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  1. Crazy Cat


    Interesting topic. A while back I had a male friend reveal he liked to wear silky stockings. I was surprised how that idea turned me on. I don't think I would want to see him in my evening gowns, but the stocking thing did turn me on. And I was thrilled he shared that side of himself with me.
  2. Crazy Cat

    Another night session

    I would love to suck that cock... and lick those balls. Afternoon fun!!!
  3. Crazy Cat

    More fun!

    Oh my! Very nice!
  4. Crazy Cat

    Group Hookup

    Have you tried a hook up site Mastermind4?
  5. Crazy Cat


    Crazy Cat really wants to try a cat suit on !!!
  6. Crazy Cat


    Oh my! πŸ’‹
  7. Crazy Cat


  8. Crazy Cat


    Love this!
  9. Crazy Cat


    I enjoyed your story, written very well....super SEXY!
  10. Crazy Cat

    Weiner Wednesday

    Just seen this comment today....😏 sounds fun to me....
  11. Crazy Cat

    In the kitchen

    Yes sweetie, I believe that is the recommended way to enjoy fresh cream...
  12. Crazy Cat

    In the kitchen

    Oooooh yes RC another fabulous read.... and I have cream for dessert too...
  13. Crazy Cat

    Sunday Funday

    Hope y’all are having fun!!!
  14. It was fabulous Gadget. Good luck on your search for the right person.