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  1. Pleasing My Wife Orally

    So it was totally unplanned, but we actually ended up having a really great conversation about the whole thing the same night as my original post. She sort of confirmed my suspicion that she wasn't a huge fan of oral sex, given that she seemed a little surprised when i told her I actually enjoyed it, but she was definitely open increasing the frequency (not only receiving, but also giving). I also expressed some of my fantasies in the better room, and to my delight, she wasn't freaked out by anything, and definitely open to trying some of it. I think the only disappointing part of the conversation for me was that she didn't have any fantasies of her own to share, but said she'd give it some thought. Now if we can just find some time to go down some of these roads :(. Having a 7 week old in the house (in addition to our 2.5 year old) definitely limits the amount of alone time we have right now. The fact that we were actually able to take a shower together yesterday (and yes, we did have a little fun in there) was a miracle in its own right!
  2. Kind of a multi part question here, and would definitely like some feedback from the women (though all is feedback is welcome). We don't engage in too much oral sex, but i really do enjoy eating my wife's pussy. I'm honestly not really sure if she just doesn't like oral, or if maybe i'm just a bit aloof down there. So first question, any suggestions to help make my wife more inclined to let me go downtown? Second (this goes back to the aloofness, and definitely looking for more responses from women), what techniques do you really like/really get you off? I'd love to be able to make her cum orally, and honestly am hoping that if i can make her enjoy receiving oral more, then maybe i'd get a little more in return. Thanks for the help!!
  3. The New Guy

    Hi all! I stumbled upon this lovely little site a couple of days ago. I'm 34, happily married to an amazing lady for almost 5 years and a father of 2 (2.5 year old and a newborn). Hoping to find some tips and new tricks to try out in the bedroom to add some spice to our sex life. Looking forward to the fun! Jeff