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  1. I Did It! I Squirted!

    Thats great news, hopefully you will have many more. Squirting orgasms are indeed life best pleasures.
  2. What Is Your Favorite Body Part On You?

    I am a very petite woman so I got shorted and got small tits, however my tight little bubble ass makes up for that. I think my ass is my favorite part of my body.
  3. Eating cum

    My husband has done that for years, he loves eating his cum out of me.
  4. We Had A Fmf!

    In our house you never know what may happen, that said my husband and I enjoy a circle of friends that feed our sexual desires. Since our kids are grown and gone living their own lives, we feel like we are 20 again. We often have them over for social and sexual parties. I met this gorgeous women a few months ago and she is recently divorced and we have had many a blissful get together. I talked her into a 3some with me and the hubby, she wanted to so bad that she begged for it right there. She has commented that he is very attractive and would love to meet him. She to is in her mid 50’s and has a tight gorgeous body. She came over for dinner and as we talked she was at 1st very nervous, but I calmed her down and she started to relax. After dinner she and I cleaned up the kitchen and Chuck was making beverages and he knew why she was there so he in a discreet manner walked up behind her and she felt his hardon. What happened next was so exciting that I got wet right away. Upon feeling his rubbing she couldn’t contain herself and reached around and rubbed his cock , well now that the ice is broken it should be easy from here on out. She looked at me for approval and I gave her the ok to do whatever. In a respectful manner he leaned down and they kissed very passionately and I knew it was game on. We retired to the living room and decided it was time for the hot tub, Becky said I don’t have a swimsuit and asked if she could borrow one, I told her that the hot tub has a no clothes rule, and as Chuck got naked and his half hardon was really turning her on. He went out and opened the lid and got the jets going and came back in to find Becky still fully clothed so he walked up to her and started undressing her all the while she was stroking his cock. We got into the tub and was enjoying our time together but I could tell she was still nervous, so to make her feel comfortable I slid over and started kissing her and fingering her pussy, Chuck followed my lead and stood up to reveal his rock hard cock and offered it to her, she swallowed his big cock with no reservations and it was game on. After some teasing we went into the house where now she was felling very comfortable and horny as hell. Chuck asked to watch me eat her pussy which I did while he fed her his cock. It wasn’t long before she was begging for him to fuck her so he slid his cock into her as I positioned myself over her face so she could lick my sloppy pussy and I could suck his cock . He was slowly working his magic when all of a sudden she screamed and squirted all over his cock. He pulled out to eat her pussy and she was going crazy. He had not cummed yet so we both shared his cock and as she licked his balls and he lost it, he grabbed her head and slid his cock between her lips and she swallowed his load. When he cummed, she was really wet and still not satisfied kept sucking his cock. I told her not to worry, let’s have a drink and he will be ready in a few minutes. We returned to the hot tub and after a half hour he was rock solid hard again,, and he lifted her up and drove his cock into her so hard she moaned and accepted the brutal fucking she was now getting. We went back in the house where he finished getting her off. We slept hard but I awoke to them fucking again. Since then she has been a frequent visitor and I must admit that Chuck likes fucking her as well.
  5. Our summer vacation

