?" post, and wondered, from a guy's standpoint, have there been any va-jay-jays that have been too tight or too loose for your preferences? I'm curious.
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    Nice photos . Okay big rack andcrazy cat.here goes! I had fun tanning.does this count?
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    Okay peeps, Big Rack and I are having fun. Anyone else?
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    Well, what the hell....
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    Let's see who else is having a good time today? Happy Sunday Funday. Looking forward to seeing some great pics. Guess it ended up doing its "job" ? Hope you all have fun.
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    Oh sweetie you are beautiful. You really need to post more.
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    Okay here goes...this was a hard pic to post for me. I am learning (slowly) that I don't have to look like a model to be beautiful. for all of you that look and don't post pics. I encourage you to post today. It takes all shapes and sizes to appreciate the true beauty of the human body. So I would love to see much variety in the post today. Even if you never post a pic again, please contribute today. Thanks, Cat
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    My feeling on porn is that if you're getting all the sex you want from him is it really a problem? If your not then yes you have a right to a discussion about needs not being met etc. We do porn night every so often just to spice things up and taking turns planning a scenario for the other is a good way to keep things interesting and fun.
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    GirlCrush lol love the story.... I must share mine also.... I developed about the third grade... By age 9 I wore a 36C... At recess, it was rough, everyone yelling and chanting " big rack stuffs her bra" this went on most of the year.... Dreading recess each day... I was having a bad day I guess... But as soon as they started in on me..... I'd had enough... So I stopped.... Slowly turned around and looked at the large group of kids...... I think I looked each one in the eye wondering if I could fight them all, or just a few... Then the lightbulb appeared over me!!! I stood up tall, grabbed the bottom of my shirt... And hoisted it for all to see my boobs. I flashed the entire elementary school HAHA No one picked on me from that day forward.... The only bad thing was .....all the boys wanted to be my friend after that.... And at that age, ya know... Boys had cooties! SMILE, IT MAKES PEOPLE WONDER.... If you have vibrating panties! ❤️
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    Come on ladies be proud of your curves!
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    I know the days before online shopping was scary for women with ample endowment. There was next to nothing sexy in the local stores. And when you did find something it was outrageously priced. And for us men the choice in undies was just as bad, the tights white or the basic cotton boxer. How boring that was. But as a woman it was worse. There were places that had sexy items but if you were D or larger, forget about it most of the time. I am glad we all have more options and the ability to express ourselves in sexy ways.
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    Just having a little fun. Love these nipple rings.
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    My question is; do you have a connection with your partner other than sexual? Is there a intimate (not sexual) connection, a spiritual connection, a friendship connection? From what I read it almost sounds like it is sex (wham, bam, thank you ...) and little else. If you want more then there is a need to develop more both outside of sex and within the sexual arena. Talk to him about what you desire and what makes it important to you. Avoid telling him what he needs to do and focus on what you need and are willing to do. If he has a issue about reaching orgasm during oral, a blunt but caring discussion may need to happen about what that is and why it would be pleasing to you. I do wonder if he only sees you as the side piece. If you are just a side piece, then you may have to ask yourself some tough questions about what you want and are willing to accept. It does sound like you are looking for more intimacy. If he is not able, or is unwilling to give that to you, you have to ask if it is important to stay in this relationship. Either way you might need to define your relationship. All the best to you.
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    Haven't posted a pic in awhile. Who else had Fun this Sunday?
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    Cute little butt L2L. Thanks for posting!
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    Lol, always nice. But secretly desire to be naughty, naughty, oh so very naughty.
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    LMFAO Big Rack!!!! you finally got the pic up. Bahahahah... I don't like posting my ass, but I hate when no one posts with me. So here you go girl. I would love to go out on the town with you, bet you are a hoot to party with!
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    Thank you both. I am def learning to enjoy myself and actually be comfortable with the idea of it. I am also finding that going from a relationship to solo means your mind and body act like a teen again lol. I swear I think of sex all the time and the simplest thing turns me on or gets me wet.
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    May I ask how long it has been your fave? ever since I heard the concept as a teen, it intrigued me too much!
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    Spanking is traditionally a part of kink. Either way, communication is the key. How much, how hard, how long need to be determined before you begin, I suggest. The dominant one can get carried away with the activity if things are not talked about first. As for what to use, I'd say start with an open hand. If that is good then maybe a paddle or crop. If you are more comfortable with a spanking over your panties, start there. If that is good, then move to bare skin. Remember do only what you are comfortable with. Impact play can be fun and arousing. Last thing to remember, 50 Shades is NOT a good example of what to expect or what really happens. Having said this, go explore, have fun, and talk about everything with your partner.
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    Happy Full Frontal Friday. Please don't let me be the only one posting. Want to see some of our lovely ladies join me.
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    Very nice peach! My phone is broke! I don't know how to take pics with iPad. Lol i don't know what I have.... well this ain't me, but it sure looks relaxing!
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    Well, let's see who else joins us Big Rack?
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    Wow tt, would love my behind to look like that!
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    Wanted to share these beautiful pics. Enjoy!
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    Ok Ladies, here's my contribution. Take it easy on me, lol.
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    That was fun on Sunday. Thanks to Big Rack, and ttpw. For not letting me stand alone. To the gentlemen that posted you made me purr.
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    Ok, let's see who is having fun on a Sunday. Hopefully there's some more people that will join me this time.
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    Well, I'm not a guy but I used to do it with my female suitemate in college. Sometimes we would sit across from each other on our beds and watch and other times we would lie in bed together.