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  1. I am your man. The years have robbed me of a larger dick. Lost a third. Well at 67 yo I guess im lucky to be functional. Maybe try to slow your hubby down a little. I always found that taking more time with a woman's ass was the way to go for her. I enter real slow and stop and give her a long back rub while she relaxes. Then she tells me when to proceed! Oh how I love that action. Maybe it will work with the pussy also. Good Luck Charlie
  2. Yes I resolve to do the Tyger.
  3. Message me back. I was the shy one also Charlie
  4. that was very kind lis. thank you or caring.
  5. I'm here for you people! Take me anyway you like!
  6. I will lick the bowl first just to hear you giggle.
  7. I would love to have you coming me at one. Yes you Tyger!
  8. Yes ladylove we join in a glass and see if I can talk you into an interlude!