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  1. Hello and welcome to the world of toys! As you can see, there are MANY to choose from. Every women needs a bullet. The great thing about a bullet is that it can be used solo or during intercourse. Our #1 selling bullet is the My First Bullet. It has two different speeds of vibration and is very affordable at $9.99. This bullet is made of plastic so it is hard. We have a great Sex Ed article on how to use bullets. Another great beginner toy for a woman is the Butterfly Kiss. It provides vaginal AND clitoral stimulation. It is smaller so it is not intimidating for beginners. It has three speeds of vibration. This toy is a jelly/rubber material so it is softer than a typical hard plastic toy. The insertable shaft is flexible so it will bend to her body's contours. This product has a video of it so you can get a better idea of its material, flexibility, etc. Cockrings are a great way to spice things up during intercourse! Vibrating cockrings will stimulate both of you during intercourse. The Wave Rider is one of our most popular vibrating cockrings. It is also a jelly/rubber material and is stretchy so it will fit most sizes. It also has a video. Finding a masturbator that does not resemble genitalia limits how many are available, but The Grip-N-Stroke is great for beginners. It is a jelly/rubber material and therefore is very stretchy and flexible. It has a ribbed chamber that provides extra stimulation for the penis. This masturbator also has a thumb grip for easy control. And of course, for anyone just beginning to experiment with toys, we recommend using a lubricant. They are great for use with toys and during intercourse. Our best-selling lubricant is Astroglide. Let me know if you have any questions!