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  1. Hanging Onto The Past

    A while back I found out that my fiance has kept videos of mfm threesomes and other sex acts he had with his ex girlfriend of 10 years. They've been broken up for around 4 years now and have not communicated since. Usually this wouldn't bother me, but as far as I have seen and have heard they had a very active sex life, and us, not so much. I can maybe squeeze once a week out of him, at best. I love him very much but I feel very sexually inadequate in comparison, and sometimes I wonder if he keeps them to remind him of the better times. I've tried telling him that they make me uncomfortable, but he hasn't done anything about it. Any suggestions on how I can approach this?
  2. Me

  3. Show Your Booty!

    Lets see some of those pretty booties, don't be shy!
  4. Car Sex - Are You Game?

    WINNING POST! When my fiance and I first started dating he told me he liked the thought of being caught while having sex. I have had car sex plenty of times, but this was different. We drove around the local area at around 1 AM looking for the perfect spot which turned out to be a well lit parking lot next to a road that was not busy, but still active. We pulled in and parked in an area that was still visible from the road, but would make the curious have to look twice to figure out what was going on. He got out of the car, went around to my side, opened the door and told me to get on my knees in the seat. I was wearing a skirt and no panties for easier access. He started thrusting into me hard as he watched the occasional car go by, and with every car the thrusts got harder and deeper. Suddenly he pulled me out of the car and pushed me face down onto the hood. My heart raced with excitement as he entered me from behind, exposed in the soft flickering lights of the parking lot. I had never felt something so thrilling in my life until that moment.