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  1. hi tyger looking for some help on sex toys can u help out

    1. Tyger


      I need a bit more information? Like preferences, is it for a man or woman? Do you have material preferences? Is it for you, or your lover? And, what's helpful, if you have experience with any sort of sex toys?

  2. hi  Mikayla1 im new here and i was looking for some help.Im looking to buying me and my wife new sex toy called a We vibe for couples and now shore which one to buy wounderin if u can help me out



    1. Mikayla1


      Currently there is only the newest version, the WeVibe 4.  It is all rechargeable and has a remote for extra play.  Any of the WeVibes are awesome, but you have to remember that it is important to insert it correctly or it will do nothing for you!  Good luck!

  3. We Vibe couples

    Looking to by a We Vibe couples for me and my wife but not shore which to buy and lookin for some help on this hope i can get some help
  4. Im new here

    Hi my name is Collin im new here and to this form stuff and just looking for help on sex toy for me and my wife