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  1. Hi Jennifer! Get yourself very turned on and wet. Go slow with small slow strokes and go a little deeper with each stroke, if you start feeling some pain just left it stay where it is until you adjust to the size. A vibrator or small bullet vibe on your clit will make it very enjoyable. Good luck!!
  2. Where is the chat room? I don't see it listed anywhere & I thought I read somewhere that it was gone
  3. Yes I'm not one to snuggle all night but for a while after I love it.
  4. Wow I'm very sorry that your wife makes you feel this way. I, myself, think size doesn't matter it's all what you do & feel. I cum more from oral & a good fingering than I do from sex. Maybe she has more of a problem than you do.
  5. lis


    I talked to a guy once who said he could suck his own but I never saw it.....I guess get flexible
  6. Clitterific & the glass g-spot them!!
  7. Brian honey this just means you have to get really good with your tongue & fingers. The average length of an erect penis is 5.16"....1" doesn't put you in the tiny penis club.😘
  8. I guess you are right. But guys want to do this but they want you to be tight too. I just don't get it......
  9. I'll keep mine tight keep your fist out of it!! I think it's just gross!
  10. I don't get fisting! I'm happy a whole hand can't fit in my vagina! Wtf