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  1. Sunday Funday

    It's true! It's true! It happened to me too! ( The leg cramp and the flutter,) I only fall off the bed when trying to take pics... Fall Over it , trip over the dog and out the window , naked. good one CC, I got a good laugh , it is a great couple of toys! Top shelf. Tiny, you might want to tie a leg to you bed, I have both toys also and she's not kidding I forget where I got mine... ?
  2. Tits For Tat Thursday

    CC, very well put!
  3. Tits For Tat Thursday

    You can say that again! Very nice! Love the ink....btw...
  4. Moon Monday

    Crazy cat I bet ya look fantastic in it! So do we get to see Halloween crazy black cat pics. Arching your back... With your tail up? Meeeeeeeoooooowwwwwww! Hahaha Tiny! Thanks for the tip, kitty kitty! I bet they do have a lot of stuff on sale. 😻😻😻😻😻👻👻👹👹😈😛😀
  5. Moon Monday

    I'd like to see also! Tiny, lol a sound bar? I think that came with my tv. Lol I could be wrong.
  6. Full Frontal Friday

    Very nice Peach! Mmmm i don't have any new ones, but yours is very nice
  7. Moon Monday

    He better drink a lot of water! Haha. 60 is the new 40 Oh, he looks like he could keep UP. Lol he's the co pilot I think? Lol
  8. Moon Monday

    CC, LOL. Gadget I think you have a willing volunteer and plenty willing to observe and learn. LOL, it's gonna be one hell of a party for All of TT to remember ! 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😎😛
  9. Moon Monday

    Tiny! Hey hey hey! Where did you find such a hot Dom? That's sexy! Love the long hair...does he have any brothers or sisters? 😛😛😛😛😛😛
  10. Moon Monday

    Haha Devi, I'm sure there will be much misbehaving going on! Oh right, for our pleasure and pain, I have professional Doms and subs on the plane. Depending on your mood. There's just something about held down, tied up, hair pulled.... Oh the fun we could have! All your desires fulfilled and then pushed to the brink of madness. Then we do it all over again . No need to buckle up for this flight HAHA . I wish they'd hurry and fuel the jets! I heard Deirks Bentley is showing up, NICKELBACK, Alan Jackson, vin diesel, now imagine what they'd look like in a leather harness.... Celebrity slaves. ❤️ girl crush : what video of Deirks Bentley is on a plane? I'd like to check it out.! yall have a wet and stiff day! After all, it is HUMP DAY!!!!!!!
  11. Moon Monday

    Plums could be two things I suppose. Lol the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid, where Goldie Hawn sings you can touch me lovely peaches, but don't ever touch me she grabs her boobs ... Lol .. Ta tas! Me, I'd like to picture plums as big swollen , full balls... Ready to give me a nice creamy bath as my mouth overflows after a good face fuck. Fade in the AC /DC song. WEVE GOT THE BIGGEST BALLS OF THEM ALL. PULL ON IT, SUCK ON IT.... Lol. Plums. Bury my face... Ok now there I'm all wet ... DAYAM !
  12. Moon Monday

    LMFAO... you better pack extra panties CC, we do have some nice crotchless ones if that helps? PEACH will be there.... I'm just saying lol oh yeaaaahhhhhhhhh
  13. Moon Monday

    Of course we'd love to have you, we have plenty of edible peaches ! Plums and bums, take your pick! Mmmmm
  14. Moon Monday

    Private plane but there is room for a band, plus groupies! It's bigger than Air Force one. Lol so anything you desire will be on it. Men and ladies, Seasoned to perfection, of course. There's a theme in each room and kink in every corner! Whips, chains, cuffs Available. We have a wardrobe room, Including very sexy stilettos ladies! A medical play room too! Can't forget THAT! Tiny,. Hey LOL bring anyone you'd like, lightly seasoned is great by me, from 21 to ??? Kink required for flight 69. Where we always push the limits! Hmmm... Well we might need two planes? Hahaha! Mile High Club here we cum! it Hot in here?
  15. Moon Monday

    No worries CC... I doubt we will do much sleeping! Now boarding! 😛