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  1. i need to know where to find you?

    1. prodrag33


      ill keep checking on you!

  2. gifts

    ok cool! dont want to get anything that sends wrong message to my wife lol
  3. gifts

    do they have a hidden meaning?
  4. gifts

    ankle braclets? would this be a good gift to get wife?
  5. Eating my own creampie

    wish i could help you out on that!
  6. Eating my own creampie

    you like it?
  7. sex swings

    oh just multiple partners then! lol
  8. I want to know

    ill share mine with you!
  9. Oral After Intercourse?

    my wife seems to like it some of the best sex we ever had was after intercourse!
  10. Made me smile

  11. Oral After Intercourse?

    i do wife seems to love it!
  12. cum too fast

    i like it and the wife loves it
  13. cum too fast

    this sounds like fun but what about afterplay
  14. Work and play

    so has anything happened at work for you?
  15. Does Vaginal Size Matter?

    i like them loose!