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  1. Well as everyone knows it’s been a hell of a winter here in Wisconsin, that said we meaning hubby and I set up a trip with hardand hung and his girlfriend, and yes I have permission to talk about our trip. As everyone knows my husband is an accomplished seaman, sailing our 34 ft sailboat all over the gulf and intercoastal waterways of Florida. We all flew into Miami and had our mutual friend pick us up and deliver us to our vessel, us girls went shopping while the guys readied the boat. Meeting up at the Hogs Breath for beverages we planned on a 6 Am departure from our moorings. Hubby is an early riser and couldn’t wait to set sail. Even though it’s only a 34 footer it’s alot easier to get under way with a minimum of 2 people, he pulls it off all on his own. The three is us sleeping off last nights alcohol we awaken to our vessel at full sail , mains are stretched, jib is set making 13 knots or so on clean seas. Heading due west towards Texas. I firmly believe that he is reincarnated as a seaman as he loves to sail and lives out his dream everyday we are underway. Manning the helm as he calls it as soon as we come on deck he barks out orders like some ol seaman or something and his language is nautical and no one can understand a damn word he is saying. Man the forhoist he says , what the fuck is that? Honestly he is a true sailor and I feel so safe when he is manning the helm. 13 hours, 14 minutes under sail before we reach a mooring point in the middle of the gulf, don’t ask me how we got here or how he knew how to get here but here we were in the middle of the gulf . Suspend the sails he orders, we dropped and folded sail and secured the deck for the mooring. Once tied off, he orders all hands to inspects the rigging and look for frayed whatever, line, sail or other issues that may result is failure. The rest of us just looked at each other and said,ship is sound and ready . Once we were tied off and secure, the party started. We have a wind powered generator that powers our batteries while underway and we had a full charge. Cooking dinner in the galley is simply awesome and the way he cooks is something I need to learn. After dinner we sat around talking' drinking and describing our sexual wants at the time, and in full display of nature only it took over. We did a full on partner swap that 1st night and wouldn’t you know it, my bastard husband was once again up 1st and setting sail. Fuck, how does he do it? My mind is in awe as he pilots this vessel through open water and hit his mark dead on. This post isn’t so much about the sex that we engaged in but the fun that like minded couples can have given the right chemistry, we had a lot of like minded fun but also shared my husbands sincere desire for the open sea and good close people who could also enjoy his passion. When he is on th ocean, it’s sea 1st, sex 2nd. He says in that order is how we survive the bitch he calls his mother.
  2. Any man and I I do mean any man who goes down on me after he has seeded me is defiantly getting round 2.
  3. I think the longest was around 15 minutes or so, but due to my extradinary oral skills most don’t last 5 minutes.
  4. Let me set the scene, its early morning Saturday I am in a Hotel in Dallas on a business trip, a manufactures show and after arriving yesterday and setting up the booth i checked into the Hotel and showered and laying in bed naked i called my husband and was hoping he knew someone that could spend the evening with me. We often turn each other on to our traveling friends. He said let me call you back, after 10 minutes he called back and said yea i have a friend that isnt doing anything tonight and will meet you in the Hotel lobby at 6:00, he is black and built and i would enjoy myself. I thanked him and got dressed or at least partially and went to the lobby and was pleasently surprised how good looking he was. We went into the bar and had a drink and we talked about how he knew my husband and learned these 2 have been friends for a long time. He said he too was Bi and loved their encounters. He works for the same engineering firm my husband works for so they see each other every couple of months. He says you need some company tonight and did i like what i saw, yes i said. we paid the tab and went to my room and i was impressed how respectful and kind he was. As our conversation turned naughty he said ever had black cock before, yes a couple times back home. He got off the couch grabbed my hand and guided to his belt and i undressed him and what popped out scared me alittle. This guy was hung like no other, i said i doubt that thing is going to fit, he smiled and said never know until we try. I got as much of his cock into my mouth as i could and after undressing me we were 69ing and he ate me like a pro, and i was so wet i wanted his cock bad and once he got it in, oh my fucking god he was gentle but firm in his movements and said sorry honey im going to lose it your pussy is so hot and i said we have all night so let it go. His fat throbbing cock unloaded and it was like a river. He pulled out and looked at me as if to say girl i aint done yet. After some teasing and licking he was once again ready to ride and this time he was throwing me around the bed like a rag doll. After 30 minutes he let loose another load and i lost track of my orgasms. We were both spent and he fell off of me and i asked him if he could spend the night. He said yes he could but had to get up early and catch a flight. I fell asleep kissing his wonderful cock and slept with my head on his dick all night, i woke up to him getting up to go to the bathroom and watching him walk back to bed seeing his cock swinging back and forth i was instantly horned up again and i spread my legs as he went down on my now unshowered stink and ate me good before once again mounting me. He rode me hard and fast and said sorry girl i really have to go. He got dressed and left as i sit here my pussy aches and hurts alittle i can barely walk but it is a good hurt. We will definitely be inviting him to the farm.
