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  1. First time chatter

    Hi TooTallDenver! It can be incredibly frustrating when you need something in the bedroom, but don't feel like you're able to accurately communicate what you want to your partner, or that your partner is unresponsive to your attempts, though its definitely a positive sign that your wife is trying! Obviously I think the first step is a frank discussion with your wife about what exactly you want, what you need, and what you can compromise on. One thing I can't stress enough is that she cannot read your mind, and may not understand how much of an issue this is for you. Since the bulk of her sexual experience was in college, and from what you describe it's unlikely these were the "expand your sexual horizons" sort of encounters you've had, she may not really know what it is she likes in bed! You say you've read up on ways to "spice it up" but it was unclear to me whether or not you've tried using any sex toys, so if not, a great introductory option might be a vibrating cockring! Vibrating rings generally have a bullet vibe which will stimulate her clitoris, possibly bringing her to a more complete climax and piquing her interest in more sex! You can also use the ring as an excuse to try different positions, since many women seem to like being on top, as a way to direct the vibrations more completely onto the clit! Another benefit of a c-ring is that it will cause you to last longer, allowing for a little more time to experiment! krisleightate makes an EXCELLENT point, that sometimes (especially for women, but also for men) it can be difficult to get out of "mom/worker/housekeeper" mode and get into the idea of sex. You don't mention the division of work going on, but if she's overwhelmed with day-to-day life, that may also get in her way. A suggestion I may make would be to talk to her, pick a day, and make it as romantic as possible. Get home before her and clean up the house, lay out some sexy lingerie you know she likes or get her something new she'll be comfortable and confident in! Open a bottle of wine, throw on the Barry Manilow, and seduce her! If you do like sex toys, shower her with attention or just give her oral until she cums! It's going to require some unrequited effort on your part, but if you take the time to show her the things you like I'll bet she comes around and puts more effort into pleasing you. If you know sex isn't a high priority for her, then show her how much of a priority it is to you, and how wonderful it can be! On a side note: Please don't bring up a three-some just yet! You're 100% right that it can cripple a relationship if both partners are not on board, and your wife does not sound ready to broach that topic! I hope that is helpful! Please feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions or need any suggestions on particular products! Thanks for posting and joining the forum! -Ali from TooTimid
  2. Halls Drops Durning Oral Sex

    Hi all! I know this is an old post, but someone else recently asked about Altoids and oral sex. Just a note about using minty-candy for oral sex and then going straight to intercourse... DON'T DO IT! There is sugar in candy and if that sugar gets into the vaginal canal you have a recipe for yeast infections and all other kinds of unhappiness! Please Please Please invest in some sugar-free Oral Sex Gel or just use some ice! Trust me, it's way easier than a trip to the doctor's or dealing with an infection!
  3. How to Spice it Up?

    Hi Scarlett! We have a couple of fun couple's toys that were designed to be used via long distance! They are all slightly pricier than-your-average-bear, but utilize Bluetooth and iPhone/Android compatible apps to control the vibrations! The blueMotion Nex|1 Panty Vibe from Ohmibod uses an app to connect you to your lover! It comes with a panty that the vibe sits inside (though you can use it with your own panties!) and has powerful vibrations that are incredibly discreet! You can slide it in your panties and go about your day, while your lover teases you on and off! It has four vibration patterns to choose from, all of which feel great! The Vibratissimo Sette Vibe is another panty vibe that is controlled via an app, but this one allows you to customize the vibration patterns. It stays in place with a magnet, and has a curved shape that cups your intimate areas! Finally, the Make-A-Porno Kit With Bonnie Rotten might spark some fun ideas to keep the romance going while you're apart! You can use the kit to craft your own porno, that you can then send along with your hubby so he can re-watch it while he's away! Hope that was helpful! Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions about a specific product! Thanks for posting and for choosing TooTimid! - Ali from TooTimid
  4. Can't Wait For Autumn! Hurry Up Cool Weather!

    1. prodrag33


      At least its not Louisiana got there 

    2. Mrs.BettyCrocker


      So true! Those poor people on the coast are definitely dealing with way more than I am. I can get through a few more weeks of hot weather and be thankful I'm not flooded out! 

