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  1. Duckerz

    Hello all

    And yes I am a huge Futanari (dick girl) fan esp the she-demon types. RPG mreow!
  2. Duckerz

    Hello all

    Brand new to this site and sex toys. I’ve researched some and looked for years but put it off thinking it was embarrassing. Eventually stress in life and aches and pains led to to wonder if toy play would be helpful. It worked wonders. First I meditated and fantasized a lot and dropped that guilt and shame thoughts. Then I got the courage to order. I am celibate and a bit of a loner in the regards of sex. Considering my rather isolated location sex toy play fits perfect. From watching some comics had fantasized about a Sex toy spit roast. (I believe that’s the term). So, with the free sample and a purchase of astroglide and the ultimate g-spot vibrator I was ready to go. free cock ring was awesome, bullet vibe, and the 9” realistic cock vibe for oral practice. Condoms for day cleanup. and when done remove batteries and wash them up. its a fun venture. I need to get a sleeve next and will look up ones that work great for vaginal oral simulation as well as penetration. and I thought I was done with toys. cheers.
  3. Duckerz


    Yep, mailing was very discreet. A double thumbs up.
  4. Just started but have always been fascinated. The 3 free toys went to good use with astroglide (I will get a proper anal lube next. I used the vibrating bullet & ultimate g-spot vibrator. Worked great but I will get prostrate toys soon. Later I coated the 9”vibrator and coated with astroglide (hope too timid gets strawberry) and tried practicing sucking, licking, and deep throating. Was as fun for my first time and relaxing. The stress melted away.