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  1. Wisconsin Cougar

    Real Life Swingers

    My husband and I got into the swinger scene after our daughter left the nest. For us it has been an interesting journey to say the least. Our journey started out with a lot of unknowns and wondering if it would effect our marriage. After a few meet and greets I am amazed at the number of couples that are in long term marriages that engage in the swinger life style. What is more amazing is we are both Bi and we fit right in with our group of friends. The only rule really is we swore a pact that we could play with any member any time but we must never stray from the pact so to speak. I cant stress enough how important it is to keep this pact as it could endanger the whole group with regard to STDs. There are 6 couples in our group and we all have to be tested every 6 months, we have monthly meetings to arrange, and discuss any issues that may be incurring. Also we vote on who will be hosting our next party. Once upon a time I would have never agreed to this lifestyle but I must say that I really enjoy my sexual freedom as it stands. Being able to privately please both the men and women in our group is liberating for lack of a better term and in a group setting everyone seems to be extremely comfortable. What is nice is that all of us live within 30 miles so individual get togethers are easy and frequent. Since joining we have hosted 3 parties and they are very popular as we live in a secluded property with lots of privacy. My husband knows that a few men from the group frequent my bed and I know he has female members of the group that he frequently beds. Bottom line is it is so important to establish the rules of conduct before engaging in the lifestyle. For us it has been awesome and we are not only sexual freaks but social friends as well.
  2. Wisconsin Cougar

    Wondering if I have turned into a whore

    Well I can assure you I do enjoy every minute. I have an awesome relationship it’s my husband. Of course my husband Is who got me interested in this-lifestyle. .
  3. Wisconsin Cougar

    Wondering if I have turned into a whore

    I have always enjoyed oral sex and cum and lots of it. In private with the hubby, I am always sucking his cock and getting my throat filled and here lately I can’t seem to get enough. Maybe it’s my age, I don’t know. All I know is it takes a lot of sex to satisfy me. Feeling naughty yesterday as my husband was out of town I was forced to call some friends that my husband knows about. When Steve arrived around noon, he let himself in and found me in the bedroom laying on the bed naked and waiting for him to feed me his cock. I told him Al was on his way over so don’t get to excited yet. When Al arrived it was time to play. Having 2 men ravage my body is almost too exciting. After my hungry mouth and pussy was full of wonderful cum it was time to head to the airport to pickup my husband. With a pussy dripping cum and my breath stinking of cum I greeted him outside the airport and gave him a huge kiss, he smiled and said you started without me, I smiled and said of course. Getting in the car I was wearing only my summer dress with no undies and he was feeling my cum soaked pussy and he was getting hard. I took my hand and got it all wet and rubbed it all over his face and he said who’s cum am I tasting, I smiled and told him both Steve and Al came over before I picked him up. Getting home he was hard as a rock and he lifted my dress, bent me over the counter and fucked me so hard it almost hurt, saying you fucking whore take this and the intense thrusts were meant to inflict as much pain a shot possible. Of course he knows I love it rough, he pulled out shoved me to my knees and drove his cock hard between my lips and spilled his cum down my throat. Settling down and now showered we had dinner and he was dressed in only a bath robe and I spent the evening slowly sucking his wonderful cock until I got my nightcap. If this makes me a slut, then I’m loving it.
  4. Since my husband and i opened up our marriage a couple of years ago, life has been awesome. We belong to a swingers group that has for all intense purposes became part our our extended family. Although he and I are generally Bi sexual we often engage is straight sex alot. We have some property that is somewhat remote and private so we are able to have lots of outdoor fun. This past weekend was simply gorgeous so we decided to host our group and as they arrived all ready to play it was funny to see the group all white as the long Wisconsin winter doesn't allow sun tans. Since joining this group they have become trusted friends that we not only play with but interact socially. My husband built a play room in the basement where we all play and its so much fun seeing everyone get along so well. The reasom i say this is at 1st if anyone is thinking about joining a swingers group, it isnt for everyone and we are so glad it worked out for us. I love the attention i get as we all play. Having multiple men competing for my mouth and pussy makes me all wet and horned up. Watchng the hubby fucking others is always a turnon and everyone just having fun. When he travels, i entertain 2 men of the group that live somewhat close, and i look forward to our mid morning/afternoon encounters. Lucky for me all i have to do is send a text to one of them and within an hour they are there to satisfy my desires. But i must admit, i have one guy is is younger, in his 30's that i love spreading my legs for, he is built like no other, stamina that wears me out. And a cock made for satisfying a cock whore like me. What really turns me on is when he cums he turns around and eats my cum soaked twat as i work at getting him hard again, within minutes he is ready to go again and then he can last for 45 minutes throwing me around the bed in every position you can think of and by the time he is done i am exhausted and sore but love every minute of it. So this past weekend, yep i was used as a whore and I love every minute of it.
  5. Wisconsin Cougar