  5. getting wife to let loose

    Hey ttom1957! I would suggest that rather than focusing on bringing another man into the picture, start with toys! I'm obviously biased, but toys are a lot more fun that the drama that can come from adding a person in! Outside of the possible soap-opera-esque dramatics we see depicted in pop culture, there may be other reasons your wife is hesitant about the idea of adding a third to your bedroom. Your wife may feel uncomfortable with the idea of "cheating" even if you've given consent and are there. Plus, you never know how actually seeing your wife in the act with another may affect you. She may be concerned that you'll be upset with her or become jealous after the fact, even though you were fantasizing about it in the first place. I know personally that even though I may like the idea of something, reality doesn't always match up to fantasy. Your wife may also be afraid! There is a lot to be concerned about as far as finding a safe partner to play with, and if you're the only man she's ever been with, then her sexual vocabulary may be a lot smaller than yours. I'm guessing based on the age you have listed that your wife must be in her late fifties, which after 40 years of marriage would have put you both right around 18 or 19 when you got married! (sorry my math isn't the best, if I'm way off base here then ignore me!) If she had the typical sexual education of an American teen in the 60's and 70's, then she was probably told very little about sex, except that she should not have it until marriage, and then not to ever have sex with anyone else or things would be BAD. Those kinds of ingrained lessons can cause a LOT of anxiety, even years later. If you're both open to toys, I'd suggest a realistic dildo! You can use it on her, you can watch her use it, or you could use it while having sex for a double-penetration/three-some experience. It could be a great way to quench your thirst, get her interested in opening up sexually and may eventually lead to a more relaxed attitude about the possibility of a threesome! Hope that was helpful! Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions! Thank you for posting and for choosing TooTimid! - Ali from TooTimid
  6. Hi Danni1966! It would seem that you had a great prostate orgasm! The prostate gland is also called the "male g-spot" or the p-spot! It's the same bundle of nerves that women have, only for men its located about 2-4 inches inside the rectal cavity! Many women report feeling as though they were urinating while they have a squirting g-spot orgasm and from everything you've described I'd say the two match up pretty close! We have a great selection of Prostate Massagers, in all kinds of materials, vibrations patterns and sizes. Dev's 10 Function Prostate Stimulator is a great vibrating toy made out of non-porous silicone. Silicone can be completely sanitized in ways that more porous materials like jelly cannot, so its a safer option for anal play. The Men's Pleasure Wand comes in two sizes, regular and the Men's Pleasure Wand XL, and it has a curved handle that provides vibrations to the scrotum as well! Both are waterproof, and provide intense vibrations, controlled by a corded remote. The Blue Ultra Power Prostate Massager is a slick smooth plastic option, with POWERFUL multi-speed vibrations and a long shaft so you can go as deep or shallow as you want! If you look at the image for it, you'll see there's a dip in the head, which was specifically crafted for massaging the prostate. Finally, to amp up your prostate play, we offer the Max G Stimulating Male Prostate Gel. There is a fantastic review on there from a verified customer, and the fragrance-free formula uses natural clove oil to enhance your p-spot pleasure! Hope that was helpful! Feel free to message me directly if you have any other questions! Thank you for joining the forum and for choosing TooTimid! - Ali from TooTimid
  7. Removed

    Having a partner with mood swings and disorders can be incredibly difficult, and PTSD adds a whole extra layer that I don't feel extremely qualified to talk to, but I think Cyn got it right that ultimate you need to know where your "line in the sand" is. You shouldn't need to live your life on edge because your partner may be having a bad day, and you shouldn't feel like you may be attacked (verbally, emotionally or physically) at any moment. That sounds like it would be draining, not to mention what the culmination of all that stress can do to your health. From personal experience I've found that living with someone who has some good days and some bad days is normal, but having your partner's emotions determine how you feel is not. My ex used to walk into a room and absorb my joy like he was an emotional-sponge. It left me feeling drained, depressed, and wondering "What am I doing wrong?" I found that I was becoming more and more critical of myself, and starting to rob others of their joy as well (in a misery-loves-company sort of way). It took a clean break for me to realize how smothered I'd felt and how much freer it felt to find someone who not only fostered my joy, but was a source of its inspiration. On the other hand, you obviously care for the person you married, and it can be so hard to look at something you've built in an objective manner. Speaking with a counselor is an excellent idea, since they can give you advice tailored to your experiences and hopefully help bring your relationship into a healthy and productive place where you feel valued and cherished! I'm so glad to hear that the advice was helpful, and I wanted to say thank you for sharing your questions and thoughts! For every person confident enough to ask a question about sex or relationships, there are 10 who feel like they can't! You may be helping others who feel alone in their own relationship struggles! - Ali from TooTimid
  8. Removed

    Hey GirlCrush. I always get worried when anyone starts talking about being hurt by a partner or their partner being "mean," since there are so many different interpretations of what that could really be. If you feel like you are being emotionally abused or manipulated, then I suggest you NOT be intimate until you work through the underlying issues that cause you to feel such apprehension at the idea of sex with your husband. Preferably with a sex therapist, or regular therapist, or even just an objective friend. If when you say "mean", "hurt" and things like that, you mean the regular emotional turmoil that occurs in the context of any relationship, then I think that it sometimes is helpful to let go and use intimacy as a way to heal. You shouldn't feel like sex is a bargaining chip to hold over each other, but if you need to rebuild trust and communication, there's literally no way to get closer. A fun way to go about getting back into the right 'state of mind' might be to slip him a note, or a sexy text or something, telling him to be home at a designated time. Then, grab your favorite lingerie, take a shower, put on a song that makes you feel sexy, get yourself warmed up with a toy and wait for him! I know (from personal experience) that the "sexy surprise" doesn't always work, which is why I suggest a text or note and a time. That way you can get ready and present yourself in a way that gives you more control, and he isn't walking in all gross and sweaty from work, or with a million other things on his mind. There's nothing worse than putting in effort only to have your partner shoot you down. I hope that was helpful to you! You can feel free to shoot me a private message if you need to talk, though I know that so many great members on the forum are also always around to chat! -Ali from TooTimid
  9. Naughty Talk

