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  1. Wisconsin Cougar

    Spring break in the Keys

    My husband and I maintain a 43 Ft sailboat as my husband is an expert sailor. We often take long trips on the boat and it is so enjoyable to be is such commentate hands, he has been sailing since he was a kid and knows Lake Superior like no other. This year instead of heading to the Atlantic side, we decided to do a Gulf trip this time and he plotted our course for Galveston TX. Anyone who knows sailing knows the challenges of sailing West but he makes it look easy. Hooking up with some like minded friends in Key West, we all met at the Hoggs Breath for adult beverages before heading to the mooring. Our group consisted of members from our swingers group that had never sailed before. Jeff made sure the boat was ocean ready and we loaded 2 weeks worth of supplies before a dawn departure. The 1st night we all got mellow and drunk and just hung out partying until someone noticed that Jeff wasn't among us as he had already turned in for the night as he is very strict about the safety of his passengers and his boat. So we all crashed and awoke to Jeff preparing to sail. He was already up at 3:30 AM and was untieing the moorings and we set out at 4:15 in the blessed AM, once underway he set the mains and jib and even though we were bucking a solid 15 knot wind we were making good time at 7 knots. Sunrise i made breakfast for everyone and a few were not feeling well, we were in 4 ft seas which made some uncomfortable but they toughed it out and it wasn't long before they got their sea stomachs and sea legs. We had planned for a 5 day run to Galveston and knowing Jeff he knew how to navigate and time our arrival. I too believe it or not am a certified Coast Guard certified sailor and the only one on board able to take the helm to make course adjustments and sail trim. Throughout the day he was steadfast on his watch even though he knew what was going on below, yes we were sucking and fucking most of the day. But make no mistake, through our 1st day Sally and Jessica made sure he was taken care of as well. By noon he was piloting our boat butt ass naked and we made sure to include him in the fun. To experienced sail boaters, there are mooring areas set up in certain locations. although certified to sail during night time hours we choose not to. We found the moorings and hooked up for the night and so ended our 1st day on the gulf. Once hooked and anchored he done a as he puts it sounding the boat and to ensure the next morning there are no surprises. However once he came down from the bridge he looked concerned but said the storm that was developing would most likely dissipate by morning. After telling him not to worry we all engaged in our favorite past time, yes sex and lots of it. After lots of rum and wind and rain we had a great time. Being out in the Gulf of Mexico and away from the rest of the world, i don't have the words to describe our intense enjoyment. As jeff puts it, all systems are ready and available, i hate sailor talk. But what he means is the generator, and all power is 100% available and we partied until 1:30 AM before being wore out as the men were tired. But just like he was a clock, he awoke and prepped our departure and we set sail at 6:00 AM. Underway Jeff was still naked and his cock smelled of cum and pussy, i re-leaved him so he could shower and smell more respectable. In the Gulf heat all he does is sweat and is soaked most of the day while the rest of us are comfortable in the A/C. We hit Galveston a day early, go figure i knew that was going to happen knowing him. Once there thats when the party really started, sailing back would take 2 days less so we had lots of time for matters that matter most. After 4 days of sucking and fucking lots of cock we had to head back. I would totally do this type of vacation again. our guests were impressed with Jeffs sailing skills and everyone got along famously. totally rocked my world.
  2. Wisconsin Cougar

    What Determines A Threesome

    Most of our 3somes involve either me bringing one of my girlfriends into our bed our he invites our regular friend who takes care of me when he is gone. I love the MFM thing the most. Both my husband and i are BI so we enjoy every aspect of sex from a mans perspective.
  3. Wisconsin Cougar

    Women That Like Performing Oral Sex

    I love talking about this subject, and even though we share our bed with others of both sexes, I can never get enough of my husbands dick. I know that there are lots of women out there that don’t like cum but this old lady loves it. When he is home he hates clothes and wears a long robe most of the time so I always have easy access to his cock. Any chance I get his cock is in my throat and he is filling me with the sweetest tasting cum I have ever tasted. The best part is driving down the interstate and truckers see me giving him head and they honk. So I can’t get enough. This morning he was still sleeping and I got him hard and he said women you are going to wear me out. He is kinda tired this morning as I had to get laid twice last night so he was spent but I managed one more load to start my day. Yes he went back to sleep.
  4. Wisconsin Cougar

    Wondering if I have turned into a whore

    Someone once said that sex falls off when we get older, i call BS on that. You know after raising the kids attending their weddings and being sexually deprived all those years while we attending plays, basketball, football, soccer games i find that getting older is sexy as hell. It was my husbands idea to open our marriage and since then its been so much fun and satisfying. As far as our marriage goes, we are stronger than ever as we both still are deeply devoted to each other. We have learned to separate are fun from reality. For me at least when my husband and I are intimate we are making love, when with others its just for the fun and sexual pleasure we both get from being with others. I love sharing my sexual pleasures with him as he travels for work, he shares his as well. Just this morning we were heading to the airport and i felt compelled to empty his balls on the drive there. Feeling horny and vulnerable after dropping him off i sent a text to his regular buddy for some early morning sex. He beat me to the house and with a rock hard cock took care of my morning needs. I am a cum slut when it comes to cum and i love sucking cock getting my fill before working him up again for what i know will be at least a 1/2 hour screw fest. So yes i do enjoy the company of others but if my husband said to stop i would but until then i will keep it going.
  5. Wisconsin Cougar

