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  1. New Here

    Welcome to the forum
  2. New and don't know enough

    Welcome to the forum. Hope you have fun
  3. Wens Engagement ring

    Thank you everyone.
  4. How Often Do You Really Think About Sex?

    When I'm not at work I think of my sexy L8niter and feeling his body against mine. I used to be able to fantasize and daydream about the two of us in varying sexual scenarios but my responsibilities at work have tripled in the passed year. I'd still love to be able to have naughty kinky thoughts of him while I'm at work but unfortunately I work with yahoos that cause my brain to nearly explode from trying to teach them how to think and comprehend for themselves. Common sense is so rare there. It gets so frustrating.
  5. Exploring

    Hello Cyn, welcome to the forum. It is likely that your husband feels insecure. Whether or not it's with himself, you, your relationship together is the big question. I've seen this happen with other couples. One partner suggest a 3-some to spice things up. At first the SO is all for it but then after the excitement settles they suddenly get cold feet. This is reality setting in. Jealousy, fear, and doubt rear their ugly Cerberus head. And from that point they seem to be immovable from their decision. Sometimes talking about sexual fantasies and desires can stir feelings of intense passions ( conscious in the heat moments) that can momentarily cause subconscious thoughts (how you truly feel) to take the back burner. This will explain the sudden change of opinion. Talking on here may suddenly make him feel that he could lose you. This suggest feelings of insecurity. The only way that I can think of to get to the root of the problem is to talk to him. Tell him how you feel. Get things out in the open. Hopefully he will reciprocate. I know this is easier said then done. There's of course couples counseling. This has help many couples but once again he'd have to be willing to go. Unfortunately when there is insecurity and lack of trust in any kind of relationship there can be a possibility of things just not working out. If you wish for it to work out you both need to work hard at it. One-sided relationships never ever last.
  6. I am back

    Welcome back mailahn 97
  7. Hello everyone

    Hi Mira, welcome to the forum
  8. First time chatter

    First off, welcome to the forum Denver. Next, have you ever considered telling her everything or near to everything you just told us? Just open up to her and tell her your desires and concerns without sugar coating. Be upfront and honest. If you hold back your desires and concerns your relationship in the bedroom will remain a stalemate. If you hold back your desires and concerns you'll never know how she may feel about them. Nor will you know what her true desires and concerns are unless you open up to her. She may surprise you.
  9. Danni..

    Welcome to the forum Danni.
  10. Large Labia - Love or Hate

    I've never really thought of the size of my labia. I do know that L8niter enjoys all of me and I enjoy all of him. I thinks that's what matters most.
  11. Being On Top

    One of my problems is with my knees. Doing squats are extremely painful. Especially with my left knee. That along with poor circulation ( I was born with poor circulation and low blood pressure) getting the blood flow going in my legs is very trying. I try my best to not overeat because diabetes runs in my family and I am definitely a potential candidate. But also more added fat and weight on my legs makes for more pain on my knees and throughout my thighs. There have been many times that my legs have gone completely numb because of the circulation problems I have.
  12. Sucking Pussy

    L8niter loves sucking my pussy. Sometimes I wonder if I'll still have a pussy left by the time he's done "going to town" on me. lololol The other night I had to make sure "she" was still there after he made me explode again and again and again.
  13. Ball stretching

    That looks and sounds so painful. I wouldn't want to put my L8niter through that.
  14. Pain?

    I'm not a huge fan of pain, although when it comes to the "slow burn" type of pain from clitoral and g-spot stimulation, I'm perfectly okay with that. It's like working your muscles in a good way when exercising, It's like you know you're doing something right.
  15. Thigh High Freak

    My L8niter loves seeing me in thigh highs and what he refers to as "fuck me" boots.