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  1. And the higher up he hits the more pussy points he gets. And when he gets 10 points he gets a early morning start the day blow job start to finish
  2. I have 2. First is saying sex cant be good unless you have an orgasm. Next is if your woman masturbates too much she will not desire sex with her man
  3. Great tits and ass. Love the tat up the spinal cord. Good cum shot target
  4. Go to members personal shots under SUNDAY MORNING
  5. Ohhhhh thats delicious. Now im thinking about it again
  6. Thank you so much my dear! Wonder who and what i was thinking about to get that boner? Any guesses?
  7. Welcome lyn. This is a great place to let it all hang out no matter how kinky
  8. Just thinking of some of the members on this site
  9. Very nice. Love a good shaved ass
  10. Well the internet is full of them....just saying
  11. M1959P


    Im sure it will be worth the wait
  12. M1959P


    I 2nd the motion for some pics. Maybe even as simple as a classy lingerie pic.šŸ˜‹