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  1. Nothing better than a big ol facial. Mmmmmm
  2. Big beautiful boobs. And they seem to be tanned. Has she been sun bathing naked on the back deck again?
  3. You're a lucky dude to have that setup. Wish i did. Good story
  4. Oh my just thinking of what i could do to you with my dog like tongue
  5. Yes my love i missed you. Thanks so much for sharing that hot beautiful sex machine body of yours. You are a goddess
  6. The pic with you on all fours is the best. The small bits showing from your lower half through those great breast pushes the imagination to the awesome sight if entering you from behind.
  7. Great tits. Looks like my wifes. Wonder if the rest of you looks anything like her.
  8. And the aroma of two hot juicy cumming pussies would be more than i could handle.
  9. Would love to watch that. The thought makes me hard
  10. I have a question. Is he on any kind of statin drug?