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  1. I'm new

    Welcome sounds like fun good luck
  2. Sexually at a loss

    Oh hunny I feel you. I don't have a special needs kid just one with loads of health issues. So we went through that as well almost exact same scenario. Try talking to him about how you feel he may not realize it at all. I know i did exactly what you described I pulled away so he thought I was nwver interested and he pulled away. I finally said look why do you not even look at me anymore? Unfortunately by the time it got to that point my relationship was done (other issues involved) but we had a long talk and I cried and realized he wanted different thimgs and had for a long time. Not to scare you I am out of the relationship it was hard atill is at times but I am happy now. I do things for me and I find that once again I want sex all the time lol. Maybe because I am single and not into casual sex so it doesn't happen often and I treasure it when it does. Who knows but I hope you find peace no matter what the solution.
  3. Anal question

    Ya well that partner was my ex husband so it won't be with him lol. I agree fully about being aware and going slow and talking about it. Thats the thing I would have been fine trying it had he informed me and gone about it differently. However it has made me slightly leery of it now but reading on here and talking to people is making me think about it again.
  4. Anal question

    Thanks for the advice and ya that was the issue before. We were having sex doggie style and he suddenly pulled out and stuck it in. No lube no warning no nothing and it was painful and completely a turn off to me.
  5. Anal question

    So I had a really bad experience with anal the one time I tried it. Anyway, been chatting with a few people lately and everyone keeps telling me how great it is. Is it really that great for a woman, I mean seriously? Is this something I should experiment with again with a better partner that won't hurt me? Just looking for peoples opinions and thoughts, do you enjoy it?
  6. I'm new

    No advice but sounds like a fun time. Good luck
  7. Pleasing My Wife Orally

    Let her know that you do it because you want to and you enjoy it. Knowinisthat a guy does it because he wants to and not because he thinks he has too is a big comfort booster. Also I enjoy knowing that he wants me to do it. Try slowly kissing down her abdomin and not just going right there. To me it is a build up thing. The guy I was last with would kiss and lick all up my thigh and on my lips but avoid actually touching my clit or going inside until I was literally writhing and bucking practically begging him to touch and taste me there. It was so exciting and frustrating all at the same time.
  8. Work and play

    Ya I am sure I could get someone but with security clearence where I work it will have to remain a fantasy until I transfer to my new office and see how that works out lol.
  9. Where Do You Masturbate The Most?

    I did it in my office while the staff was right outside the door. Unfortunately that is as close to office sex as I am going to get at the moment. But the thought of getting caught made it supper hot.
  10. Spanking

    Spanking can be fun but yes make sure he respects you if you ask him to stop. With my ex it started randomly, he caught me coming out of the shower and slapped my ass. I jumped of course and laughed it off. Then it became more commin if my ass was naked and near him it was getting slapped. I actually asked if he was mad at me once because he didn't slap it when I walked by. With this new guy...he knows I like the man to be completly in charge. We have talked about it and other things but haven't experienced it yet. So far just hair pulling amazing fuck me harder sex that I can't stop dreaming about. Anyway of it is something you are interested in go for it but do as they said earlier and have an exit strategy or safe word. Have fun?
  11. Large chested women

    I am DD and it is hard to fibd cute ones I can't imagine how hard it must be for you. I know this place sells bras and stuff but I can't seem to get the site open at the moment to see if they have what you want. However I have heard they do custom but I don't know prices. http://www.liviraelingerie.com/
  12. Work and play

    Thank you I never would have said something like that aloud before. I am enjoying voicing my wants especially since the group here is so open and doesn't mind such comments.
  13. Getting back out there

    I am learning that taking care of you is not selfish. I still struggle with that sometimes because it was never about me it was always about him. I wanted to please him and lost site of myself in the process. I still sometimes feel guilty doing things for myself. However the more time goes by and the more things I do myself the easier it gets and the happier I am becoming. You got this just enjoy being yourself for a little while.
  14. Getting back out there

    On the plus side you can tell us all about it because we don't know you and won't judge you. Plus you can say what you want from what I am learning and people are glad you did. Unlike our previous relationships
  15. So several people have commented on my post about being wet and wanting someone to bend me over at work. Today is exceptionally boring and I am looking for some fun. Lets see who can make us wet with their stories or comments. If you get me all excited I may share the story of how I solved the issue.