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  1. tiedupnaked33

    Gay Men

    I want to have sex with Tyger. I promise not to scream like a woman and freak you the fuck out.
  2. tiedupnaked33

    Gay Men

    Well maybe your comments will help. I am a plain old boring one track hetro. I would let you give me a bj if I thought I could forget about it. But that would be impossible. I wonder if men suck better dick?
  3. tiedupnaked33


    If it is wrong there is a hell of a lot of us. Enjoy your nudity, you are not hurting anyone.
  4. tiedupnaked33


    Give me one or two lines, or I fade away You are one complicated woman . your thought process goes deep. If you ever want to get simple. Message me.
  5. tiedupnaked33

    How do I find a nymph

    Do not understand what " being a make nymph it is hard to find "?
  6. tiedupnaked33

    Gay Men

    why are you not acting on the gay impulses?
  7. tiedupnaked33

    Anything Really Kinky?

    Holy shit you rock woman!
  8. tiedupnaked33

    Sex talk

    Zking is ready to give you a blo job. Ask for and ye shall receive. Wish it was that easy for us damn hetros.
  9. tiedupnaked33

    Wondering if I have turned into a whore

    Got me jacking off again.
  10. tiedupnaked33

    I'm not dead yet !

    I feel your pain, with the discounts here.
  11. tiedupnaked33

    I'm broken well my vagina and G-spot and clit are broken!!!

    Any new medications? They can raise hell with your sex life. So you would be just as good if I visit your ass. Be good for me.
  12. tiedupnaked33

    Gang bang!

    Yes Becky got to do , it was pulling a train in my day. She never said any blo jobs anyway. Pussy or ass. The tight ass for me please and first in line. Most important that she reports the event for all to enjoy.
  13. tiedupnaked33

    Hello my name is Jacob

    Hey Jacob you have a lot of friends on here who care. And your lack of expierence sexually excite a lot of women. I am another who will chat with you at any time. Hang in there. Life is not that long, ride her out. [Charlie_659@yahhoo.com} no caps. Lets talk my name is Charlie in central Illinois.
  14. tiedupnaked33

    Gang bang!

    I am old. This story came out of Buda Illinois decades ago. I was not there or it would have been 41. the story goes a girl unnamed. I know the last name but gentleman? Anyway she sucked 40 dicks at a party and swallowed every drop. Got real sick and had to go to Emergency room and have stomach pumped. Where is she today I could use her!