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  1. What's Sexy?

    Externally I'd say showing skin, neck, back, breast, legs in short dress anything but just enough to for the imagination, internally self confidence and a sense of humor
  2. Happy Birthday T !!!! Hope you have an awesome day !! :)

  3. Very naked boobs

    Yes, Thank you!
  4. Naughty Barbie....

    She squirts out of her hand actually, its kinda weird
  5. Naughty Barbie....

    I hate to say it... My daughter actually has this Barbie..
  6. Shipping prices are high because of fuel prices. It's that whole trickle down thing. Those trucks that bring your packages don't run on air nor do those airplanes that carry them too.
  7. How 'bout nothing but a big batch of disappointment. She always said she's not a big fan on chest hair soooo I shaved my chest and torso bought a couple new adult videos and sent a very nice floral arrangement to her work. I got an ooooh you shaved and she gushed over the flowers. Then NOTHING since! Yay
  8. Thank you for the Valentines Greetings ! I hope you two had a nice evening.

  9. Tatoos

    Tattoos, sexy or not. I don't have one but, wifey does. If ya got'm lets see'm. I think they can be very sexy if done right.
  10. Little one has pink eye. So I get a day off. Sorta

  11. Little one has pink eye. So I get a day off. Sorta

  12. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!!

  13. Thigh high boots

    Look at those legs and ass... NICE
  14. Ladies, What would you like to receive for Valentines Day? What about a new vibe, a new porn flick, or maybe some massage oil? How 'bout some suggestions for some of us guys what you might want...
  15. What about the scene in Wild Things with Neve Campbell and Denise Richards? Love it!