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  1. Crazy Cat

    22 gallons of cum down my wife's throat.

    Tied up you are cracking me up today!
  2. Crazy Cat

    What's your Kink?

    Well I can add E-stim to my list. Today was my first step in that wonderful adventure. Thanks Gadget for info and showing me the door to this wonderful kinky play. This is opening a whole new look on toys for me. And I must say I like it and will never play the same again!!!😺😈
  3. thank you Crazy Cat

    1. Randy Boudoir Photography

      Randy Boudoir Photography

      thank you for the follow crazy, now I don't feel so lonely lol.


  4. Crazy Cat

    Hi everyone..

    Welcome Stuart, enjoy the forum.
  5. Crazy Cat

    Sunday Funday

    Afternoon Peach, nice Sunday pic you have. 😁
  6. Crazy Cat

    Sunday Funday

    Raining cats and dogs here in Tennessee. So Sunday afternoon playtime and a nap is in order.....hope someone else is having fun today😁
  7. Crazy Cat

    Hi there everyone!

    Welcome Curious! Look forward to your insight on the forum.
  8. Crazy Cat

    Sausage Saturday

    Very nice Peach....
  9. Crazy Cat

    Crazy cat

  10. Crazy Cat

    Tits For Tat Thursday

    Thanks fellas! 😺
  11. Crazy Cat

    Tits For Tat Thursday

    Hope everyone had a fabulous Thursday!
  12. Crazy Cat

    Two For Tuesday

    Well there is always “Tit for Tat Thursday”...😺
  13. Crazy Cat

    Two For Tuesday

    Thanks Last2Long, those were intimate and showed a lot of ME , I don’t normally post that type of pic. Thanks for being kind.
  14. Crazy Cat

    What are you drinking tonight!

    Tonight it is cranberry juice and crown apple.
  15. Crazy Cat

    Two For Tuesday

    Thanks for posting Peach. Always a pleasure to view your pics.