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  1. Older Ladies

    Wow 300 acres with your home smack dab in the center? Gives me pause to wonder if other than wild hot sex do you or hubby engage in anything extra kinky? My thoughts range from bubble baths in a garden tub to mutual enema play to anal sex for each of us or all of us if we are a group fuckfest. I once attended a sex positive campout in my state. I did not know much about it before arriving so I went just for 1 day. Well people I was in for a treat and a disappointment when I had to leave before the major activities began. OTOH my memories have given me much ammunition over the years when alone and jacking off.
  2. Older Ladies

    Indeedy. My own cock is stirring after reading that fine story of the Wisconsin Cougar. Me thinks I will have to start following her so's I can read more of her sexy stories!
  3. Age Differences When Dating

    Gee whiz Wisconsin Cougar you tell a Hot story. You had me hard as rock in no time flat. Before I popped in here I was lining up sum XHam videos as I woke up horny. Reading your lovely story reminds me of my favorite cougar Lady Sonia a rather tall voluptuous woman kinky as all get out. Well I certainly am glad I popped in here however brief. I think I'll head back to XHam and line up some spanking vids and knock one out. Tally Ho y'all!!
  4. Spanking

    FUCKIN' A you and I have much in common. I LOVE to watch spanking porn. It puts my RPMs in the RED ZONE. Watching it dishing it out and receiving it from a Wickedly HOT MAMA. That's my cross to bear. Well that got the job done. Now time for a movie I think.
  5. Spanking

    Fuckin' A you are on your way to Glorious Sex if you say YES to spanking. Not 5m ago I was watching a 1970s Swedish clip on XHamster. My crop in my right hand my cock sliding up and down my drooly left hand. Haven't cum yet. Thought I'd pop in here for a bit. So GLAD I DID. I hope you find spanking to your liking. I certainly have both giving AND Receiving. If you have a favorite pair of black patent leather cum fuck me boots the next time you need to get fucked slide those on and demand your old man tear you a new one. Then have him spank you. If he's dialed in you're in for the Wildest Sex You EVER HAD MUKA MUKA MAU MAU
  6. Hay You. Perty cotton pickin' ROWDY and HORNY AS A FUCKIN' OLD GOAT at the moment...:P and if you DON'T CATCH MY DRIFT fer a Sharp girl you're .............


    1. Big Rack

      Big Rack

      Translation please? 

  7. Weiner Wednesday

    It is Sept. 10th 2017 at 2115.... Ain't been here a spell. Watchin' REAL GENIUS pert near Nekid as a J Bird. Waitin' fer the GOOD PART. On top of everthang else for an OLD DUDE I am horny as an OLD GOAT. So NOBODY BEND THE FUCK OVER UNLESS YOU WANNA COPULATE. HOOCHE COOOOOOOOOOOO FUCK YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  8. What comes to mind

    It reminds me of a time with my lady from 2006. She was on her back legs spread as I reamed her juicy coochee with Mister Big. All of a sudden her legs damn near tore my head off as they closed and shot into the air stopping at the wall and the bed board. Panting and growling her massive cum as I plunged Big in and out faster. It's one of my favorite memories.
  9. Does Penis Size Really Matter?

    I have my moments Tyger.
  10. If You Were Tied Spread Eagle On The Bed

    Same here Ladylove same here.
  11. If You Were Tied Spread Eagle On The Bed

    Pretty much everything. After a couple of hours of enema fun with my partner we'd walk to the bed on wobbly legs. We'd rest a bit then she'd tie me down with my ass high in the air as she jerked my cock and reamed out my starfish with her long thick tongue. From time to time she'd spank my ass my balls and tongue out my ears. Incense smoke would be wafting in the room while 60s and 70 RnR and Country rocked our world. She'd tongue fuck my greedy ass and pull a huge load from my well stroked pecker.
  12. Lets play...Does anyone get off at work?

    I met a gal at work. We clicked. We were upstairs on the dusty floor as we scooted around as I ate her out. Near 40 years ago.
  13. Well of course the Real Thang is preferred however I don't know of a surefire method of ordering a perfect Hottie.
  14. notebook

    I gotta jack off a load