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  • Interests Watching her masturbate/orgasm/etc. Sexy pix/videos. I'm very visual. Non-sexual likes: outdoors, swim, garden, my dog, working with my hands...

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  • Briefly Describe your last sexual encounter: Massaged her for 90-min w/ coconut oil & while massaging her back & ass, slipped in my cock.
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  • About Me My sex drive is much higher than her's & maybe anyone else I know.
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  • What is your age & gender? Male 50

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Was married young & divorced after 20 years. Tried navigating thru the (very different) dating world. Dating the same lady for 2 yrs. Sex with her is better than I've ever had (that's mutual for her). There's just not enough of it. I've got a very high sex drive that's been just as high throughout our relationship. Meanwhile, her's just keeps dropping. Unless I bring it up, sexual thoughts almost never even cross her mind.


(Wow. What a depressing introduction)