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  1. How about him cumming in wifes pussy.. and you fuck her after feeling his cum in her? Its a great feeling all that cum in her...
  2. Juan

    So unsure

    Its not worth trying to love someone who doesn't love ya back... move on life's to short...you'll regret staying trust me. wtf are you wasting your time he sounds like a complete asshole.
  3. Juan

    So unsure

    Try talking 1st... than give up
  4. Dont need a cup of coffee to get us going in the morning! My god your beautiful love your petite breasts,ass... and omg that juicy pussy 😘
  5. What's happening mama2bs... tell us about yourself!
  6. Juan

    New here

    Midwest where you from?
  7. Wife and i.. only wish in our dreams you would join us!! For hours and hours of pure hedonism! Would leave your body and senses fulfilled, leaving you lying there exhausted, and sweaty. We think your hot and I just want to nibble and lick you all over.
  8. We been outta commission awhile good to see still looking soft and supple! Especially love the pink panties! NICE😘
  9. Natalie if we were there you wouldn't be bored😈 just love your breasts!
  10. It is not wrong to watch another person masturbate it's perfectly healthy and normal sex I was just playing around with my COK


    1. Juan


      Thanks Thomas made my day lmfao!

  11. Lol: meth OMFG ... just caught that post.. find it hard to believe people suggest shit like that. Nothing like loosing your teeth and hair ALONG with scabs to help turn your mate on! Admit we do smoke a little weed, have no probs with it wife and i both enjoy the mellow bzz. Also sometimes have that can't get it up prob.. we GOT PROFESSIONAL help. Got PRESCRIBED cialis.. didnt have to go buy some shit ( thats what meth is). SORRY pissed us off..like i said you get some damn good advise on this site and sometimes you get 🌴 coconuts πŸ₯₯ !!!
  12. Yes. Wonderful perfume nectar of the gods.😜
  13. Yup, when im doing eating her out my eyelashes are even stuck together! Lol i finger her while eating her... and later when i kiss her i stick my finger in her mouth and she licks her cum off of it, swirling her tongue..omg try that one out on her.. ur dick will explode..