    a semi-embarrassing silly addition - So we sell these Audio CD's called "Talk Dirty To Me" and they're basically just pornstars talking dirty... well I am a little bit of a workaholic, so I was like OH I'll JUST LISTEN TO A SAMPLE OF THESE ON MY COMMUTE! So I find an audio file, and I'm listening to samples to check out what they're all about, and it ends and everything is fine. I'm driving, I'm listening to music, and I get a phone call (bluetooth ya'll, it's a lifesaver), everything's good. The phone call ends as I pull up to the toll booth, and what starts blasting, but Bree Olsen screaming "FUCK MY ASS! FUCK IT HARD!" the little old lady at the toll booth doesn't make eye contact with me anymore.
  10. Ok so somewhere I saw this toy for the p spot

    Hi wendybird! Sorry to not get back to you sooner! You can find our entire selection of Prostate Massagers HERE Some suggestions The Kip Silicone Prostate Massager - Hypoallergenic silicone can be completely sanitized, and is the best option for any kind of anal toy. This one is beginner-sized, and has a flexible shaft, perineum tickler, and retrieval loop. Vibrating Prostate Stimulator - Firm plastic, with ridges around the base. Vibrates with one speed, and has an easy grip handle. Aneros Eupho - Small head & stem, plastic, but really well designed by a company that JUST makes prostate massagers.
  11. Sex sites

    If someone tells you that you hurt them, you don't get to decide you didn't, and the same thing goes for this. If you feel betrayed or like he violated your trust, then that is how you feel. He doesn't get to tell you that you don't feel that way, or diminish your feelings because he doesn't think its a big deal.
  12. sex swings

    Just figured I'd add a great review written by Marriage Bed Reviews on the Love Swing! - Ali from TooTimid Love Swing - 5 Stars!!! Her thoughts: This swing is SO comfortable! It's sturdy and I haven't had any concerns about using it safely. I love that it takes any strain or awkwardness out of standing positions & makes standing positions really easy! It also comes with a booklet with various positions you can try. As a parent of small kids, I appreciate that the swing itself is removable so the only thing left in the ceiling is one hook. His thoughts: Wow! Where to start? Haha. I really didn't know what to expect with this. It was our first swing. We thought about a door jam one to start but I really just wanted to just all in so we got the full swing. Great decision on our part! So the box was actually not nearly as large as I thought it may be. As soon as you take it out of the shipping box there are pictures right on the swing box showing various positions you can do. This was nice because I decided to not look up any positions. I wanted to give an honest review from never having used a swing. These folks really made it easy to get into swings. The positions were right on the box and in a little booklet with the setup instructions. The setup was super easy! Just pre-drill and then hand screw in the eye bolt. The swing can screw into a door jam or right into a ceiling joist. I weigh 220 ish and had no concerns sitting in it to test and make sure my wife, who weighs way less than I do, would be safe. It was quite comfortable to me and she said the same. As she said, it made standing positions for the guy way less difficult and the views will be great! If you are trying to decide whether to get a swing or not I say go for it! This one is really easy to set up, very easy to adjust and so easy to hide! Yes the price is definitely an investment but coming from this being our first swing, this is definitely my new go to place to get together so totally worth the price. - Marriage Bed Reviews
  13. Can't stop singing "Not Fair" by Lily Allen! 


  14. Removed

    Hey GirlCrush! I'm so sorry to hear your having a health scare! Only your doctor will be able to tell you what you have for sure, but from my own personal experience the first thing that popped into my head after reading your post was Ovarian Cysts. These are small fluid growths that can rupture and cause pain on either ovary. In my experience with them (I've had about 5 rupture personally) there is an intense pain on one side of my lower stomach/ovary area that gets more and more painful in waves of sensation. The first time it happened I was about 13 and thought I was dying as I crawled to the car to get to the hospital. Three hours later, the pain started to go away just as I got booked into a bed. Now I don't even get up to go to the ER unless that three hour mark has come and gone. There doesn't seem to be much treatment for them, but they do show up on ultrasound scans. If you have more than one (totally possible) one side could have ruptured while the other side was intact. I hope you get answers and that there is nothing seriously wrong, but no matter what you should know that you can still have a satisfying sexual life! After a hysterectomy women generally need to use lube more often, since they no longer produce the "juices" that get you wet. Otherwise the clitoris and nerves are all still in place, so it comes down to hormones, which can be managed with medication. It's certainly not a death-sentence for your libido! My thoughts are with you during what I'm sure is an emotional and scary time, and I hope you're back on here posting that you've gotten a clean bill of health soon! - Ali from TooTimid
  15. Realistic Feel ... Toys

    All three of those list cornstarch as the only ingredient! (I'm such a bad salesperson, but I'd much rather you spend your $ on toys you can enjoy!)