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  1. Annabelle: would love to be between those legs, delving deep into your pussy and ass with my tongue! We to are looking to have my wife/me cuckolded. Been married over 10yrs.. have a great marriage and a GREAT sex life! We do dp with dildos.. BUT it's not the same. Want to dp her with another man in her to. Wanna feel his dick in her cumming, only seperated by her pussy wall, feeling him cum in her.. Im around 8" but girthy.. just want to have my wife get "owned" by another man that's bigger than me. Hold her and look into her eyes when she cums than eat her out. Good luck in your quest!
  2. Juan

    slidenafill vs cialis vs vigara

    Sildenafil has worked for me. Got a script from leomonaide health.. 100 mg tablets 10 doses for 100$. Aint cheap, but along with some herb! (Yes reefer always intensifies orgasms) can get an erection lasts a couple hours. Have experienced stuffy nose ( side effect) and have a difficult time cumming sometimes. Thats ok with the wife lol. Have had her literally panting and trying to push me off of her!! Don't know about cialis, never tried it. Best bet is to at least talk to ur doc.. seeing if you can take ed meds. Might be a little embarrassing, but if he says ur fine. GO FOR IT. Your mate will appreciate the hell outta it.
  3. Juan

    Anal fuck machine

    I don't trust "machines" broken, defective you name it and the $ could be in the 100's.. nothing like your wifes finger or dildo. Saves $ and a WHOLE lot more sexy!!
  4. Juan

    Oral Sex Positions!

    Been a while since I posted... prone baby best way to get at both holes, especially if you like rimming you wife!
  5. Last2: personal ? Has she gained weight? Personal experience my wife has put in a few lbs. and is extremely self conscious. Bought her a pair of panties and stocking sets. Talked her into putting them on and did nothing but praise her and how she made me soooo hot. Told her she was like a fine painting and the lingerie was the frame! Worked for me. Gotta praise and compliment
  6. Juan

    New to the site not the life

    Ish.. finally got the 3some we've been fantasizing about last week! Finally got the balls to ask my ol gym buddy ( nicknamed horse!) he always had the hots for my wife lol. Would love to get into details, it would be a page of typing. fucklicking is the way to go!
  7. Juan

    Into Your Own Cum

  8. Juan

    Into Your Own Cum

    Yup, isn't a relationship all about pleasing ur mate. I know some woman don't swallow,lol. My thoughts are thats one of the most personal thing you can do to the person ur with.
  9. Juan


    Alwaysfun: 1st and foremost welcome to the site, regarding tips, dont know what ur into... to suggest toys,films. A big LOL i think everyone here has a high sex drive! AND why are you looking to get it under control? Like M1959P said open up and let it all hang out! Wife and i think this is 1 of the best forums around.
  10. Juan

    Into Your Own Cum

    Kinkster: like u said retuning the favor us only the right thing. I find it totally erotic to see my s/o licking and sucking all OUR cum off of my dick. AND especially love it when she says we taste great together.
  11. Juan


    Shaved with a little heart, top of pubes.
  12. Juan


    Yup yup yup, been brought up b4.
  13. Juan

    Into Your Own Cum

    Lol was hesitant at first.. wtf she blows me after i came in her.. why not return the favor'
  14. Juan

    Into Your Own Cum

    Think tasting your cum and hers is the sexiest thing you can do to your mate. A month ago after i came in her i ate her out missionary and fingered all of our cum out. After my face was covered I proceeded to tongue kiss her telling her how we tasted together, never has she came sooo hard. Frankly we taste great!