    This summer my Husband and I scheduled a very needed vacation. Our jobs keep us very busy and we couldn't wait to go. My husband being an avid sailor decided to rent a 42 Ft sail boat for 2 weeks. So we flew to Key West in the middle of July and he hooked up with the owner of the boat for a run down. we decided to spend our 1st night in port to catch some of the local night life. After visiting Mallory Square and a few local pubs we ended up dockside near the boat having a night cap. During our visit we overheard some couples talking and it was to say the least intriguing. There is not a shy bone in my husbands body so he listened for a bit and then he sprung into action. He asked them what was up and they explained that they were on their yearly sailing trip and they were all shall we say very close. After some details he asked them if we could tag along since he didn't know the waters. After telling them we were into their lifestyle they almost begged us to join them. I went over to meet the couples and it seemed like this was going to be fun. We all agreed to drop our moorings at 7:30 and we set sail heading south, through out the day it was a challenge getting used to such a large boat but his experience paid off and he soon mastered this craft. Under full sail and making 10 knots the seas were about 4 ft and we had a nice following sea as he calls it. The others were quite good at their vessels and we all were within a 1/2 mile of each other. It was wonderful watching him control such a large boat with confidence and skill. The reason I am adding this is I'm scared to death of large bodies of water but his confidence and skill had me enjoying myself. Throughout the gulf there are numerous huge mangroves out in the middle of nowhere, the radio opened up and the lead boat announced a course change and we reset our compass and adjusted the sails. It wasn't long before we were coming up on what I thought was an island, as we approached it turned out to be a huge mangrove patch. We dropped our mains and proceeded under engine power. Apparently this is where we would spend the night. We were barely moving until the 1st boat was safely tied up and we entered the channel and my job was to attach the bumpers to the railing, he positioned the boat for a final tie off. After an hour all 4 boats were secure for the night. After getting settled in and the drinks started flowing we were all laughing and just having a great time, however as the night progressed things started to get interesting. Being the newbies in this group we were not sure how to get things going and just rolling with the flow when the skipped from the lead boat came over and asked so what is it you are into. He stated that we were open minded swingers and enjoyed the lifestyle back home. After some sexy teasing he said he and the others are usually naked by now and my husband said no problem, he slid out of his shorts and then everybody was naked. God it felt wonderful to be out in the middle of no where naked and with like minded friends. The 1st night was blissful and I got to taste all the cocks in the group and tasted pussy as well. My pussy got stuffed multiple times and filled with lots of hot creamy cum. The whole evening was one big orgy and it was the most erotic experience I have ever had. We woke up in the morning in a pile of naked people, too much Rum I suppose. We all went skinny dipping in the warm gulf waters to clean up and we climbed aboard our boat to rinse off with fresh water. We as a group decided since the 1 st night was so awesome we would remain there for another night. And the same hot steamy orgy went on until everyone was spent. The next morning the men were plotting our course to our next destination. It would take 20 hours of sailing to arrive at our next private stop. We pulled out around 6:30 AM and started heading north by north west. We arrived at 3:30 in the morning and layed up until the sun came up so we could navigate the narrow channel. The day was spent resting and napping. Being comfortable with our new friends I found it easy to walk around this tiny island naked with our new friends. One of the guys named Chip was out laying in the sun and relaxing. He motioned for me to come over so I went over and admired his gorgeous body. He asked me how I was liking the trip and I admitted to saying it was the best ever, as we talked he was slowly stroking his gorgeous cock. With just him and I on that very small piece of land I slid his cock between my lips and worked it into a full blown hardon and my pussy was so wet I climbed on top and rode his cock like the bad girl I am. After a 1/2 hour of slow steady fucking he filled me with his marvelous cum. The rest of the trip we exchanged husbands and wives and it was the most intense and satisfying experience I have ever experienced. We all decided to make this a yearly get together and I cannot wait for our next trip in May of 2018.
  6. 69

    I think the funniest 69 story I have is we were getting busy, I was on top sucking him deep and he had his face buried in my pussy and licking my ass. He got me so excited that I squirted hard and pushed my bottom down hard on his face covering him in my juice and so much so he had to push me off as he coughed and tried to catch his breath. He said Christ woman, I thought I was going to drown.
  7. Deep throating like a Pro!

    Sucking my husbands cock is my favorite past time. Over time I have learned how to swallow his whole cock and work my throat muscles messaging the head and most of the time he gives me my reward. I am not shy in letting him know how much I love his cock, when he is home he knows I will swallow a couple loads a day. I have tasted cum that was kinda salty but his is really sweet tasting, I suppose its his diet of lots of fruits and other healthy foods but his is the sweetest I have ever tasted.
  8. Love CUM

    Don't feel bad, my husband loves to swallow his own cum, makes me compete for it.
  9. How Long Are Your Masturbating Sessions?

    I couldn't agree more, I'm home officed and I always edge myself for hours while on boring conference calls. I normally have a vibrator on low and have had multiple orgasms at my desk. I also tease my ass with a butt plug and thus get double the pleasure. My husband can often times tease his cock for hours and have me lick the precum which is the best.
  10. Masterbating Men

    I really love watching him stroke it. He sometimes like to cum and then he can last a lot longer in bed. He has a huge sex drive that even after a night filled with fucking, he wakes up still naked and beats off beside me. He then cuts on me!!!! I love it.
  11. Is Watching Porn Cheating?

