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  • Briefly Describe your last sexual encounter: Blew my husband while sunbathing; then finished by fucking him in our backyard swimming pool which is on the golf course
  • Marital status Married
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  1. Toy or Fingers/ Hand

    It just depends on my mood and the time....fingers do the trick spontaneously and in quick time. But if there is plenty of time to play, lubrication, my fingers and favorite toy are definitely the way to a great orgasm.
  2. Sex Drive In The Forties

    My sex drive definitely was moderate in my late 30's...but now in my mid to late 40's, my sexual desire is on full tilt. My husband has to work hard to keep to speak. Rarely, does he get a full night sleep or a shower without company.
  3. Women- When And How Did You Decide When You..

    I think it just depends on the mood....once in a while a slap on the ass or a pull of my hair sends shivers down my spine. It sort of changes things up and takes things up a notch. Not something I crave every time.....but sometimes being bad feels good!
  4. How to Spice it Up?

    Oh my Mrs. Betty Crocker....what fabulous ideas! Just the thought of being "surprised" any time of the day by the vibrations of the panties gets me worked up just sitting here drinking my coffee this morning. Damn! Nothing like being slick-wet, almost dripping with pencil eraser nipples when you are trying to get ready for work.
  5. How to Spice it Up?

    Well.....traveling can definitely be challenging as I am sure it is for any couple who has to travel for work. Sure the phone thing...but if you can get the time zone right and in the right mood he kind of digs watching the fucking with toys via Face Time thing......suppose it is the next best thing.
  6. How to Spice it Up?

    Hey...have a great sex life with my husband...but it is always good to spice it up either as a couple or in a private moment when he or I are traveling. Ideas? Or you favorite toys?