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  1. Private

  2. Sunday Funday

    Hi peach That would be nice to see. I like the other one a lot to. Sure!
  3. Sunday Funday

    I found this one works. Very cool!
  4. Sunday Funday

    Welcome always it says video, I do not see, it goes black. I broke it?
  5. Sunday Funday

    Very nice PEACH how do you make the video play?
  6. Sunday Funday

    Peach I thought you would miss us today! Nice photo I was looking for a place to sit and rest.do you mind? Hah hah
  7. Sunday Funday

    I think it would make the wrinkles come out of our stockings hahaha . How about motivation/challenge: can you do that and fold clothes at same time? Try! Haha need a lot of quarters for that type of laundry service! if only...
  8. Sunday Funday

    I like the way you demonstrate the toy. Awesome photo and thanx for the tip! Pun intended. Sunday fun? Is laundry fun?
  9. Sunday Funday

    Gadget and cc i must have looked in the wrong stores online. They want $200 approximately for these wands. It says $25.00 for gadgets wand. Ok I look again. Thanx big price difference
  10. Sunday Funday

    This model will hold the flutter tip? Or brand of wand I mean. They are expensive I do not want to make that big of mistake. thanx for the help! does this cum with a wand holder maybe? Haha experienced preferred. Lol
  11. Sunday Funday

    Ok I will, thanx. There are a lot of them but it says made for original wand. Now I am confused to which one it fits on. ?
  12. Sunday Funday

    I can't wait to order my happy happy joy joy toy! I couldn't figure out what that was. Lol thanx CC maybe I should order the wand first , I forgot that part. Kind of important!
  13. Sunday Funday

    Thanx Gadget !
  14. Sunday Funday

    I'll look on Amazon. , thanx CC
  15. Sunday Funday

    That's the one I ordered . Love it!