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  1. Great Halloween music

    I'm old want the 'Monster Mash'.
  2. Dom Or Sub Which Do You Prefer?

    So if you had to to identify would you say Sub,Dom, or Switch
  3. Boob Challenge 2

    If they ever feel dry I will drive a thousand miles to lube them up for you!
  4. Boob Challenge 2

    It would be a shame to put hickies all over them. Please
  5. Boob Challenge 2

    Make my day and make me hard. And I thank you!
  6. Tits For Tat Thursday

    I's like to slap them puppies around a while"
  7. Dom Or Sub Which Do You Prefer?

    Glad to meet another "switch" some teachers on here don't think we exist. Or proclaim you are primarily one or the other. There theories do not include me. How about you. Go private if you want or this is ok too.
  8. Dom Or Sub Which Do You Prefer?

    I don't think I would let you tie me up. I heard from you when you were angry. You were brutal when we were story telling!. Picked up by the "hook" . You will get some messages from others now.
  9. Dom Or Sub Which Do You Prefer?

    Can you tell me more about the job offer. Dominatrix. I know very little. Would it be a dungeon with lots of people. Enlighten me darling.
  10. Eating my own creampie

    I've have nothing for you. I have limits.
  11. Fitness ❤💋

    I can relate. Saw a Ameren commercial , portrayed a dozen well built women,working underground in coal mine. Sweaty with coal dust all over them. It was a site to see. And never seen again.
  12. Bondage/fetish Ideas

    I am always to hear about another. Get after it!
  13. Bondage/fetish Ideas

    All guys and all gals should be "switches". Expierience the best of two worlds, what ever your in the mood for. I am just naturally two different roles. The teachers on this site don't think "switch" exists. If I used their logic I could say, "bisexuals" don't exist.
  14. Pain and Pleasure

    And as far as it being normal. I care about that less than I care about the last drop of piss I shake off my dick.
  15. Pain and Pleasure

    Now your talking my language! H. housewife , I did tell you my closet story didn't I. I think moderate pain before sexual encounter makes for one hell of an intense Big O. tie me up and make me squeal like a pig.