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  1. lis

    Where’s my G spot?

    Yes now that I found it the toy doesn't matter! But I still love that glass dildo!!!
  2. lis

    Where’s my G spot?

    7" G-SPOT GLASS DILDO View 7 Review(s) Write a Review $25.95 In Stock Part Number:TCGL71 Let this classic glass dong be the jewel of your eye! Dual pleasure ends are sure to satisfy you. Elegant design Bumpy texture for extra stimulation Bulbed tip for g-spot massage Made of high-quality glass Perfect for temperature play BUY THIS!!!!! Maybe buy 2 lol cause I just used it in my ass this morning and it was amazing!!!
  3. lis


    Thank you!!! LMFAO
  4. lis


    This did it for me!!
  5. lis

    Just me ☺

    Welcome! Sexy! & nice cock too!
  6. lis

    On your knees

    OMG that is hot
  7. lis

    Glass Toys Vs Others

    You're welcome!!! Clitterific is great too! Not glass but great.
  8. lis

    Contemplating a new "adventure"

    Yes get yourself out and heal yourself before going into something else. If that other person is worth it, they will stay a friend and help you and wait until you are ready. You don't need to take abuse from anyone! Good luck!
  9. lis

    Love of Cocksucking

    I love It. I've never had cum I didn't like.
  10. lis

    Anal question

    When trying again, try it while spooning. It's harder for the guy to get too into it and forget what he's doing until you are ready. Use lube but not too much that you aren't feeling how great it actually feels once you adjust.
  11. So true....I have a hard time when with a guy & it's not the guy it is me. But by myself I can orgasm multiple multiple times!! Clitterific and a bullet do it for me every time & for g-spot the glass g-spot dildo from tootimid is amazing! Try those if you haven't.
  12. lis


    Hi! Welcome!
  13. lis

    Hi, I'm new.

    Rabbit vibes don't work for me....they don't hit my clit in the right spot. That's why I like the bullet vibe, I can put it where I want it.
  14. lis

    Hi, I'm new.

    The best way I have an orgasm is just a dildo in me and a bullet on my clit. It doesn't even take movement with the dildo, but I definitely need the bullet. The best orgasm I've ever had, which just started a few months ago when I got the glass dildo, is a g-spot orgasm. It feels completely different but it is a different release.
  15. And this site has discounts, free gifts and free shipping when you spend I think $35. Everything I've gotten is top quality.