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  1. tiedupnaked33

    Red Wine And Sex

    Yes ladylove we join in a glass and see if I can talk you into an interlude!
  2. tiedupnaked33

    Hi! New here, wanted to show a pussy pic 😊

    I am going too, thank you.
  3. tiedupnaked33

    Finally met someone from this site

    You never cease to amaze me. Or make me hard.
  4. tiedupnaked33

    Spanking men over my knee

    I've been very bad!
  5. tiedupnaked33

    Sex chat

  6. tiedupnaked33

    Collared and leashed

    I am going to tell you how I would punish her. A lot more pleasure than pain. After being teased to hell! Slowly scribe up till you see what I say. Go to the top of our convo's slowly reading each one and you will seeit. Or God help me!
  7. tiedupnaked33

    Collared and leashed

    Your quote. "that was the best ever! " symbol here looks like battery" what doess it mean. Some internet meaning. Like XXX and OOO were kisses and hugs. I am a dinosaur. And thanks for trying to understand.
  8. tiedupnaked33

    Collared and leashed

    For you not her. And I am going to ask about a symbol on one of your posts with greater detail.
  9. tiedupnaked33

    Be honest. What do you think?

    I would like to have me some of that. Honestly!
  10. tiedupnaked33

    Collared and leashed

    Help me please. the lttle square after best ever. What does it mean? And that story was hot. And yes you need punished. Charlie
  11. tiedupnaked33

    Just saying hello!!

    Oh sure you need all that cock. why do you talk to me.
  12. tiedupnaked33


    Welcome and hope you are female. Love the newbies. Lot of nice people on here to share and chat. Love Charlie
  13. tiedupnaked33

    Taking it up a notch TUESDAY...

    Can I kiss that?
  14. tiedupnaked33

    In the kitchen

    I am with her as much as I can be!
  15. tiedupnaked33


    Welcome darling!