    Here Is My 2nd Threesome Story

    Thats an awesome hot story sweety, glad it worked out. Last weekend my husband and I entertained a long time friend of my husbands from his collage days. What a fun and sex filled weekend we had. I love 3some stories.
  6. Wisconsin Cougar


    My husband and I have shared our bed with other's for awhile now and i can report that it has opened many discussions on our relationship. I think overall it has made our marriage better and more open. We talk about everything now and hide nothing. Our commitment to each other is stronger than ever. We both know that when we engage others for sexual flavor thats all its about is the fun of it. We still make passionate love, but with other its just fun and all about getting off. Watching him satisfy my girlfriend or he watching me get pounded by his buddy is something we really get into. We have plenty of 3somes that really gets intense sometimes and we don't want it to end sometimes. Communication is everythng.
  7. Wisconsin Cougar

    Longest Blowjob You Have Given?

    I for one am an avid oral person, the act of sucking cock is something I take seriously and enjoy every moment. I can make my oral session last as long as I want but I think the longest would be around 30 minutes.
  8. Wisconsin Cougar

    Penis Size

    My husband is very well endowed, I love his 8.5 inch thick cock but sometimes I think a little smaller average cock might be nicer. I know the average cock is around 6.5 inches which I love because sometimes in the heat of the moment my husband almost hurts me as he thrusts his monster in me. Honestly I love fucking a smaller cock but love sucking a bigger cock. His buddy who has been in my bed frequently does a great job with his average cock.
  9. Wisconsin Cougar

    Cream Pies

    My husband loves tasting his cum and often eats me after he has filled me with his cum. I have had some of my greatest orgasms as he eats my cream pie.
  10. I am a cock whore when it comes to sucking my husbands cock. There aren’t many mornings when he leaves for work without his balls being drained. His cock is something I desire almost every day. Even after a night of sex, I love tasting his cock in the morning before he showers.
  11. Wisconsin Cougar

    The Foursome Thing

    My husband and I have a couple of couples that we regularly invite into our bedroom. We have had some pretty intense parties here but have settled down to a select group of friends that we share our sexual desires with. 1st is trust, you have to be able to trust that they are clean and safe, 2nd would be trusting them alone when your spouse isnt around. We have an arrangement that when he travels if one or both of his friends need serviced they are welcome and eagerly taken care of. We both just love sex and everything about it. He just loves watching me give head to his buddy and i relish the thought of his big cock thrusting into my girlfriend.
  12. Wisconsin Cougar

    Oral After Intercourse?

    My hubby often goes down and eats me after he has cummed and its no secret that i love licking our juices off his cock afterwards. Often times it leads to more sex, which is never a problem for me.
  13. Wisconsin Cougar

    Women That Like Performing Oral Sex

    My entire married life and even before being married i always enjoyed the act of sucking cock. My husbands cock was the only one i had until we opened up our marriage. His 8 inch thick cock is very satisfying but i also enjoy the pleasures of his friends cocks as well.
  14. Wisconsin Cougar

    My pussy is always ready to rumble/

    Hello all, well things have been extremely crazy lately and my husband and I have been over seas for the last 4 months as he is working on an engineering project. We both couldn’t wait to get home to resume our life. We really missed our friends and we are preparing for a home coming party tonight. Hopefully it will be full of hot sex and lots of cum.
  15. Wisconsin Cougar

    Out Of Curiosity.......

    For my husband and I 3somes have been and still is part of our normal lives. Some say it can wreck a relationship while others say it helps. For hubby and I sex is just that sex, we are in love and totally committed to each other and can and do separate our sexual desires. We enjoy our 3 somes and play often. It’s not uncommon for me to please both my man nd our mutual friend, I love frequently enjoy my girlfriends and sharing them with my husband. I know he loves it!!!! That being said we always communicate and keep each other in the know as to whom we are with.