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  1. Diaper fetish

    Hi I wonder if I can tell about my pee sports in diapers in this thread?
  2. New member from sweden

    Hi Thank you so much.
  3. Masturbate in a diaper

    Hi I have found that diapers are excellent fetish objects both for pee sports and masturbation. It´s a special feeling when you masturbate in a diaper compared to masturbate without one. I do masturbate in my diapers about 8 times a day.
  4. My diaper fetish

    Diapers are crazy fun using for pee sports.
  5. New member from sweden

    Hi Thank you I will do so.
  6. My string panties

  7. New member from sweden

    Hi I am new member from sweden here. I am 47 years old, will be 48 in July 19. I have had a very rare neurologic disability since my childhood and one out of many symptoms from this disability is urgency iincontinence which is very common symptom from neurologic disabilities. I masturbate about 8 times a day with different technics, mostly I use a diaper. I have never had sex with a woman.