    It is definitely not cheating, for 30 years my husband has either masterbated to hustler magazine and since the internet he watches porn. He is not shy about it. Seeing in front of the computer naked and jacking off his boner makes me all wet.
  12. Music Or No Music During Sex?

    I 2nd that, I love hearing him moan and groan as I swallow his cock. I love it when I hear his balls slapping my ass as he is thrusting away.
  13. Age Differences When Dating

    OMG I love watching Sonia, If I could compare myself to anyone it would be her. Love watching her take cock. My husband and I were talking about making our own video. Only he wants me to be like his favorite, cream pie Kathy. I have only been with 3 men at the same time but it was such a huge turnon having all the cum leaking from me. Now if only I could pull off the hat trick as my husband calls it. All three holes filled and taking cum at the same time. Now I'm all horned up, I better call Steve to see if he wants to play this morning. Keep jacking, wish I was there to catch it.
  14. Older Ladies

    Well if you don't think we have some wild times out here you would be wrong. I have sucked more cock and fucked in the sun so many times I could begin to count. My husband is more of a nudist than I am, I love watching him relax with his Bourbon and his beloved cigars after work. He loves being naked outside and really don't care who drives up the long driveway.
  15. Age Differences When Dating

    The biggest age difference for me is quite a lot , I am 54 yrs old and he is 30 yrs old. My husband knows he services me weekly and endorses my activity. He is a mechanic at our local garage where we get our vehicles serviced. How we met was quite unique and hot. It was a Saturday and my husband sent me there to get the car serviced, to my surprise he was the only one working that day and he was bored and was appreciative of my business. He is a very attractive young man and a body that would make any woman wet. As he worked on my Yukon I kept noticing him looking at me, so I thought I would give him something to see. So I sat there and was discreetly finger myself my knee high dress easily exposed the play pen. When he was done I could tell he was all hot and bothered and as I approached the desk to settle the bill I could see his cock was outlined in his pants. When he talked he sounded all nervous and shy, and when he sat down to write up the bill I jokingly said I think you left a tool in your pocket. He got all nervous and turned red and was embarrassed and was so nervous he couldn't hardly write. I reached over and rubbed his cock through his pants and said don't be shy its OK . He didn't pull away so I rubbed it awhile and after a while I told him that my husband is up North tending to the cabin and if he wanted to come over he was welcome. Being a Saturday they close at noon and I left around 10:30 or so, he said he would love to come over for a beer and to visit. I went home and figured he wouldn't show up so I started weeding the garden, when a big pickup came down the driveway. Now I didn't know where he lived but he was all showered and dressed in clean clothes and it was only 12:45. I met him in the driveway and I noticed a pleasing bulge in his pants. I invited him in and gave him a beer. Still nervous he sat there and I noticed a wet spot in his jeans, this guy had precum leaking and I didn't mean to embarrass him but I said your leaking, he looked down and turned red. I said relax let me take care of that for you. I got him to stand up and I worked at getting his pants undone and by the time I got it out he was full blown hard. His young and eager cock was ready for whatever I wanted it to do. I slid my lips around his cock and he went crazy, and I no sooner deep throated it and he tried to pull me off as he was cumming and I swallowed every sweet drop. As I finished licking his cock he figured he was done, not. I led him to our guest room and finished undressing him and I undressed and went back to work getting him hard again. For a young man he was really good at eating pussy and as he got hard again I could tell he wanted to fuck me like the whore that I am. As he worked his cock in me he whispered where do you want me to cum, I told him where ever he wanted and he started pounding me and blew another load deep in my well fucked pussy. Now it was only 2:00 in the afternoon and he already let loose 2 loads. As we rested for a minute I went down on him to lick our juices off his cock and just like my husband he wanted to eat me some more. I jokingly said you know you just came in me and feeling confident he admitted he loved tasting his own cum. I gladly gave his access and he turned me around and we were 69ing as he got rock hard again, ah the joys of a young cock. This time it lasted a lot longer and when he came the 3rd time he was spent. I was feeling good and after talking I told him I want a weekly appearance and we been seeing each other for 6 months now. Gotta love young cock.