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  1. Zking


    No. A woman I know
  2. Zking


    I want a 3some with my girl (mfm). I want to watch her get fucked and then eat her out sucking the other guys cum out of her. How do I do I tell her?
  3. Zking

    Eating cum?

    My girl and I French kiss with her mouth full of my load. She and I love cum. Any guy she brings home ,we share his cum.
  4. Zking


    Took rods out. Put curves in. Girl loves them!
  5. Zking


    All new piercings
  6. Zking


  7. Zking

    Hi I'm Erin

    Hi. Welcome. My girl has 7 toys. Clit massagers to 7and a half " big one? .we both use them on her. So what ever you want, go for it. She had me Pierce my cock and loves that to.
  8. I'm that way but have a girl that likes to watch me suck off a guy and share the cum with her. We go together and find a guy she likes and can explain to him! Usually works!
  9. Zking

    Hey, I'm Nydra

    I suggest you really take the big first step. I was like him and my girl got me started. She would say things like cum in me--i want to see you cum etc. It got me involved in the same. It now is amazing. Just try
  10. Zking

    Always horny

    Nice cock. Mmmmmmm
  11. Zking

    2016-08-05 09.27.23.jpg

    You are awesome. I'd eat you for hours!
  12. Zking

    Sex talk

    Hey. I'm jacking off now. Show me pics and I'll cum!
  13. Zking

    haii everyone, its me again.....

    Oh ya! I'll do it. I want to see your cum. I'll show mine. I'm hard now
  14. Oh ya! I like seeing both,. Pussy and cock
  15. Zking

    Pics of me waking up horney 😈

    Cum in mouth. I sallows but I give a big taste first