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  1. Hot Pussy! - Ttpw

    Now I'm completely unable to resist opening up my pants, pulling out my now-hard cock & stroking myself. CC, that pussy of yours looks incredible! Such hot, erotic pix! Is that all your wetness or lube?
  2. Sunday Funday

    I'd like to see your story. Where would I find it? Is there any way to send me a link to it?
  3. hoot

    Pix in the dark don't turn out so well. At least they're not too revealing. LOL
  4. H. Housewife

    Turn on some lights! lol
  5. self picture

    It's curious to me that the faces don't look at all like the same person. I mean no disrespect & apologize if I'm off base, btw. I love self pix too, but are these all yours?
  6. Wifes New Photo

    Wow! I just went through this entire thread & gotta say I LOVED the pix! You are an incredibly lucky man -- you have an extremely willing wife with a huge appetite for sex and loads of kink (based on all I read above) . Of course, what makes you even luckier is that you don't let jealous -- instead, it sounds like you love to watch other guys fucking her! Lucky, lucky, lucky! I really appreciate your sharing all of these pix with us! Very kind of you! Keep them coming!!
  7. Masterbating Men

    Dude! Really? Damn!
  8. Masterbating Men

    That's so hot! I don't really now why, but it's so much more exciting when a woman swallows.
  9. Tits For Tat Thursday

    Great pic. Great tits.
  10. For all the heart broken people

    Are you ok?
  11. Tits For Tat Thursday

    Get to work at soaping up in the shower? OR....back to the necessary but icky tasks that make me money? I'm guessing the latter. lol
  12. deleted

    I've very sorry about your loss.
  13. Tits For Tat Thursday

    Beautiful boobs, CC! Very erotic photo, too. You really know how to snap a great pic! I can easily imagine my lathered hands gliding all over your body too. Mmmm... Thx for the great post!
  14. I Want You To Watch... (Part Two)

    Where's PART THREE??
  15. Post some pix, so we can all admire & appreciate that cute darriere!