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  1. Try not to judge 🙏🌹

    I absolutely love this
  2. I just love zodiac signs😁

    I can definitely relate to mine
  3. Moon Monday

    I’m not sure if I’d be very good at being a dom but vin diesel as a slave... oh my. 😮
  4. Moon Monday

    I haven’t really thought about latex, but I own a pink collar... I haven’t had the chance to try a whole lot but I love being restrained and spanked. I have fantasized about ddlg domination. But I’m up to try new things😉 Yes he looks bossy, I might step out of line just to let him punish me😁
  5. Moon Monday

    I’d love to board this plane.😍
  6. Two For Tuesday

    Well since I missed moon Monday. Happy Two for Tuesday!!
  7. ♒😈💋

    Heaven I’m a lover. Hell I'm a cop. Hmmm...
  8. Tits For Tat Thursday

    Thanks. It’s been awhile
  9. Tits For Tat Thursday

    Happy Thursday