  5. I am convinced that I am truly a slut that loves men. My husband brought home a work associate to spend the weekend to go ice fishing and relaxing. After introductions my husband made some drinks and I made supper, wearing my house dress cut knee high we sat down and talked and relaxed and my husband said if I wanted to play he told him I probably would. Sitting across from him I let my legs open up a little to give him a peek at fuck pussy. After 10 minutes he kept staring at my crotch and He asked him if he liked what he sees, and he nervously said he’ll yea, he motioned for me to come over and I grabbed his hand and guided it between my legs and hubby said it’s all good, we share all the time so relax, have some fun. Still being shy I grabbed his hand and pulled him up from the chair undid his pants and make no mistake I have never seen a cock I didn’t like, his was no exception but his balls were so hairy and low hanging I creamed myself, his cock was uncut which with all the men I have been with his was the 1st uncut cock which to me was sexy as hell. I couldn’t wait to taste his meat and after a few minutes of sucking his gorgious cock when hubby said why don’t you guys go into the bedroom I will be in in a little while. With no forplay I got him naked and guided his cock into my wet pussy his fat hairy cock was working me good but as expected he blew his load right away. As as if on time hubby walks in sporting his super hard dick and told him to feed me his cock which he did as I got a good pounding trying to get him hard again which worked and and my hubby spilled his load smacked my ass and said your turn, and he once again slid his dick in as hubby sat watching us and started jacking off and after 10 minutes he lost his 2nd load and fell out of me as hubby took over. 4 loads of hot cum and oh my god the whole weekend was like that, needless to say not a lot of fishing going on.
  6. My 1st experience with anal was also brutal, my boyfriend I had before I met my husband was to say the least not so satisfying. He was a heavy drinker and would show up drunk and wanted laid, he too man handled me and bent me over my couch and just rammed his disk in my ass, I know I screamed and fought but he didn’t get to finish as I turned around and slapped him o hard he left pissed off. That was the last time I was with him ever. However now I really enjoy anal if done patiently and gental. I have had my greatest orgasmes getting my butt stuffed.
  7. Yea my husband doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he loves getting dicked by his buddy. Even I am amazed how many men go down anal avenue. I think it’s hot and love watching them play.
  8. This morning my husband left early for the lake to do some ice fishing and me still in bed i texted my 30 year old lover and he text back that he would be over in 1/2 an hour. Laying in bed with my toy he let himself in and as always was rock hard and ready to give me my favorite sex. There are not to many men who can cum and maintain a hardon and keep going. He just left, i have a hurting pussy from the pounding he just gave me, for over an hour he pounded me like his whore. Of course we know i am but just goes without saying i love being a slut. The best part of him is he knew i got laid last night and my pussy still smelled of sex and thats what really turns him on, and what turns me on is after he has pumped me for a while he slides his dick into my mouth and i can taste the nastiness of my pussy. He says smelling my pussy after others have fucked me really gets him going. He knows that i will always clean his cock for him before he leaves and my breath stinks of sex.
  9. I certainly wouldn't turn down seeing that gorgeous cock pounding me,
  10. After a long week of work my husband is extremely stressed dealing with the cold and demands of work and travel. After picking him up at the airport we stopped for dinner and out of the blue he said what is it that you want to do this weekend? Want to have a sex party, I’m fucking jacked up and want to play with others this weekend. I told him I was up for whatever he wanted, gangbang he said, I said sure if you are up to it. He said he has been emailing his buddies all week and they want to get together and even though we belong to a swingers group we have never had group sex with all our friends at the same time, so we made arrangements right there in the Applebee’s via text messages . One of my greatest fantasies is to host an orgy with all of us. By now my crotch is soaking wet anticipating the brutal fucking I was about to undertake. I told him that 5 men were a lot and I would call my girlfriend to see if she wanted to help me out, I called her and she was all in, Carmen arrived shortly before all the men arrived and when the others arrived we had drinks and decided to take in a soak in the hot tub, me and Carmen was flowing like a river seeing all them gorgious half hard cocks that would soon be pounding our hungry pussies. Once in the tub we have a rule, no fucking in the tub but if you suck a cock every drop must be swallowed. With 7 of us in the tub is was close quarters and I couldn’t contain myself, stroking Steve’s cock he got up and guided his cock balls deep in my throat and before long I had tasted everycock and they were bone hard. Carmen was doing her deal as well but she has never been with a group before, and at 1st she was a little shy but soon was fully engaged. Once in the house Carmen was getting fucked hard as I was, it seems the guys all were super horned up that I know Al and Steve got off multiple times, I tasted so much cum that I lost track of who’s cock I licked clean. Carmen had the time of her life as she was totally spent by nights end. When the boys left leaving us cum soaked and sore, Carmen wanted to spend the night so us 3 showered and went to bed. This morning I was awakened by the the sight of her getting my husbands morning cock, and I don’t know how he mustered up nother load but he pulled out and shot his load all over her face. What a full filling fantasy, finally fulfilled one of my desires to be with all our regular friends at the same time.