    Sex after Kids

    After being married for over 30 years and having raised our kids my husband and I never lost our love of sex. Now that they are gone and starting their own lives, we have come to enjoy not only our own sexual freedom but have a group of friends that we entertain as well. I still very much look forward and love our sex life, my husband still makes me feel like a queen. When he makes love to me it’s like the sweetest thing, and I always love our time together. But since it was mutually agreed to open our marriage up to others things have really sweetened up. We love sharing each other and we know how to separate our feelings from our marriage to just sex. We have cultivated our friendships with others and developed the all important trust. We consider life to be just that life and we intend on enjoying every minute of it.
  6. Wisconsin Cougar

    Wondering if I have turned into a whore

    Hey tiedupnaked, anytime i can get a man to jack off gets me off. Being home officed i get to be naughty alot. After sitting at my desk on conference calls for hours on end i really get horny and super worked up. Luckily i have friends that take care of me when the hubby is away. I am allowed to sexually gratify only 2 men when he is away. Steve and AL are always ready and willing to make me be naughty. Steve is more of a jackhammer as he loves pounding me into oblivion, riding his 8 in cock until it explodes is awesome. Mondays are kinda slow for me so Steve will come over around 10 in the morning and leaves around 11:00 or so. When i need a slow comfortable afternoon i call AL, he is 7 inches but he has the fattest cock i have ever seen. I have trouble getting my mouth around it. He is the only one from our group that i can't take anal. He is on his way over so my afternoon is full is you know what i mean. My husband is in California this week so i will be seeking their help.
  7. Wisconsin Cougar

    Wondering if I have turned into a whore

    Well hardandhung, I m exactly the same way. In public I act as though I am a one man women and for the most part I am, but in private with our secret friends. Memorial Day weekend was spent with family on the family boat fishing tubing and just a relaxing but very hot event. This past week we spent a lot of time after work mowing trimming and getting the house ready for the heat of the summer. Both the hubby and I were looking forward to our adult party yesterday and was not disappointed. My hubby and I had a long conversation regarding my need for lots of sex, he is good with it as long as it stays amongst our circle of friends and he enjoys that I love sex of all kinds. On the plus side for him I bring some pretty hot women into the mix And he has a great time giving them his meat. I know he has a favorite, as during our group fun he gravitates towards her. He teases me that she can squeeze his cock so hard it pushes him out. My greatest scene is watching him giving her what she really loves, hard core rough sex. Have fun people and keep it real and honest with your mates.
  8. Wisconsin Cougar

    Older Ladies

    Well Brad95, let me just say that when my husband goes down and eats me after after one of his buddies spills his seed is the ultimate turn on for me. It is no different than me eating his cream from my girlfriend. It’s like the ultimate topping to a great night of sex. I too wished you liv d closer, as I have 1 guy that I met on this forum that lives an hour south of me. And we have fun about once a month. However he is not Bi so our private time is just ours.
  9. Wisconsin Cougar

    Oral After Intercourse?

    As a home officed person, there are times when as I’m working I find my pussy really wet and needing a man to fill it. For whatever reason yesterday I was really horny and I figured since the Day was somewhat slow I texted my regular mechanic to see if he could get away. He owns a shop close to me and he has never let me down. He came over to find me already in bed, legs spread ready for his 34 year old cock that always gets me going. After he has cummed I always love cleaning his cock and tasting his and my juices which leads him to get hard again as he always does. After an hour of intense sex, he left and I was still horned up. So I showered and called my husbands friend and he couldn’t come over until the afternoon, damn I thought so I text Al and he could come over so he came over and gave me a good workout. After he left Steve arrived to find me showered and ready to play. We played for a couple of hours and I went to sleep satisfied. Waking up early this morning I was wet again and my husband called to see how naughty I was yesterday as I told him I was wet and horny. I told him it took 3 yesterday to calm me down. I told him I was going to call our mechanic again for a morning romp, he laughed and said you are such a slut , I love it have a good time. So he is on his way and he will find me like he did yesterday naked, legs spread ready for his gorgious cock.
  10. Wisconsin Cougar

    3some Frequency

    As a frequent lover of sex, I share my bed with our select group of men almost every day, My husband travels so I keep a select group of men that service me when I call them . But as for the 3somes or 4somes, those are always on the weekends and my husband is home participating. Only rarely do I I participate is a 3some during the week when he is traveling, we know a couple that if they get lucky and can get away from their kids will come over for a MFF .
  11. Wisconsin Cougar

