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  1. Cock Rings

    Thank you RC4BLUE. I ordered one yesterday. It has dual rings and one vibrating bullet. It is supposed to be super soft and super stretchy.
  2. All-American Whopper

    I just bought the mini whopper. I used it solo once and achieved the big anal O. I use a special toy cleaning solution I bought from our local romance store but soap and warm water should clean it without damaging. Enjoy
  3. Cock Rings

    I am usually the person to come to about sex toy advice but I need help picking out a cock ring. I want it to have vibration for my wife and me. I have never used a behind the balls cock ring. Should I consider it? Are the dual rings with dual bullets the best? Please help me.
  4. Oral Sex

    I read an article online about how to be the best at oral sex. First, dont say blowjob. It shouldnt be considered as a job. Pleasing others should be approached with an eager and positive mindset. This is the same with pleasing a woman orally. The receiver should be positioned comfortably and given time to relax. The receiver may also request soft music, scented candles, or even a gentle massage. The giver's first role is to do anything to help the receiver relax. When the time comes to begin forget every porno you have seen.....unless it is a how-to guide to oral sex. If you have your own technique that is flawless, use it, but be careful not to over stimulate. The receiver is still relaxing. You may also need to inform the receiver that you are about to begin so you do not startle them. While performing oral sex on a guy use both of your hands as well. Cup his balls, grip the base of his cock, and slowly slide your lips and tongue down and up his cock. Stroke his cock while asking him how he wants you to continue. He is the only person who knows what feels good to him. He should also feel comfortable enough with you to ask you to play with his ass. Remember, you are pleasing him. Performing oral sex on a woman is just as delicate. Most women dont want the giver to be too aggressive. Always begin gently, if she wants you to be aggressive she will let you know when and how. Ask her what she wants you to do.
  5. If he enjoys giving oral to you then he wont mind being down there til you finish. Oral sex should never be an obligation to the giver. However, I have been with a girl who told me before we started that she doesnt cum easily. I took it as a challenge and I believe I disappointed us both. Some women need help getting there. Tootimid has many toys dedicated to getting her there.
  6. Best Tasting Cum

    If he drinks coffee or eats soft fruits for breakfast it will make his cum taste better. I have only had one bad tasting experience with cum. The guy was an alcoholic. His cum tasted horrible.
  7. I prefer uncut guys. They seem to be more sensitive to blowjobs. More pleasure for them equals more pleasure for me.
  8. Guys, there is no need to buy the largest dildo you find. The AAMW just sent me through the roof with pleasure. I placed it on the edge of my tub and rode it. I was in a very uncomfortable position but I still achieved the big Anal O. I love this dildo! I didn't really have to warm up to it. I lubed it and myself then slowly pressed it in. No pain!
  9. I am a newbie

    Hey everyone! I am loving this part of too timid. I love reading stories, writing stories, and absorbing info. I am a 35 yr old guy from Alabama. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart (after a lengthy separation from '00 to '09). We have 1 kid together.
  10. The Ultimate Orgasm

    It does exist. Chill bumps, the urge to pee, then pure pleasure. My advice is size does not matter. My first p-spot orgasm was while using a 1" diameter vibrator primitively mounted onto a tool box. Just be sure that anything that enters your back door has a flared base or is somehow attached to something. No need for a sex toy retrieval at the ER. What causes a p-spot orgasm is lots of lube, setting the mood, patience, and the right movement that will stimulate the prostate. Straddling a toy and rocking my hips back and forth is my go to. I have yet to get an orgasm from anal plugs or the aneros stimulator. I bought an all american mini whopper a couple days ago from too timid. I will be trying it out soon. I might even buy a harness for my wife. She has pegged me before but we stopped for a few years after I got an anal fissure from inserting my pure joy butt plug too quickly. What a pain in the ass, right?