  11. Well for the record I have always considered oral sex the ultimate sex. When I have a dick deep in my throat is for me at least the ultimate. My husband is the ultimate giver, he absolutely loves me sucking his cock. When he is not traveling he knows he is going to get drained daily. His cum is my ultimate reward and I crave it, but I must digress, we share our bed with other men and I must admit that some men have different tasting cum which is fine but our friend Al has the weirdest tasting cum and I don’t swallow him much. Hubby thinks it’s fine but I m not a fan of it.
  12. Oh my, I doubt whether that thing would fit in my small play pen but it sure would be fun trying.
  13. Well my husband is finally home from his trip that lasted 6 weeks, neither he nor I have been faithful and he knows that i needed my pleasure. Picking him up at the airport is always a pleasure for me as i love sucking his cock on the way home. As i suck him he asks me how many times i spread my legs while he was gone, I get all worked up as i tell him of my sexual encounters, he admits that he too was a bad boy as he found a mutual friend that entertained him while he was away. I know his fondness of sucking and swallowing cum and he just excites me to no end when he talks about his adventures. Shortly after arriving at home with a belly full of his juice, we both took care of feeding and bedding down the horses we were enjoying an adult beverage in the barn and things got heated, i love it when he gets aggressive and forceful as he bent me over the tact chest and forced his meaty cock deep into my pussy, he got a wiff of my pussy and asked me who fucked me and i smiled and said Steve did before i picked you up, he smiled and said i love the smell of used pussy. After he made a deposit we went into the house and showered and as i made supper he asked me if i was up for a 3some tonight. I could only smile and said of course, who are you thinking about, he said him and James were getting together to target practice tomorrow but he sent a text asking if he wanted to come over tonight and play. James of course said hell yes and my crotch was instantly wet. I have had his black cock before and loved it, and i love seeing those two take their manhood's into their mouths and feed each other their cocks. I too must admit to enjoying sucking his cock and its even more pleasing when i am riding his cock to see my hubby sucking his balls. After a long night of sexual bliss we all fell asleep in bed and as we woke up i found myself once ahain being the good whore that i am.
  14. Time alone with my husband away is difficult during the Winter as i am basically all alone when it comes to clearing the snow and barn chores. Thankfully help is just a phone call away. After some doing i was able to find one of our mutual friends to come over to lend a hand and he arrived as i was finishing up feeding the horses and cleaning the stalls. With a snow storm coming i need the help in clearing the snow. I cleaned up and showered and as we showered his rock hard dick was poking me in the rear begging for some attention, i turned around to offer my mouth and he gently guided it into my throat. His big nut sack is something i enjoy playing with and it wasn't long before he gave me my reward. He knows my fondness of cock and cum and how he teases me all night. His kink is he loves to fuck for awhile then stop and relax and go again, that gets frustrating as just as im going to get off he stops. i will be walking by and he will grab me bend me over and pound me 2 or 3 minutes and stops. I told him that isn't going to fly tonight as i really wet and horned up and if he even thinks about stopping before i get off his balls will suffer. Just as we were getting busy our mutual friend had listened to his messages and decided to come over as well. I climbed off Tims dick and answered the door to let Steve in, all i was thinking was my night was going to be filled with lots of cock and cum. not being shy he was instantly getting undressed to join our party. Besides my husbands big dick Steves ranks right up there and i love riding him and of all our mutual friends he entertains me frequently. Being Steve was here i got used really good and afterwards we sat around talking and Tim said well if you are going to plow snow in the morning i may as well go home so he left us alone and Stave and I decided to have a strong adult beverage and relax in the hot tub. After a few minutes he sttod up to show me his now erect cock and invited me over, so i straddled his cock and just sat on it as we kissed decided to go to the bedroom to finish what we started. Not even drying off he bent me over the couch and pounded me into oblivion and i squirted all over making a mess. I cleaned up the mess as he stood there with a raging hardon and i grabbed it and led his to the bedroom where i finished him off and licking his cock we fell asleep and i woke up this morning sleeping on his awesome dick. He is out plowing snow but will be in for his morning sex. Yummy
  15. For the record I only normally play with my safe friends but sometimes my mind goes into warp speed and needs laid. That night in the barn when I saw his wonderful cock and those big low hanging balls was more than I could take and wanted nothing more than to feel them slapping my ass as he worked his cock. After our 1st adventure and seeing him sitting in the leather chair balls were hairy and inviting and serving him a drink I could hold back and was on my knees licking every inch of that hairy nut sack and tasting the the juices was too much. I am totally amazed at no matter who it is it seems all men have their own unique way of fucking, this guy had me in every position possible and I enjoyed every minute of it. Watching his muscles work as he worked his tool had me orgasmic and feeling his huge nut sack slapping my ass was so intense I can’t describe. Sharing my experience with my husband was exciting as he was happy that I was able to find someone to play with. I already know that a female coworker who is with him services him while they are away. It’s all good and fun.