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  1. lis

    First few pics

    Very nice & very sexy!
  2. lis

    Favorite toy.

    Clitterific & the glass g-spot them!!
  3. lis

    First ever purchase

    What did you buy???
  4. lis

    tell the truth! does size matter?

    Brian honey this just means you have to get really good with your tongue & fingers. The average length of an erect penis is 5.16"....1" doesn't put you in the tiny penis club.😘
  5. lis

    Trying to get wife to..

    I guess you are right. But guys want to do this but they want you to be tight too. I just don't get it......
  6. lis

    Trying to get wife to..

    I'll keep mine tight keep your fist out of it!! I think it's just gross!
  7. I love watching a guy masturbate & cum! Love it!
  8. lis

    Trying to get wife to..

    I don't get fisting! I'm happy a whole hand can't fit in my vagina! Wtf
  9. Use a lot of lube to start. I think spooning is the best way to start off doing anal because it's harder for him to go fast or hard. Just take it slow you should adjust.
  10. lis

    Too big?

    Yes the alcohol probably helps her relax and loosen up a little. When she isn't drunk she's probably afraid of the pain and tenses up. So if she came a lot she actually really likes when you are completely in she's just afraid of it
  11. lis

    Too big?

    Have you tried her on top? Have you tried a lot of lube? Maybe try more foreplay and really get her extra into it
  12. lis

    tell the truth! does size matter?

    I personally don't think size matter When talking about a man's's all in what they do with it & their tongues & fingers. But it's different with a dildo (for me anyway), I like variety & thickness is more important than length.
  13. lis

    cheating on spouse

    So true!! I can't imagine 35 years of it!
  14. lis

    Never had an orgasm during sex

    I never have either....well now I do with oral but only with 1 guy. Have you had something traumatic happen during sex?
  15. So sorry...she should enjoy giving you pleasure also not just taking it! Very selfish!!!