    Real Life Swingers

    My husband and I got into the swinger scene after our daughter left the nest. For us it has been an interesting journey to say the least. Our journey started out with a lot of unknowns and wondering if it would effect our marriage. After a few meet and greets I am amazed at the number of couples that are in long term marriages that engage in the swinger life style. What is more amazing is we are both Bi and we fit right in with our group of friends. The only rule really is we swore a pact that we could play with any member any time but we must never stray from the pact so to speak. I cant stress enough how important it is to keep this pact as it could endanger the whole group with regard to STDs. There are 6 couples in our group and we all have to be tested every 6 months, we have monthly meetings to arrange, and discuss any issues that may be incurring. Also we vote on who will be hosting our next party. Once upon a time I would have never agreed to this lifestyle but I must say that I really enjoy my sexual freedom as it stands. Being able to privately please both the men and women in our group is liberating for lack of a better term and in a group setting everyone seems to be extremely comfortable. What is nice is that all of us live within 30 miles so individual get togethers are easy and frequent. Since joining we have hosted 3 parties and they are very popular as we live in a secluded property with lots of privacy. My husband knows that a few men from the group frequent my bed and I know he has female members of the group that he frequently beds. Bottom line is it is so important to establish the rules of conduct before engaging in the lifestyle. For us it has been awesome and we are not only sexual freaks but social friends as well.
  12. Wisconsin Cougar

    Wondering if I have turned into a whore

    Well I can assure you I do enjoy every minute. I have an awesome relationship it’s my husband. Of course my husband Is who got me interested in this-lifestyle. .
  13. Wisconsin Cougar

    Wondering if I have turned into a whore

    I have always enjoyed oral sex and cum and lots of it. In private with the hubby, I am always sucking his cock and getting my throat filled and here lately I can’t seem to get enough. Maybe it’s my age, I don’t know. All I know is it takes a lot of sex to satisfy me. Feeling naughty yesterday as my husband was out of town I was forced to call some friends that my husband knows about. When Steve arrived around noon, he let himself in and found me in the bedroom laying on the bed naked and waiting for him to feed me his cock. I told him Al was on his way over so don’t get to excited yet. When Al arrived it was time to play. Having 2 men ravage my body is almost too exciting. After my hungry mouth and pussy was full of wonderful cum it was time to head to the airport to pickup my husband. With a pussy dripping cum and my breath stinking of cum I greeted him outside the airport and gave him a huge kiss, he smiled and said you started without me, I smiled and said of course. Getting in the car I was wearing only my summer dress with no undies and he was feeling my cum soaked pussy and he was getting hard. I took my hand and got it all wet and rubbed it all over his face and he said who’s cum am I tasting, I smiled and told him both Steve and Al came over before I picked him up. Getting home he was hard as a rock and he lifted my dress, bent me over the counter and fucked me so hard it almost hurt, saying you fucking whore take this and the intense thrusts were meant to inflict as much pain a shot possible. Of course he knows I love it rough, he pulled out shoved me to my knees and drove his cock hard between my lips and spilled his cum down my throat. Settling down and now showered we had dinner and he was dressed in only a bath robe and I spent the evening slowly sucking his wonderful cock until I got my nightcap. If this makes me a slut, then I’m loving it.
  14. Since my husband and i opened up our marriage a couple of years ago, life has been awesome. We belong to a swingers group that has for all intense purposes became part our our extended family. Although he and I are generally Bi sexual we often engage is straight sex alot. We have some property that is somewhat remote and private so we are able to have lots of outdoor fun. This past weekend was simply gorgeous so we decided to host our group and as they arrived all ready to play it was funny to see the group all white as the long Wisconsin winter doesn't allow sun tans. Since joining this group they have become trusted friends that we not only play with but interact socially. My husband built a play room in the basement where we all play and its so much fun seeing everyone get along so well. The reasom i say this is at 1st if anyone is thinking about joining a swingers group, it isnt for everyone and we are so glad it worked out for us. I love the attention i get as we all play. Having multiple men competing for my mouth and pussy makes me all wet and horned up. Watchng the hubby fucking others is always a turnon and everyone just having fun. When he travels, i entertain 2 men of the group that live somewhat close, and i look forward to our mid morning/afternoon encounters. Lucky for me all i have to do is send a text to one of them and within an hour they are there to satisfy my desires. But i must admit, i have one guy is is younger, in his 30's that i love spreading my legs for, he is built like no other, stamina that wears me out. And a cock made for satisfying a cock whore like me. What really turns me on is when he cums he turns around and eats my cum soaked twat as i work at getting him hard again, within minutes he is ready to go again and then he can last for 45 minutes throwing me around the bed in every position you can think of and by the time he is done i am exhausted and sore but love every minute of it. So this past weekend, yep i was used as a whore and I love every minute of it.
  15. Wisconsin Cougar

    Here Is My 2nd Threesome Story

    Thats an awesome hot story sweety, glad it worked out. Last weekend my husband and I entertained a long time friend of my husbands from his collage days. What a fun and sex filled weekend we had. I love 3some stories.