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  1. lis


    Welcome! I love Texas!! Can't wait to see what you share.
  2. lis


    Welcome! I'm fairly new to the site too!
  3. lis

    Gang bang!

    Jealous!! Make sure you tell us about it!
  4. lis

    Gall Stones

    I think once your gallbladder produces stones it always will. Like people that get kidney stones, usually they keep getting them. And you can function without your gallbladder so why not just take it out. I don't think I'd risk the pain of possibly getting more stones.
  5. lis

    Is it to big?

    Clitterific is my favorite!!! You shouldn't be disappointed & I think the size is just perfect.
  6. lis


    How old is she? Has she ever had her thyroid checked? Before I went on my medicine I had no urge for sex for years.
  7. lis

    Breaking up with my girlfriend

    Yes. If she's looking for someone else she isn't happy and if you are thinking about ending it you aren't happy either.
  8. lis

    Gall Stones

    I had my gallbladder out. My surgeon said stones are either fat or calcium. Fat stones are bigger.
  9. lis

    Intro Pics

    Thank you! So I'm curious about the piercings...
  10. lis

    First time pic

    Beautiful cock, I'd give you a good sucking
  11. lis

    I Am The Milkman

    OMG!! How big are you???
  12. lis

    Intro Pics

    Beautiful cock!!! Makes me want to suck it!
  13. lis

    Help Me Perform Anal On My Man!

    You are definitely picking the wrong women!
  14. lis

    New to this

    Hi! I've never been on a forum before! Very new to this. Any hints?