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  1. My husband and I went to south Florida on vacation a few weeks back with our long time swinger friends on a sail boat for 2 weeks. The owner of the boat and his wife live on board full time and host us twice a year with 2 other couples. It starts off the same way each year, us woman go to the Hogs breath saloon as the men ready the boat. Its really the only time I really feel free to be me, out of site of shore my clothes come off, after rubbing some desensitizing cream on the boys we begin our romp in the hay. The taste of their cocks and the smells of well fucked pussy always keeps me in the mood. We litterly fall asleep at night with my head between a mans legs, I love our lifestyle.
  2. Well sweetie understand that my husband and I only play with very clean couples or singles. We have been married for 38 yrs, we married into a open sexual relationship, he is very bi sexual as I am, that being said we don't cut corners if thats the proper term. My husband and I started this lifestyle many yrs ago in collage. Upon marrying we decided to raise a family which we did never going out of bounds if you will. Being empty nesters we decided to engage in our collage type of sexual proclivities to the extreme. Both of us being Engineers he structural and me mechanical has allowed us to engage certain disciplines of sexual flavor. However there are certain individuals who we play with outside our normal circle. Being clean an d disease free is paramount in our play. Do we ask for a blood test before e I suck another mans dick, no!!!!! Do I question my husband when he brings home a man to play with us,No!! It all boils down to trust and intuition knowing the person is on the clean bandwagon. Do I love watching my husband suck a cock, absolutey, does he enjoy watching me suck and fuck another man hell yea. It all comes down to what you are comfortable with, thats all it is and nothing more, being honest who you are sexually is what its all about.
  3. My husband and I have certain friends who are like minded and we have fun with them often. Lucky for us our like minded friends are Bi as well so seeing my husband getting throat fucked is a common occurrence at our place. Both he and I love cum play, snowballing and just lots of oral sex.
  4. Not a day goes bye that I haven't sucked a cock to completion, I just happen to think that when a man jacks off and cums he is wasting it.
  5. Yea its not uncommon for my husband to come home only too find another mans cum leaking from me. I don't always shower afterwards as I know he loves finding me soaked and bred.
  6. I know what you mean, its only by the grace of my husband being able to hook us up in sexual relations. Fortunately for us he has cultivated our swinger groups to include many a fun weekend. We are both bi so getting a group together is not hard at all. It seems the older you get the more open to bi sexual play is found. These people we play with are just like us, introverts who generally hate being around other people but are content with close sexual ties to others. We just love the act of sex and its proclivities.
  7. My husband has a bent cock like that, I fucking love it to death.
  8. Hey all well its that time of year that hubby and I are planning our annual naked sail boat cruise vacation. I can't wait for July 24th and when that plane lands in Key West I will be moments away from total freedom. There are 8 of us so 4 couples who are like minded sex freaks. When we set sail I will have tasted all their cocks at least once, eating pussy, sucking and fucking will be the norm for 2 weeks on the sailing trip.
  9. Well sweetie sucking cock to completion is my game. There are no words to describe how much I love sucking dick and swallowing cum. I know full well most men love a good cock sucker and my aim is to never disappoint.
  10. Indeed I have a very exciting life and I love it, my boss is not only my boss but a trusted lover. When we travel we always go as a couple to not raise any suspicion . His wife is a total bitch and don't give him any pussy so its my job to fulfill his sexual needs. Does my husband know, yes he does, has he ever watched me fuck my boss, yes he has. Does my husband understand why I fuck him? yes he does. Does he question who I fuck while traveling no he does not, just like I don't question who he fucks or sucks when he travels.
  11. I can't speak for everybody but for me sucking cock too completion is the ultimate sexual pleasure for the recipient, for us girls who love cock and cum its the ultimate when a man squirts his load all over my face or my throat.
  12. That is so fucking hot wish my mouth was there catching it.
  13. Hey baby, my husband and I participate in 3somes all the time. Us naughty girls love the attention 2 men can give us.
  14. Well I don't know if supplements work but I can tell you my husband is 60 yrs old and still cums a lot. His libido is incredible and being a heavy cummer he always has more in reserve.
  15. Well sweetie it isn't for anybody, eating cum all depends on what your partner eats and drinks, harsh tasting cum reviews perhaps a bad diet. The boys I suck are all healthy eaters, of fruits and veggies. I swallow at least one set of balls and sometimes 2 if the timing is right. For me sucking cock is like breathing, I need it, I crave it every single day. All my lovers know I am going to swallow before they plow the hollow. My favorite part is after they cum down my throat is the time it takes to get them hard again. Thats normally when I get the best pussy eaten I have ever had is when they are trying to get it up again for round 2.
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