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  1. Sunday Funday

    Did someone say they needed a wand? Corded: Shibari My Wand OG "The Original" Power Wand Massager Cordless: Shibari My Wand Wireless
  2. Sunday Funday

    I believe this is what you're looking for. Link: Wand Essentials Flutter Wand Massager Attachment - Gadget
  3. Curious About Threesomes

    My wife and I have been married going on fifteen years now and the subject of a threesome recently came up. This is due 100% to my ongoing fantasies of seeing my wife with another man. I can't tell you why I feel this way. All I know is that the thought of a MFM threesome really gets things going, if you know what I mean. ūüėą
  4. Squirting

    If you're interested in squirting I highly recommend picking up a Shibari Wand and the Flutter Tip attachment for it. This combo is guaranteed to make my wife squirt every single time I use it on her. Also, some of the other ladies here on the forums can attest to its effectiveness! Link 1: Shibari My Wand OG "The Original" Power Wand Massager Link 2: Wand Essentials Flutter Wand Massager Attachment - Gadget
  5. Gadget, what is the model name of the Shabiri purple wand? I'm unable to locate one.  Not with the end made that way.  Thanks please!  ?


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Gadget Geek

      Gadget Geek

      So glad you like it! :D

    3. Big Rack

      Big Rack

      :o:wub::blink::D.    Like.... Hmm understatement.   Wow!   I worry though.... The wand gets smokin hot !!!  No brush fire here, but would be sad if it burnt out lol. Glad I ran across the pic!  Thanks! 

    4. Gadget Geek

      Gadget Geek

      Hmmm....our purple Shabiri never gets hot. You might have a defective unit. :-(

  6. One of your older posts....about the merits of snowballing & cream pies.....

    My wife is big into that....just FYI.

    Not for all....but works for us.

    Thought I would make mention!



  7. Where Did You Meet Your SO?

    I really do believe it was meant to be! Thanks!
  8. Yes. My wife helps me with my "reviews" and she knows I'm a member. :-)
  9. Where Did You Meet Your SO?

    Back in 1997 I met my wife in a random ICQ chat! I didn't know it then but that was one of the best days of my life. We've been married 12 years now.
  10. Hi how are you 

    1. Gadget Geek

      Gadget Geek

      Hi Jared. I'm doing well. Hope about you? Have you taken a look a the forums yet?

    2. Jared


      Hi I'm not sure how this all works yet 

  11. I am a single female in cali.  I am wanting to talk to some new people.

    1. RC4BLUE


      Welcome to the forum. We are friendly here. Join in the conversations. If you find someone interesting maybe send off a message to them. Otherwise explore and have fun.

    2. Gadget Geek

      Gadget Geek

      Welcome to the forum, Marilyn! The easiest way to strike up a conversation is to explore the forum, find something that interests you, and post about it. We're a friendly bunch around here and love chatting with new members. :)

  12. Hello! I wanted to take a moment to talk about protecting yourself and your identity online. In particular, when you decide to post images on the TooTimid forums (or any where else on the Internet for that matter). If you decide to share pictures (and I hope you do ) you should protect yourself by stripping out any metadata within those images that might help someone identify you and/or where you live. Hidden inside every picture you take with your phone or your digital camera is something called EXIF data. EXIF is a data standard that can be found within just about any media file (Images, Videos, Audio) that you can think of. The EXIF data inside of a MP3 file contains things like the name of the song, the artist, the year it was released, etc. Likewise, the EXIF data inside an image contains information about the image itself, the camera that created the image, the settings used, and the GPS coordinates of where the image was taken. That last bit is what worries me and should worry you too! Thankfully, there's a way to strip all of this information out of your images before you post them. Windows 1. Right-click on the image you want to upload and choose Properties. 2. Click on the Details tab. 3. Click on Remove Properties and Personal Information. 4. Click Remove The Following Properties from This File. 5. Click the Select All button. 6. Click on OK. Apple OS X 1. Double-click on the image you want to upload. 2. Click on Tools and then choose Show Location Info. 3. Click Remove Location Information. Linux 1. Install ExifTool Debian-based Linux: apt-get install exiftoolRed Hat-based Linux: yum install exiftool2. Open a Terminal and go to the folder containing the image you want to upload. Type in the following: exiftool -exif:all= naughtypic.jpgNote: You can clear GPS data from every image in the folder by using *.jpg Now that you've cleaned up your pics you can upload them to the forum for everyone to enjoy! Stay Safe! - Gadget Geek
  13. Gadgetgeek

    Hello, I'm Gadgetgeek! I'm new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself.