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  1. tiedupnaked33

    Guys that like to give head

    I only heard of one and he was real young and just talking about wanting too. . I expected more to report here. No one judges others here. I hope if I was one I would say so.
  2. tiedupnaked33

    Home early

    Yes I did.
  3. tiedupnaked33

    What you want

    Never been afraid to ask
  4. tiedupnaked33

    Love of Cocksucking

    You are killing me!
  5. tiedupnaked33

    Wondering if I have turned into a whore

    Manwhore here . Im my mind it does not make you a whore. It makes me wish you were mine. " Wild thing, you make my heart sing"
  6. tiedupnaked33

    Fill every hole

    I tried to message you. This spider gag you speak of. Tell me more.
  7. Water under the bridge affects me not. Long as it ain't stretched too bad. Always thought the ass could be turned too for tite. Found that isn't always true either. What a disappointment that was.
  8. Just wish you were one of them.
  9. tiedupnaked33

    Any Guys That Like To Be Pegged?

    Tyger knew this answer before she asked. When the first woman stuck her finger in my ass forty years ago.
  10. tiedupnaked33

    New here

    Great advice. Lets suggest she do some coke.
  11. tiedupnaked33

    New here

    Oh to be young again!
  12. tiedupnaked33


  13. tiedupnaked33

    Love of Cocksucking

    I saw a article from CNN that women that swallow cum are 60 percent less likely to get breast cancer. Sounds self serving coming from a male. anyone else know of this?
  14. tiedupnaked33


    Not yet. I would like to see her get fucked by me.
  15. tiedupnaked33

    3 at a time

    No third cock in your ass?