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  1. Juan


    Hi Hollie this is a great site.. new here too and got a questions answered. People DO try to help and you'd be surprised a lot of them have the same questions you might have. Was shy too at first but it's totally a safe site. Open up read the articles a few of them should make you horny!
  2. Juan


    Iluvladybutt, have slight ed... been married years and thats always been my fantasy! Even with my gf's. sometimes cant last OR perform.. average size of 7" but want to see her totally filled And creampied by bigger guys,not bi, but like i stated we watch wife gb movies a lot. And she loves em... but very shy... thanks
  3. Juan

    Nipple piercings

    Wish i could touch!
  4. Juan


    And to you Gadget..thanks like i stated just scared.. she's so hard to get to open up about sex. Total introvert. And like i said i think im her second, still after years figuring out what she lukes/dislikes. She doesn't open up to her feelings. Lol
  5. Juan


    Thanks Eros good advice i guess im just afraid to open up and bring it up in fear of loosing her.. she's into kink BUT one helluva introvert. As far as i know I'm her second.. she doesn't like to open up..
  6. Juan

    Squirting strap on

    I too am looking for this i even tried overseas (dont trust) etsy is a website that has SOME vendors that make custom dildos..
  7. Juan

    Slim/long vibrator

    Desperately looking for a vibrator thats long 10-12 inches and diameter NO bigger than 1-1/4 in width.. no adult site seems to make this?
  8. Juan


    Been married a long while... always fantasized about my wife getting ganbanged by huge men.. afraid to bring it up we do watch porn together, lots of dp's qnd gangbangs. She is super horny all the time..She also knows i like watching beasty movies and she has watched being curious she said. BUT she was dripping wet after seeing girls knotted. How do i ask her to have another man in bed with us? Any kind of ideas?
  9. Juan

    Me And Lingerie

    Very nice i hope your bf loves to eat your discharge like i do my wifes.. she purposely wears em for a day after sweating letting OUR cum ooz out on em.. tastes great
  10. Juan

    Taking it up a notch TUESDAY...

    Would love to clean that dildo up for you Brandie.. after my wife cums all over hers I like to tongue up her juices that are on the dildo! Mmmm
  11. Juan

    First pussy pic

    Omg wish i was that lollipop, put it in you ass next pic🙏
  12. Juan

    Another picture.

    Show us your pussy and ass allready fantasizing what they look like!
  13. Would love to be your panties on a hot day.

  14. Juan

    Do you like what you see?

    Would love to be your panties on a hot day!
  15. Juan


    I know.. i guess im afraid to bring it up.lol... she loves porn BUT, she faithful.. guess it's my fantasy, would like to know how anyone brought it up to their mate.. do i do it while watching movies or during foreplay?