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  1. lis

    What should I do?

    if you are on the couch, bend her over the arm of it or put her over the back. That way you aren't on your arms so much. Or have her straddle you. Mix it up!!!
  2. Wow the other story please!!!!
  3. lis

    What should I do?

    Also try switching positions...because lets face it exercising isn't going to solve the problem right now.
  4. lis


    Hi Lexy!! Clitterific & a bullet! You can't go wrong! Pm me if you have any questions
  5. lis

    Oral After Intercourse?

    Oh he does a great job complaints here!!😜😜
  6. lis

    Should I feel bad..

    So true!!
  7. lis

    Oral After Intercourse?

    Everyone loves it & now I'm jealous cause I've never had it done! I've given a blow job after sex but never been eaten☹️
  8. lis

    Can you help me discover my true self?

    What are your options?
  9. lis

    Should I feel bad..

    Don't tell them & have at it! My family doesn't know's ok!
  10. lis


    That is a beautiful cock!!!
  11. lis


    Hi! Welcome!! Just'll never know until you ask. Or just go down, if she doesn't like it or is turned off by it, you'll know.
  12. lol I would love to see her face when it starts to vibrate!!!